Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brother MFC-7440N "Toner Life End"

UPDATE (3/31/2011): Asad below in the comments offered this document as a trick to trick the toner and actually "reset" it.  I downloaded it and am putting the direct link here because I noticed the site was kind of laggy.

UPDATE (3/28/2011): I just buy them from here now and don't seem to have any problems:

If you get this message, try putting a piece of masking tape on the toner cartridge hole on the right side. It's a translucent, white, circle that the printer "looks" through to detect how much toner is in the cartridge. You usually can extend the life quite a bit until the toner actually runs out.

If the error message remains, even when you replace it with new, re manufactured toner cartridges, then you'll need to bite the bullet, and buy an "authorized" toner cartridge.

At least, that's what I did to make the error message disappear. Then, I just switched out my old toner cartridge to make it work again.


  1. Thank you kindly sir, worked like a charm.

  2. Thanks so much! Totally worked - got 4 more pages so far and the message no longer reads that the "toner is low" or "toner life end."

  3. There is a problem with this method,,, when you install a new cartridge the message disappears,, then you switch the cartridge back to the old one and it still works,,,

    Well the reason behind is that printer now has logged in your new cartridge serial number or something and when the Old cartridge runs out again then the printer won't accept the NEW one (the one that you never used) because now the printer thinks that the NEW is also depleted. You would have to buy another cartridge to replace this problem

  4. Yup. I don't really utilize this method anymore. I've been buying toner from and those seem to work fine now.

  5. I found a great way to deal with the issue. 7440N toner needs to get RESET in order for the printer to THINK it is a new toner cart.

    Top of page 4 of the following link has a diagram. Remove the three screws, remove the panel and remove the pully. Then reset the gear as shown in the picture and put everything back as is.

    Works like a CHARM!!!! :)