Tuesday, May 20, 2014

USAA Bank Threatening to Close Account Because of Suspected Business Transactions

UPDATE: Part 2 USAA – Your Checking Account May Be Closed for Business Transaction Use (Part 2)


USAA has a "back office" that you will never be able to contact directly that has the power to close your Checking account with essentially no contest. The "back office" can determine your account is being used for "business" purposes. Even if the reasoning behind their decision is flawed there's nothing you can do about it.

I just spent an hour talking to different individuals in regards to this letter I received in the mail:

My main question: what specific transactions were considered "business" transactions.

The first tier was no help, and just frustrating. He was just giving general answers, without specifics when I was asking specific questions.

The second Tier, "Executive Resolutions," Chip, basically said he couldn't do much either. He read off the notes on the account. He mentioned that the payroll checks I had deposited into my account, from my same employer of five years, were "suspicious" also because I transfer the funds out right away. I transfer them out right away into a higher interest Savings Account, which I've been doing essentially since becoming a member 9 years ago.

The Manager, Erik(sp?), which I never talked to, said that some "notes" will get passed onto the Back Office Department that makes the final decision.

I normally love USAA (except for Life Insurance and Home Mortgage), but this breach of trust without recourse is concerning. There should exist some way to contest the decisions of this "back office." As a member of 9 years, I'd expect at least an inquiry to me personally about their perceived "business" activity, rather than their approach of "guilty until proven innocent."
Reference: Your Checking Account May Be Closed for Business Transaction Use

Thank you for trusting USAA Federal Savings Bank with your banking needs. We're writing about an urgent matter concerning your checking account ending in 2644. This account is a personal account and is not set up for business use. We recently evaluated activity on your account and determined that it is being used to process business transactions. Indicators for business transactions can include:

• Deposits made in the name of a business.
• Deposits for a merchant account (an account that allows a business to accept credit/debit card payments from customers).
• Memos on deposits/checks that indicate transactions arc related to business transactions.

Because of this usage, we may be forced to close your account. Please stop all business transactions within 30 days, or we regret that we'll be forced to close your account.

If you believe this letter has been sent in error, or if you have questions, please call us at 1-800-531-USAA (8722). "We value your membership and urge you to take immediate action.