Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Top 7 Car Vehicles

This top seven list of cars worth driving in Grand Theft Auto V is based on the Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicle Spreadsheet Statistics List (GTA 5)

1. Overflod Entity XF - Super

Speed 8.3
Acceleration 8.3
Handling 8.3
Brake 3.3

2. Benefactor Feltzer - Sport

Speed 8.2
Acceleration 8.5
Handling 8.0
Brake 2.7

3. Pegassi Infernus - Super

Speed 8.1
Acceleration 8.5
Handling 8.0
Brake 1.7

4. Annis Elegy RH8 - Sport

Speed 8.2
Acceleration 8.3
Handling 8.2
Brake 1.7

5. Coil Voltic - Super

Speed 8.2
Acceleration 9
Handling 7.4
Brake 3.3

6. Dewbauchee Rapid GT - Sport

Speed 8.2
Acceleration 9
Handling 7.4
Brake 3.3

7. Pfister Comet - Sport

Speed 8.2
Acceleration 8.5
Handling 7.9
Brake 2.7

Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicle Spreadsheet Statistics List (GTA 5)

List View | Top 7 Car Vehicles | Data Source & Vehicle Pictures

UPDATE 10/12/2013: Kudos to thefountain88 for providing extra data (ie., pricing, capacity, pictures, etc.)to make the spreadsheet more useful.

Monday, September 23, 2013

High Yield Bank, Savings, and MMA Accounts Under Your Trust's Name

Being a Trustee of a Trust, I was tasked with opening up bank accounts to manage the Trust. In order to maximize the returns, I decided on opening up multiple high interest bearing Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts.

When I open the accounts, I don't want the accounts to be under my name, but under the name of the Trust that also has an assigned EIN. It was quite difficult to find four banks with high interest that were Internet based.

The four banks that were setup to create my new account under the Trust name with me being documented as the Trustee were the following:

Ally Bank will be my primary since they offer the highest returns and will be my primary pass through account since they provide free ACH transfers between all the bank accounts.

For the most part, all the accounts have no maintenance fee and no minimum, so I can utilize them up to their FDIC $250,000 insured value or leave them empty if I don't need them.

Here's are my notes that list the banks that I had called into and was able to confirm that they DON'T open up new accounts under a Trust's name. I definitely would've loved the higher returns in the 0.90% accounts, but alas, they didn't support creating accounts under a Trust's name.

Barclays - Doesn't Accept Trusts @ 0.90% APY
Sallie Mae - Doesn't Accept Trusts @ 0.90% APY
GE Capital Bank - Doesn't Accept Trusts
American Express - Doesn't Accept Trusts
FNBO Direct - No Trusts

Incredible Bank .86% - No Trusts

CIT Bank .85% - No Trusts

Colorado Federal Savings Bank .85%

Mutual of Omaha Bank .85%
909.919.7220, Theresa

Able Banking .80%

TIAA Direct .76%

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Costco vs. vs. Walmart vs. Target Pricing List


Usually it's assumed that Costco is ALWAYS cheapest. I've found that's "Subscribe & Save" option with the 20% off is actually CHEAPER than Costco in some cases.

Just as a reference, the Costco pricing is mainly out of the Fullerton Costco located in Fullerton, California.

Here's a referral link so you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days if you aren't already on it. Not only do you get free 2 day shipping (which often for me is actually one day since one of their distribution centers are so close!), but you also get access to a ton of REALLY good TV shows and movies.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Peanut Butter and Jelly - Children's Song - Featuring My 3 Year Old Singing

Peanut, Peanut Butter and Jelly (x4)
First you take the peanuts and you crush them, you crush them (x4)
Then you take the grapes and you squeeze them, you squeeze them (x4)
Then you take the bread and you slice them, you slice them (x4)

Featuring Chloe Kim (3 Years Old)
Performed & Produced by Jefferson Kim

I utilized Ableton Live's native video mixing capabilities.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not the One (Auto-Tune)

For some reason there's been a spike in views over the last couple of days for this video. I did a Google search for the term, "Daniel Bedingfield Auto-Tune" and my video seems to be ranked at #1. I'm actually getting more views now per day than when Daniel Bedingfield himself tweeted my video in 2011. So it's kind of a mystery.

At #2 on Google is me being judged by a blogger named Bert, I believe.

Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not The One (Auto-Tune) There’s a refreshing casualness here, compared to some of the earnestness that’s coming up. jeffersonkim delivers his performance slouched on an office chair, framed by a superbly messy backdrop, swivelling and fidgeting away, with the occasional builder’s sniff to punctuate Bedders’s timeless melody. Sonically, you might be put off by the trilly autotune, but the alarming stereo separation is worse, if you’re listening on headphones. As for the big note, he wins me over with a very gracious ‘refusal at the first fence’ and a long sigh instead, as though finally reaching a toilet on a busy day. 3/5

Anyway, in a little while, I'll probably get a better idea on where all the traffic is coming from for the video and I'll update this post. Enjoy the video. I know it's difficult for me to endure more than a minute.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Children's Song - Yummy Yummy Cookies

I like to eat those yummy, yummy cookies
I like to eat those gooey, ooey cookies
I like to eat those yummy, yummy cookies
All day long

Chomp, chomp, chomp, hear me stomp
Munch, Munch, Munch, Give me a bunch

C Gm/Bb Am Ab
Yummy Yummy, Gooey-Ooey, Squishy Wishy, Crunchy Munchy

Tastey-Wasty All Day Long!

=== === === ===

Written, Performed, & Produced by Jefferson Kim

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bank of America Changing Fee Structure for Business Economy Checking to Business Fundamentals Effective November 1, 2013


I just got this notice in the mail.  It used to be you could simply charge $0.01 onto your debit card to get the fee waived, but alas, that's over beginning November 1.

As of November 1, your Business Economy Checking account will
become a Business Fundamentals® account giving you new ways
to avoid the monthly fee and a savings account with no additional
monthly fee.
We're making these changes to help you get more out of your small business banking relationship
with us, and give you additional opportunities to avoid the monthly fee.
What's not changing
Though the name of your account(s) is changing, basic account features and how you use your
account will not change:
• You'll keep the same account number, debit card and Personal Identification Number (PIN)
• The monthly fee will not change
• You can continue to use your same checks
• If you have Overdraft Protection, your settings will stay the same
• You'll also continue to have access to Small Business Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile and
Text Banking, with no change to your Online ID and Passcode
What's changing
Monthly fee: You now have additional ways to avoid the $16 monthly fee. Starting November 1,
you will not be charged a monthly fee when you meet one or more of the following:
• Spend $250 or more in net new purchases using any one of your linked Bank of America
business debit, charge, or credit cards; purchases must post to your account to qualify. A single
point-of-sale debit card transaction will no longer allow you to avoid the monthly fee.
• Maintain one of the following balances:
- A$3,000 minimum daily balance in your primary checking account, Or
- A$5,000 average monthly balance in your primary checking account, Or
- A$15,000 combined average monthly balance in your eligible linked business deposit
There will no longer be a combined minimum daily balance qualifier.



Friday, September 13, 2013

D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Router Dropping Connections Solution

I noticed my D-Link Wireless N+300 Mbps Extreme-N Gigabit Router (DIR-655) seemed to drop connections whenever someone was streaming a video.  Then I remembered a similar problem with the old router I replaced this with and went looking through the settings.

Under ADVANCED --> FIREWALL SETTINGS --> "Enable SPI:", you'll want it UNCHECKED.

This seemed to solve any sort of network slow down or dropped connections.  Also, you'll want to disable QOS if you have it on.

Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll Overview for Start Up Businesses in California

This guide assumes you know 0% about all the numerous laws, best practices, etc., about running a business.  I obviously can't cover everything, but I can at least bring to your attention some of the most important aspects to minimize your liability (AKA the risk of you getting sued).




Human Resources

- Break Even Analysis

    -- Fixed Expenses

    -- Variable Expenses

    -- Income Sources (variable vs. fixed)

    -- Break Even Point


Do you have:

    - Need an Federal EIN


    - Need a State Employer ID


I'll actually break accounting up into multiple parts:


- Accounts Payable

    - Credit Cards

    - Checks


- Accounts Receivable

    - Timeframe

    - Keep Track of Accounts and Review


- Bookkeeping

    - Quickbooks

    - Download Transactions Online


    - Look at Reports to adjust your “break even” analysis to be more accurate


- In house, or Outsource (

    - Payroll Taxes

- Hourly / Salary


- Overtime:


    - Meal periods:


    - Paid Break


    - Rest Periods:


- Time management software for clock in and clock out times

    - May come with payroll company

    - TimeTrex (open source)

    - Numerous other options


- WHY do this?


- Unemployment:


Write Ups and notifications.





- Protected Classes

- Applicable to Hiring, Firing, EVERYTHING


- At Will Employment


- Employee Handbook not 100% necessary at this stage


- New Hire Packet



    Lunch & Break Notice

    MPN Notifications

    Healthcare Notifications (

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Potty Training Dance Song - "Poop Goes in the Toilet"

My two year old had problems pooping in the toilet. She could pee just fine, but refused to go poop in the toilet. I think she was ashamed. She'd always go into the corner of her room and poop in her diaper (or on the floor) when we weren't looking.

So I wrote this fun song to pump her up and get her excited to poop in the toilet like her big sister, daddy and mommy! And it worked.

Now the two little ones always want the "poopy" song to dance to.


How to Program Mouse Buttons to Maximize, Minimize, & Move Windows on Multiple Monitors

I demonstrate how I use a Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming mouse and AutoHotKey to easily maximize, minimize, and move windows around on my 5 monitor setup.


Here's the code to easily maximize and minimize using CTRL + ALT + = (Sorry, I don't remember exactly where I got the code from, but probably off of the forums on the main page.)
;Window Maximize or Minimize
WinGet, active_id, ID, A
WinGet, checkmax, MinMax, A
If(checkmax == 1) {
WinGet, active_id, ID, A
WinRestore, ahk_id %active_id%
} else {
WinGetClass, class, ahk_id %active_id%
If class not in ahk_class WorkerW,Shell_TrayWnd, Button, SysListView32,Progman,#32768 ;Creates

exclusion for Windows
WinMaximize, ahk_id %active_id%


This code will let you move a window by simply holding and releasing the CAPS LOCK key:
; Note: You can optionally release Capslock or the middle mouse button after
; pressing down the mouse button rather than holding it down the whole time.
; This script requires v1.0.25+.

~MButton & LButton::
CapsLock & LButton::
CoordMode, Mouse ; Switch to screen/absolute coordinates.
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_MouseStartY, EWD_MouseWin
WinGetPos, EWD_OriginalPosX, EWD_OriginalPosY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
WinGet, EWD_WinState, MinMax, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
if EWD_WinState = 0 ; Only if the window isn't maximized
SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, 10 ; Track the mouse as the user drags it.

GetKeyState, EWD_LButtonState, LButton, P
if EWD_LButtonState = U ; Button has been released, so drag is complete.
SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
GetKeyState, EWD_EscapeState, Escape, P
if EWD_EscapeState = D ; Escape has been pressed, so drag is cancelled.
SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, %EWD_OriginalPosX%, %EWD_OriginalPosY%
; Otherwise, reposition the window to match the change in mouse coordinates
; caused by the user having dragged the mouse:
CoordMode, Mouse
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseX, EWD_MouseY
WinGetPos, EWD_WinX, EWD_WinY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
SetWinDelay, -1 ; Makes the below move faster/smoother.
WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, EWD_WinX + EWD_MouseX - EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_WinY + EWD_MouseY - EWD_MouseStartY
EWD_MouseStartX := EWD_MouseX ; Update for the next timer-call to this subroutine.
EWD_MouseStartY := EWD_MouseY

How to Setup 6 Monitors or Multi-Monitors in Windows 7

STEP 1 - Install the Graphics Card and Drivers
The cheapest graphics card that I could find with 6 outputs in ONE card was the VisionTek 7750 Eye 6 2GB DDR5 PCI Express Graphics Card. Otherwise, you'll most likely need to have two graphics cards that are of the same drivers so you have enough outputs. There currently aren't any affordable DisplayPort MST hubs.


STEP 2 - Hook up Your Monitors to the Graphics Card
You'll be connecting the monitors to your graphics card using VGA, HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort. If you want to go above 2 displays on one graphics card, you MUST either connect directly to a monitor that has a DisplayPort input built in, or use an ACTIVE Mini DisplayPort adapter. The cheapest I found them were for $24.99 at


STEP 3 - Configure the Monitors in Windows 7
Right click the desktop and left-click "Screen resolution." You should be able to rearrange the monitors and change their resolutions as needed from this area. And you're pretty much done!

Click here to see the more details on my 7 monitor work setup.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Style on the Cheap: What I've Learned On Men's Business Attire That Won't Break the Bank

I'm by no means a fashion superstar.  Less than 6 months ago I researched business attire over multiple weeks and purchased a wardrobe accordingly. Prior to this, I mainly just purchased whatever was on the rack that sort of fit me at Burlington Coat Factory or Marshalls. Here are some things I learned that hopefully will give you a starting point without breaking the bank. My main priorities, in order, were:

  1. Comfort
  2. Maintenance Ease
  3. Affordability
  4. Style

Here are some of my specs:

  • WEIGHT: 160
  • HEIGHT: 5' 10.5"
  • SHIRT LENGTH: 32-33
  • SUIT SIZE: 40R
  • GEOGRAPHY: Orange County, CA
  • DRESS CODE: Business Casual





I'm going to do you a favor by bringing this up first. This is one essential luxury for the everyday man. Say no to "sticky and sweaty balls!" Here's my ExOffico Men's Give-N-Go Boxer review.


Cotton Versus Polyester


I'm a big proponent for natural fibers, such as cotton.  I used to wear polyester blends, and when I switched to cotton, I was amazed by how much cooler I'd feel. Cotton breathes a lot easier than polyester. Even though it's more expensive, it's a sacrifice I'm more than willing to make for the comfort.



Cuff Links


  • Not critical to a wardrobe
  • Will determine whether you get button cuffs or "french cuffs" for your dress shirts
  • Can easily add your own flare and personality to the wardrobe
  • Less than $10/pair if you buy from Ebay

Because I was going pretty conservative with my wardrobe, I normally don't wear a sports jacket, and because I sometimes make my own cuff links, I decided on going the cuff link route. This is a purely personal decision and I don't think there's any strict protocol.

Just be careful with cuff links, as they can cut you if you're not aware. I cut myself while doing a very aggressive "hand-over-hand" in a work van and I wasn't thinking how sharp my square cuff links were. But I don't think that'll happen again, as you have to be doing some unusual maneuvering to have that happen.

The vintage watch movement cuff links were some that I made that can be seen here.

This Amazon Link is one I bought that's unique and relatively inexpensive.



Dress Shirts


  • Get it tailored (have them put in darts), or get an extra slim fit to minimize "bagginess"
  • Whites, and light blues, are the standard colors
  • You'll want 100% cotton for breath-ability
  • Pinpoint Collar is standard
  • Removable collar stiffeners are preferable to maintain the point

I ended up purchasing a bunch of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts when they were on sale that I found through I generally stuck with more conservative colors like White and Blues. I do have some with checkered designs, but even those designs are relatively conservative. Most of my dress shirts don't have a "pocket" on the front, but that's more preference for me as I feel it gives me more of a streamlined look and was cheaper for me to order them without a pocket

The picture above is my dress shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt that was an "Extra Slim Fit" and I didn't need to tailor them. The shirts that I got tailored are a little tighter.

I do not wear an undershirt for my darker shirts (and I'm actually not wearing one for the light blue). I don't sweat that much and my nipples can't be seen through. I'll pass on an undershirt no matter the color if I'm going to be wearing a sports jacket for most of the day.

NOTE ON DARTS: The picture below shows what darts look like on the shirt. They create the woman's "blouse" effect, but really all that means is that it forms to your body a lot better and adds "European chic." They're two extra folds on your backside that help remove excess fabric from the curve of your back.



Neckties (Ties)


  • A "four-in-hand knot" is good enough for GQ, and good enough for me!
  • The bottom of the tie should reach the middle of your belt buckle
  • I personally prefer 2.5" for the widest point on the tie
  • 100% Silk is preferable to minimize the heat around the neck (though I haven't really tried polyester ties to confirm how noticeable it is)
  • Solid colors, pin dots, or ties with minor striping are the easiest to match with shirts.
  • I generally tried to stay away from multicolored or extreme ties because I don't know which ones will go in and out of fashion.

I pretty much bought most of my ties from Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and Marshall's for about $10 each. Some of the solid colors, like red, were really hard to find in the width I wanted, so I bought those for like $20 from JCPenney or Macy's.

I generally wear different colors depending on the "emotion" I want to convey:

  • DARK BLUE: You can trust me.
  • RED: I'm decisive and confident.
  • MAROON: I'm relaxed and let's chat by the fireside.
  • PURPLE: I'm a guru (but usually, it just matches well with my navy shirts).
  • BLACK: Reserved for funerals.
  • OTHER BRIGHT COLORS: I don't usually feel happy enough to wear these colors, but sometimes a little variety is fun to throw in to contrast with some of my darker shirt colors.

The tie rack I use is one I got for like $8 through



Sports Jacket


  • Get it tailored

  • The trend now is for the "in-cut" for the suit jacket as popularized by GQ rather than the "boxy" look
  • Don't get black, unless you're okay with wearing it only with black pants
  • A dark blue seems to function well with multiple colors
  • Stay away from black, unless you want to wear it basically ONLY with black pants
  • Go for 100% wool so it breathes easier
  • Make sure to size the pants tight enough so you don't need a belt to hold your pants up

Get yourself a "Kent Brushes" Double Sided Clothes Brush to keep your Sports Jacket in its prime. I bought mine off of Ebay for about $30.00.





  • Length it so that when you're standing it rests a couple inches on the top of your shoe, but there's still a lot of grace. You just don't want it super baggy, and you don't want your socks showing while standing.
  • Prefer cotton over wool in order to machine wash rather than take it to the dry cleaner's every time
  • Stick with permanent crease and no wrinkles to have less ironing headache
  • Too tight of pants around legs and it'll squeeze your balls when you sit
  • Too much fabric around the legs, and it'll make you look boxier and less GQ
  • Gray and dark blue will match with the most dress shirts. Black is okay, but is harder to match.
  • I personally prefer it without pleats since it forms better to my legs

For about $30 a pair during a Spring Amazon Sale, I was only able to find the Dockers D2 Straight Fit Pants to fit all my criteria. Plus, free return shipping is a SUPER plus.





  • You'll want at least two pairs to let one air out from the sweat while you wear the other pair
  • Black shoes with black socks keeps my wardrobe simpler
  • Use a cedar shoe horn to help absorb the sweat when not wearing and keep its shape
  • Make sure to polish it some to maintain the outward shine

I personally use the "fisherman sandal" type with black socks. It maintains breath-ability, and with black socks, they're comfortable, yet dressier looking in a casual office environment. I bought a pair for like $20 at Burlington Coat Factory.

For days in which I'm behind the desk and not trying to impress anyone, I prefer the Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog. I cut out, using a razor blade, the sides of the shoe where you can see the indents to provide more airflow, otherwise the shoes are extremely hot.





  • Get at least two so that you can let one hang while you wear the other one to minimize warping
  • Keep the design simple
  • Go with black for the color to match your black shoes
  • Make sure the length of the of the belt goes barely further than the first belt loop
  • I personally prefer silver, or darker metal buckles over the bronze look
  • Ross, Marshalls, and Burlington Coat Factory should have belts for under $10



Tie Clip


  • Wear it somewhere between the 4th and 3rd button from the top of your dress shirt
  • Entirely optional
  • Make sure the clip doesn't go over the entire girth of the tie you're wearing

You can often buy the tie clip packaged with a tie at Ross, Marshalls, or Burlington Coat Factory for like $6.99. It's way cheaper this way than buying the clip by itself. I usually don't wear a suit jacket, so the clip helps keep the tie in place.





I'd like to reiterate that tailoring is absolutely critical for you to take your style to a stand out level. You'll also feel more confident knowing you literally "tailored" your look, and it'll show whether others are consciously aware of it or not. Tailoring also makes you look slimmer because all that excess fabric will sharpen your body shape.

When trying to find a tailor, you'll have to be careful. Even tailors that are great at doing wedding dresses and hemming women's jeans may not be totally supportive of the GQ trend towards tighter fitting clothes on men. I found out the hard way, and ended up getting some of my clothing redone with a tailor that was more supportive of the GQ look.

My philosophy on tailoring is why spend the money to do it unless it's easily noticeable? If anything, I'd prefer erring on the tighter side. In the end style is a subjective concept, and tailors will put their own spin on the cut, unless you're very specific with them, or have a tailor that is on the trendier side of fashion.


ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs Review


I was skeptical at first, but after reading the ExOffico Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs reviews and seeing a bargain for them at, I went ahead and purchased about 8 black. I'm happy I did.

Up until about April, when I purchased these, I've been exclusively cotton boxers. When I work out, I'll wear Under Armour underwear. What I noticed about these is that they support, but don't constrict the manliness. It's a nice balance between the Under Armour constructiveness and boxer looseness.

It took a couple of days to get used to the extra support compared to boxers, but after even the first day, I noticed a significant less amount of "sticky" feeling. I wore these mainly in an office environment.

The ExOffico is great because it breathes extremely well and results in minimal moisture buildup. My pajamas are just boxers, and when I start the day, even on a lazy lounge at home day, I switch into the ExOffico. I definitely notice when I don't switch even when just sitting in front of a computer.

I'm a convert and will buy these always even with the higher price.

+ Eliminates "sticky and sweaty balls"
+ Nice balance between constrictive and support
+ No wedgies

- More expensive than boxers


Homecoming & Prom Attire from 2000 & 2001

You probably arrived to this post through:

In which case, I welcome you and give you some bonus pictures (and advice).  Here are some pics of me in various homecomings and proms from 2000 and 2001.  Please note that the vests on me only occurred because I got the tuxedo for free because I was voted onto the homecoming court.

I highly recommend you RENT and not BUY a suit especially if you're in high school (unless you can buy a cheap suit for cheaper than renting!).  Make sure the suit is tailored with whatever option you go!  Even a cheap suit will look great if it's tailored well.

Your body will change in college, and you don't want to spend big money on a suit that may not fit you later!  Lots of people gain weight in college!  I happened to own one suit but that was because I was in band.

On a tight budget, I recommend you do an event that's FUN and don't worry about the limousine and all the other frills.  Eat some place your group will enjoy.  Don't worry about the most expensive place.  You want the night to be about FUN with your friends, and not necessarily over "protocol" or what's "traditionally" done.  And if you're like me, the fun can be ruined if you're worried about how much money you're spending.

In regards to looking your best, get the suit or tuxedo tailored to avoid the "boxy" look.  Check out this article for further details on the "tailored" look.

Click here for a more comprehensive, affordable guide I wrote on men's formal attire in general.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Tech Tree for Every Unit in Rome 2: Total War

In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can find out how to build any unit in Rome 2: Total War through the "Custom Battle" screen and utilizing the Encyclopedia built into the game. No need to look it up online (and failing to find anything since this game just got released)!

This applies for all the factions.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are Solar Panels Worth the Cost?


This is mainly because of the fact that the initial investment you placed in the solar panel installation could had been invested in the stock market.  This is what's called "opportunity cost."

You can't simply look at the break even point of solar panels, but you have to look at the break even point versus investing in the stock market.  Unfortunately, they never meet.

The cost benefit analysis clearly shows that the gap between payback period is HUGE, even if you want to consider in minor other variables.

For example, an initial investment for $20,000.00 in solar panel with a 9 year break even point and 7% average return (post-tax) would result in cash value displayed below.  At the 9 year break even point for the solar panels, your stock investment would be valued at $36,769.18.  The spread between solar panels and your stock values only grows exponentially larger from there.

You can click this link to see the spreadsheet I used to make the calculations here:

Now if you want to argue all the extra "green" benefits items, I guess that's your prerogative.  From a strictly monetary "return on your investment" perspective, the data greatly favors alternative investment options.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Select an Audio Source for Logitech C920 on Webcam Software "Quick Capture" Trick

I noticed that when you selected "Quick Capture" on the system with my Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 and tried to record a video, it kept defaulting to the actual C920 built in microphone. So with some fiddling, I figured out you have to disable all the other recording devices (except for the one you want, and another "dummy" recording source), and manipulate the settings to make it work. Hopefully this video helps you a little.

I'm running Windows 7 64-Bit.

Review of the Samsung HM7000 and Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter Together

I use the Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Wireless Handsfree Headset and the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter together with Skype so that I can have hands free calling on the computer.

Make sure you install the drivers that come with the Medialink!

You can get them on Amazon through these links:

You can see the rest of the hardware I use here:


Watch QWERTY vs DVORAK Keyboard Typing Test Back-to-Back

You'll be able to see back-to-back, a 2 minute typing test between QWERTY first and DVORAK second and see how much less my fingers move overall. You can especially see the difference in my left hand which is where all the vowels are located underneath the middle row.

I can type 90 WPM comfortably in DVORAK with minimal strain, whereas, if I were to try it in QWERTY, my fingers will ache a whole lot more.

I have yet to meet another person in real life that also knows how to type DVORAK. I learned DVORAK on my own when I had a lot of extra time on my hands while in the Air Force. Thanks US TAX PAYERS!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Updated Blog Location to

My latest blog postings will be directly at

Overview of My 7 Monitor Work Computer Setup


Since July 2007, I've been building my optimal workspace to manage my hotels. Let me know if you have any specific questions on my setup, and I can make a video on it.

[NOTE: I placed links to the products that I use because that's where I purchased the items listed below. I also get a percentage of whatever you purchase by clicking through those links. Thanks for your support!]


Neo-Flex LCD Stands

You'll need these to put your monitors in "Portrait" position. I have two of them. You can also use arms from that are much cheaper, but they may not be able to reach far enough forward like I have for my setup.
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

I have yet to find one as cost effective, ergonomic, and with as many extra programmable buttons as this one.
Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The extra buttons make it easier to program window moving shortcuts and tab window browser manipulation.
Waterloo Premium Arm, Keyboard & Mouse Tray Package

You could possibly go with a smaller one, but you'll want to double check the dimensions. With the ergonomic keyboard and extra mousepad, it can get to be a tight fit if you don't plan appropriately.
Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset

I liked the ergonomics of this and this seems to work all the way into the other room. I also really like its charging base, though
you'll have to make a minor modification to fit your earpiece at the same time. The price was right as well.
Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter

Extremely affordable and the range with my headset lets me go all the way into the other room.
VisionTek 7750 Eye 6 Display Card

6 Ports of Mini Display Ports. It's an unecessary evil unless you want to get a motherboard with dual PCIe slots and purchase two graphics cards (Which I was tempted to do, except for the fact that my CPU is a discontinued socket). There aren't really any other options until super affordable MST Hubs start coming out.
ACTIVE Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapters

Anytime you go above two DVI/VGA/HDMI displays out the back of a SINGLE card, you need an ACTIVE adapter to connect any ADDITIONAL monitors. So unless your monitor natively supports DisplayPort, you're going to have to buy some of these adapters.
7-Port USB Hub

Generic brand, but gets the job done and seems to be pretty cheap. Trust me. You'll need all the ports you can get.
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner

I actually have two of the S1500 older model of this version, but it's now discontinued. I HIGHLY recommend the old model, and when it comes to replacing my existing units, I'll most likely purchase the newer version.

• 4x 24" 1080P Monitors (Pricing Here)

• 1x 27" 2560 x 1440 Auria Monitor (Bought from MicroCenter)

• 1x 46" 1080P Monitor For Staff Meetings (Pricing Here)

• Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest (Pricing Here)

• AutoHotKey (For Easy Keyboard Mapping)

• Logitech and Microsoft Default Mouse and Keyboard Software

• DisplayFusion (For Multi Monitor Taskbars)

• GQueues (Task Management and Delegation via "Getting Things Done" Methodology)

• Microsoft Outlook

• Skype (Only $2.95/Month for Unlimited Outgoing Calls!)

• Google Voice (For Speedier Text Messaging)

• Google Docs (For Easier Collaboration with Staff)

• LastPass (For Password Management)

• Dvorak Keyboard Layout
The more efficient keyboard layout versus QWERTY

SMS to Google Doc Spreadsheet Entry (Maintenance Work Orders)

I demo and explain a little bit how I integrate Google Apps Engine, Twilio (SMS), Google Spreadsheet, and Google Forms to create a cohesive Maintenance Work Order system for one of my hotels that costs about $0.01 per ticket creation.