Friday, May 9, 2008

Prime Customer Service: Logitech

I ended up buying their Logitech mouse, Revolution VX and MX on the same day. The MX started having problems with its thumb button, where it would no longer click, and would just be mushy.

So I called in, and they sent me a replacement without me needing to return the defective one. For proof, I sent a receipt, except I accidentally sent in the receipt for the VX, rather than MX, and they ended up sending me the wrong model mouse.

I called in again to tell them they sent in the wrong mouse, and they apologized. They're in the middle of sending me the right one, the MX. So from one slight defective mouse, I'm getting two good mice in return for no charge!

This reminds me of another time about two years ago when I've had stellar service from them. This was when I bought the G7 mouse, cordless mouse, and the receiver started going all wacky. I called in, and they sent me a replacement for no charge, and I didn't have to send back the old one. The replacement mouse they sent me had the same problems, so they sent me another one, and the final one worked fine. Then later, the original replacement started working again for some reason I don't understand. So I got two good mice for one bad one.

I LOVE THIS COMPANY. I think I'm pretty much going to be a Logitech only company when it comes to high priced peripherals.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Now on Twitter

I've been reading a lot about this and read you don't really know what it's all about until you do it.