Monday, November 3, 2008

Posts from the past

As I'm taking down my hosted site, I will be posting these as an archive.


To make your own foam mattress you'll need two main parts:

The topper
The support

The topper I got is from for $158.99 (Queen, 3 In., 4.0 lb. 12 ILD MemoryTherm Memoryfoam Topper, #2109104).

Then for the support, I went to and ordered for $109.99, 5" Extra-firm Topper -Queen 60x80" Item# RN725-5805A.

All of this includes shipping too! So for about $300, I get a sweet, home made mattress. I LIKE!

Not to mention, you may want to get a mattress cover from bed bath and beyond that is zippered to keep the pieces together. This one looks like it'll work $34.99 (Zippered Queen Mattress Cover with Antimicrobial Treatment). I chose instead to go to and got their mattress cover there for like $20.

And you don't even need a foundation. Actually, you want a solid foundation, but the floor will do just nice.