Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Keyboard Layout!

Now many of you are using the standard QWERTY keyboard method. I'd like to introduce you to the Dvorak style of keyboard.

After noticing my hand was getting some pains from typing, I remembered dabbling into the new keyboard layout. There's a whole history behind the Dvorak keyboard layout, but what I can say is that it's a much more efficient use of your finger movements. If you think you are typing fast now, just wait until you try out the other format.

Just google the word and you'll be able to see all kinds of entries about it.

Though I don't think I have fully reached the same speeds as I had with the QWERTY format, I can tell it feels like I'm hardly moving my fingers! It's freaking sweet and I wish I started learning to type in this format instead of the QWERTY.