Monday, June 16, 2008

Memories from Growing Up

Perhaps it was the huge amounts of Curry I ate for lunch, and the indigestion I got afterwords that prompted these weird series of memories from when I was about seven to twelve years old, but here's a broken list of memories.

I think I have lots of nostalgia, remembering a time of near innocence. Though I remember throughout this lots of crying, fighting, jealousy, and selfishness. So, not much innocence. Just no puberty.

This prop goes out to Eugene (Four years younger) & Jason (Two years younger), my brother, who shared in most of these experiences.

- Tae-Kwon-Do class, and every time we did the stretch where we laid on our back, and we would try and have our feet touch above our heads, someone would always fart. We would go through about 20 of these repetitions.

- Playing pillow fight in the entertainment room where I would aim for the head as Eugene & Jason would try and take me down.

- Jumping for hours on the big trampoline imagining we were ninjas fighting through a game.

- Playing hours of Contra on NES, along with this ninja game from the top down perspective.

- Getting freaked out playing Super Contra on SNES.

- The boiler room where we were freaked out of because it looks as though it had red blood in it.

- The father who was diabetic toward peanuts, but loved Baby Ruth's and the wife that would get angry at him for eating it.

- Riding in the plastic cars in the backyard area going around in circles, crashing into each other.

- Going swimming at the community pool very very frequently.

- Giving "korean-style" motorcycles. . . if you don't already know what this is, I don't think I should be sharing this with you.

- Playing Hero's Quest. Don't forget to ask Zargon to open the chest.

- Getting extremely competitive playing SNES Street Fighter II. I'd always be cheap and be Ryu with the fire balls & dragon punches.

- Mainly lots and lots of Nintendo.

Other Memories from before Age 7:

- Creating huge forts from couches and having sock wars. We would turn off the lights and have only one flood light on.

- Playing lots of Nintendo, where the older neighbor kid, Brett or Brent, would come over to play my Nintendo.

- Track and field, using Lego helmets from the space collection to more easily alternate between the A & B buttons.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Triple Monitors on Windows Vista

I setup triple monitors just fine, with minimal troubles at home on Windows XP, but then, I discovered that it's actually much more complicated on Vista.

I don't want to go into too much detail, as it includes about 5 trips to Fry's, dealing with shotty PSU's from Dell, etc. . . headache.

But basically, in case you decide to do triple monitors, you need to make sure that the two graphic's cards use the SAME drivers. So if you wanted to use a GeForce 8400 with a FX 5200, forget about it! Windows XP lets you load graphics cards with different driver's, but Vista doesn't work that way for some reason. . .

I have an 8400 in my PCI-E and a 6200 in my PCI. I could theoretically go for four monitors, but two 22" wide screens and one 20" wide screen should do for now :)