Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dear Tom Woods' Elite

Upon conversation with various Elite members, it became apparent that my intentionally imprecise language in my original post caused needless conflict as they did not reflect my actual, more nuanced views.

As an apology, I clarified my original post below. I had a certain image in my mind of who I was talking to originally and I unfairly broad-stroked those who took my message as speaking to them personally:



Stop being ashamed for being White and surrendering to greater Tyranny from the importation of individuals who self-identify with Collectivist-leaning tribes.

Not all cultures are created equal. Liberty-leaning tribes should be preferred.

If it so happens that individuals who identify with Liberty-leaning tribes disproportionately (ie. 94%) have less concentration of melanin in their skin (derisively called "White" by SJWs), then it is simply a coincidence.


If you self identify with the above (despite my attempts to make it clear it doesn't apply to you), please comment before and we can schedule a broadcasted debate.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

White Race vs White Culture: Does it Even Matter?



I know many of you don't like to think in terms of race, religion, or identity groups.


Do you realize that EVERY OTHER RACE does though?


They are Collectivist in culture, thus they see things in group identity (race, religion, etc.)


THEY see you as WHITE, and have no desire for "integration." Just look at all the "ethnic enclaves" they create in your cities. Look at their mono-racial countries. Try walking through through them and you will be stared at. Try marrying their daughters and see the reaction.


You're not privy to the private conversations they have about WHITEY.


To them, you will ALWAYS be an outsider.


If I had to pick an enclave to be in, it would be one made up of WHITES. There is no close second.


Please stop committing cultural suicide. Liberty's ONLY bastion is with WHITES. Sure, correlation doesn't mean causation, but when the correlation is so strong, the distinction becomes irrelevant.


If they don't disavow their collectivist roots, don't let them in.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Consider What You'll LOSE for Thinking Differently

I'm starting to feel sympathy for those who maintain their hallucinations. They simply cannot control it and to believe otherwise would result in their destruction (from their perspective).

It's not about REASON. It's about SELF-INTEREST to pass on one's genes.

If you happen to perceive yourself to potentially lose the following by dissenting from the Collective, can you necessarily blame their minds from protecting them from utter, genetic destruction?

You might as well be asking them to put a gun to their head and pull the trigger.

I have friends (in Los Angeles & Seattle) that for merely holding Trump sympathetic views have essentially risked all five of the below. They remain silent about it, but they talk to me to vent.

1) Sexual partner
2) Friends & family
3) Job
4) Hopes
5) Past

I imagine being in the situation my friends are in, trapped from being able to truly express who they are. Their only option is to flee the insanity and enter an area where they won't be punished. Where they can have a chance to procreate.

Otherwise, the mind must self-sabotage. Stop the questioning. They must convince themselves to agree with the Collective. Or they will go insane.

It is the mind's mercy to shut down free-thought.

REASON is overrated.


And if you consider that you have a family to raise, that's an even greater incentive for you to shut your mind down. Much more evil things, than entertaining different views, have occurred for the "sake of the children."

Hope for The Future of Autonomous Cars & Private Road Systems


Imagine Automated Cars become a reality and they are networked to one another providing optimal traffic management and eliminating car accidents.

Cars are now perceived more as a service than outright ownership. Imagine Uber, but with automated cars instead of human drivers. The costs could theoretically drop down to essentially be at cost. The wait for these cars could be within a couple minutes.

With how quick technology improves, it wouldn't make much sense to buy a car. It would be quickly outdated every 3 - 4 years as we see with cell phones & computers today. There would be exceptions to those who need full ownership, such as those who have very large families, businesses, government, etc.

The biggest danger to these automated cars are manually controlled human drivers not plugged into the Network. You can't exactly BAN these manually controlled cars since everyone has mixed reasons to have them. Perhaps there's a phaseout period of 10-20 years.

What if the automated car companies united to create their own private roads?

Google, Uber, Tesla, Apple, Volvo, Bosch, nuTonomy, Ford, BMW, Baidu, and FiveAI could unite to create their own road networks restricted from Public use.

They could set their own speed limits, and charge users based on actual usage. This could easily be tracked since all the cars are networked, including with GPS. I'd imagine insurance rates for these cars would drop drastically as well. Perhaps even the typical safety features on cars could decrease due to the drastically lower accident rates.

Perhaps once the phaseout of manual cars on Public roads occurs, the argument for publicly financed roads will be eliminated. Or perhaps the billing model for these roads will change to be toward actual usage such as electricity & water.


I think the cost to add extra, private roads would be prohibitive in dense City Centers. But it'd be different for suburbs further out. Areas like Houston already have toll based system highways.

Assuming you can remove the speed limit, and traffic congestion, you could theoretically travel by Automated Cars as a service at 3-4 times the speed as the congested Public road systems. It may very well be worth it to consumers to pay the premium.

Now "commute" time will be no excuse to living further out from the City Center. This could lower the cost of housing as well, increase sprawl, and increase the overall quality of life.

Today, it may take 2 hours to make a certain commute to your job. With automated cars on private road systems, that commute could lower to 30 minutes, while you sit back, and watch your favorite show or do some work.

Uber also has ride sharing. I can imagine a "cheaper" option where automated cars are used locally to pick up individuals, then ferry them to a central hub, perhaps right off an on ramp, where they board an automated bus equipped to travel high speeds. There would be another "hub" at the city center where they can get off the bus and hop onto an individual vehicle toward their final destination. Costs could be combined with scale to lower the cost even more.

Also, due to scale, these automated buses could be optimized to minimize wait time due to GPS coordination in a centralized system.

An even crazier idea could be that the individual automated cars would be tiny enough to simply drive onto a larger platform that is the actual vehicle to travel on these high speed highways. So the smaller automated cars (better to call them "pods" with the removal of all that added weight) have a top speed of perhaps 45 MPH , and the larger vehicles up to 200 MPH or more.

This way, you'll never have to leave the vehicle at all!


Another possibility is that, just as entire towns existed around railroads, you could have entire housing developments specialized and optimized to these automated transport networks. I know of some subdivisions that exist around a light rail stop into the City.

You could also have a subscription system of car usage, as we do today with cell phones and minute usage. Unlimited plans could exist, but they would most likely be very expensive, and perhaps their coverage isn't that great, similar to T-Mobile.

The possibilities are as endless as the mind can imagine (and where the profits can exist).

I haven't even considered cross-country travel. These automated-only super highways, privately owned, could revolutionize travel, logistics, and so much more.

That is, if Government gets out of the way to let these geniuses compete to offer the best services at the cheapest prices possible. It's not one-size-fits-all. There will be niches and different tiers of service at different costs.


I had a side thought of airplanes being replaced for shorter distances. I'm thinking of Los Angeles to Las Vegas & San Francisco. I then thought of these Pod-loaders that travel at very high speeds. I suppose there's a possibility of a terrorist bringing a bomb onto one of these pod-loaders.

I hope it's simply private security that screens these pods for explosive material and not the TSA. What a potential nightmare like we see today. Perhaps you can have the entire pod screened through an X-ray machine automatically as they loaded onto the Loader.

It'd still probably be faster than the airport.

When you try to do a good thing...

I'm reminded of the time I posted on Craigslist FREE Furniture when we renovated our hotel.


Talk about ENTITLED. People were renting U-Hauls and rental trucks and then were PISSED when all the units were taken before they got there. People were driving two hours out. There were lines of cars and just a frenzy with people trying to pick up furniture.

Imagine Black Friday in your parking lot.



Friday, December 16, 2016

President Trump, Master Persuader, and the Bubble Economy

What does Austrian Economics say about Trump making people believe in Magic?


Since all fiat currency operates under FAITH, suppose Trump truly is the Master Persuader as Scott Adams says.


Suppose Trump PERSUADES those in the US and those outside to have even more irrational FAITH in the US.


Business as usual. 0% interest rates. Bubble keeps getting bigger.


Are people underestimating just how powerful a salesman Trump is to sell America?


After all, didn't Trump just BEND reality by getting elected? Didn't all the "logic" get thrown out the window?


Between Peter Schiff & Donald Trump, I think all us "logical" people are underestimating how effective the Master Persuader will be to keep this US Bubble, Hype Train going.


The group hallucination is simply too powerful.


And yes, afterwards, it's going to be even worse.


Trump has bent reality, & if people are as susceptible to influence as we mock them to be, then I think Austrians need to seriously consider Trump, the puppet master, into the equation.


Way too many people bet against Trump before getting elected. It was only logical, right?


I'm not going to bet against his Persuasion skills.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Homeless People and Anarcho-Capitalist Values on Personal Property

Mixed emotions about this one in regards to Personal Property rights.

1) Infringement on City owned streets has its own contradictions, though I'm fairly certain on Privately owned roads and sidewalks, vagrancy would not be allowed. In that situation, these homes would've been rightfully removed.

2) Assuming it's a communal road by an HOA (which is acceptable for AnCaps?), vagrants would not be allowed either.

3) My interactions with numerous homeless and going through my share of horrible employees, I have no sympathy for homeless people in that area. There are rare exceptions, but much of the time it has to do with mental illness and substance addiction. Sure, you can make the intellectual argument that $10/hour minimum wage makes it difficult to find work, but I'm quite familiar with numerous restaurants that pay under the table with staff that simply can't speak English. Most of the homeless portrayed CAN speak English.

If any of these homeless, speaking fluent English, could easily replace one of these illegal immigrants who can't speak English in these restaurants, then why aren't the homeless willing to at least work those jobs?

I have numerous housekeepers and maintenance staff that can't speak any English. The reality is that none of these homeless people would be able to keep the job due to their own deficiencies. Whether the homeless have control over their own deficiencies or not is a separate question.

4) Illegal immigrants manage to not be homeless in the same area. What is the difference between the illegals and the homeless who can work in the US legally?

5) The interview of the homeless man who loves children, and was once a mechanical engineer. He says there are no jobs, and shows that some kid would like the toy he found in a dumpster dive. That's someone who doesn't understand Human Capital.


Somehow, I believe Reason is attempting to portray these homeless people somehow as victims to State Tyranny. I agree that the optics make it SEEM as though something is off, but this seems more like mistaken perception of "the oppressed" vs "oppressor" that SJWs love to use.

From the Rothbardian perspective on violations of Property Rights, I'm not seeing the problem.


This brings up a separate question on how many homeless people there would be in an AnCap society. This video hints that $1,200 homes are sufficient for the homeless and they call it "home." Based on this definition, and without Government thugs that call these structures "unsafe for habitation," these homeless would be able to support a standard of life they find acceptable at a much lower cost. You could imagine entire neighborhoods filled with $1,200 homes and lots on private property. Most likely they would not be in the City since you can't make much profit from that, but there would most likely be entire towns that support that kind of lifestyle. Thus, by definition, they would no longer be "homeless."

There's nothing wrong with having the ambitions for a simpler lifestyle. By many accounts, living in a $1,200 home is most likely still better than how most humans live on the planet. They would still be ABOVE AVERAGE. And if you were to look at the Quality of Life in relation toward the existence of humans in the last 500 years, the Quality of Life doesn't look so bad.

As a single college student, I was quite content sharing a small bedroom with all my personal belongings. Of course, that's seen as being okay because it's portrayed as simply being temporary. With different priorities in my life, I could imagine maintaining such a lifestyle and being content.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Contradiction of Anarcho-Capitalism and Procreation

How do you reconcile the fact that a pure Democracy inevitably leads to Tyranny?


Even in an Anarcho-Capitalist "reset," the number of Collectivists would still outnumber the Individualists (r/K selection theory). No amount of "education" will change their personal preferences. It seems it would inevitably lead back to coercion. Them rabbits WANT a strong man to order them around.


What hope is there?


The inherent contradiction I'm seeing is that the only way to maintain an anarcho-capitalist state is through a malevolent Dictator, fighting off the inevitable sociopaths who want to gain power.


Yes, Natural Rights default toward Anarcho-Capitalism, but the genetic condition & psychology weighs heavier on procreation. These contradict one another.


Sex wins.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

On White vs Asian Culture

I have special insight toward the Collectivist cultures of South East Asians and Indians (dot not feather). The only Individualists I've seen arise from those kinds of cultures are those who have disavowed. They have no choice. To be an Individualist in a Collectivist culture means to be pariah. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered."


Why do you think there are so little minorities in the Liberty movement? It's not because Liberty is INHERENTLY Racist. It's because the ONLY way for someone to be INDIVIDUALIST requires them to DISAVOW their entire social / familial / cultural roots (ie. Collectivism). That's a real hard sell except for the most hardcore of Individualists. Who is willing to limit their sexual, mating partners unless they have some sort of sexual advantage (ie. intelligence, looks, money, etc.)?


If the ultimate goal is Individualism (rather than Collectivism) in a Governmental system, then why would you want to allow the importation of Collectivists into a "Tyranny of the Masses" (AKA Democracy) system?


The cause of Individualism would've been better preserved if voting rights were limited to groups of people that statistically speaking, skew on the side of Individualism. The data suggests that the original, White, male land-holders were generally an accurate metric for Individualistic preferences in Government.


It is for this reason that I proudly say I disavow my Korean culture. I embrace White culture. Historically / Culturally speaking (not genetics per se), Individualism arose from the West, and not the East.


My children will be raised to recognize Individualism / Collectivism in various cultures. Hopefully they will disavow Collectivism and the cultures that support it. It just so happens that White cultures are the ONLY ones who embrace Individualism.



Friday, August 5, 2016

Rhetoric, Dialectic, Pseudo-Dialectic Debate (Individualism vs Collectivism)

I have to give credit to Vox Day (@VoxDay) and his book "SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police", specifically Chapter 10, in helping me reframe many of the discussions I've attempted to have with various colleagues on Facebook.

Yes, I can already feel your eyes roll. I was THAT naive to believe everyone operated on the Dialectic level.


Overly Simplistic Definitions:

Dialectic - inquiry into metaphysical contradictions and their solutions. Aristotle tradition of inquiry.

Rhetoric - language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.

Pseudo-Dialectic - speech that uses some Dialectic keywords but in nonsensical / contradictory ways to amount to Rhetoric substance


If you're a masochist, read on, and see if you can locate examples of each type. One is in picture form, and the other is in copy-pasta form.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lazy Man's Experiment in Making YouTube Videos & Monetizing Them ($100/month)

At some point a couple years ago, I decided that it would be interesting to experiment to see how much money I could get by posting YouTube videos and making ad revenue. I also setup an Amazon referral account so that I could get referral income.

I primarily used Open Broadcasting Software, my cell phone, or a camcorder that sat on a tripod.

TL;DR: You can make money, but the time invested may not be worth your time unless you really enjoy it, or if you have a lot of free time on your hand.

Some of the top videos I have were of me simply fumbling around. My general strategy was low-effort, first-take, minimal editing sort of videos. Because I was simply experimenting with no idea what would be popular or not, I simply just did a shotgun approach. I really dislike editing videos and the thought of putting large amounts of effort that ultimately resulted in very little views / ad revenue, appealed very little to me.

I was primarily interested in seeing how my low-effort videos could profit me.

The results are fairly surprising.


#1) $332.40 - Swann HD 1080P IP Bullet Camera SWNHD-820CAM: Impressions Review Setup HIKVISION DS-2CD2032-I

#2) $191.08 - Terro Liquid Ant Baits in Action (Extreme Closeup)

#3) $164.81 - Fortress Security Store S02-B Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit Review

#4) $157.44 - Potty Training Dance Song - Poop Goes in the Toilet - Poop Song - Potty Song

#5) $142.53 - How to Speed Up Your D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Router (Dropped Connections)

#6) $77.26 - How to Setup Email Notifications for Hikvision / Swann NVR with Gmail 1080p

#7) $66.59 - TENVIS JPT3815 Wireless IP Camera Unboxing, Installation, Testing with Android Phone & Tablet (Pt.1)

#8) $62.10 - UTG Pro Super Slim vs. Quad Rail Free Float Handguard, 13-Inch Comparison

#9) $55.97 - How I Personally Allocate my Roth IRA Investments for Free Through Vanguard Using Index Funds

#10) $54.00 - How to Install Pegboard over Drywall for Under $20 (Pt 1) [Raw Footage]


You'd better believe I get a lot of haters on YouTube. And you pretty much have to ignore them. I know these are low-effort videos. In my opinion, that's why there's a 2x speed playback and the option for you to jump around to different sections that are useful!

The peculiar thing about all of this is that I think I ended up making more money than I expected and for some of the most surprising videos that I didn't expect it to. Now, mind you, many of these videos were made possibly more than 3 years ago.

For my children, at least, I'm now a believer. It sure beats doing a part-time job. I'll encourage them to monetize YouTube videos.

I tend to be overconfident, so it doesn't bother me to publicly embarrass my incompetence to the world and then be made fun of online. It's also made me much more comfortable on my political commentary.

I'm sure there are more focused, profitable ways to monetize YouTube. Those require higher effort and focus, for which I did not have the passion or energy levels for. If you have that passion and drive (and hunger to edit videos with multiple takes), I'm sure you can make much more money than I ever did with my shotgun, lazy man's approach.

For those of you lazy like me, just start hitting that record button for every little thing that goes on in your life, and you may be surprised (like me) what videos end up paying out.

See my other low-effort YouTube videos:

Find my low-effort

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Message to Fed Up Korean-American Men: You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

You've been cowed and told to keep your mouth shut, Politically Correct, and be a good little boy. You've become their slaves.

Aggressive, easily offended, and overly emotional women have browbeat you into submission should you step out of line. Their beta, male lackeys who want to be socially accepted, White-Knight in a volley of low-testosterone, name-calling.


Notice one word missing from this: TRUTH.

Facts don't care about their feelings. This is their weakness.


I've been hearing from many of you and I will keep your identities secret. You realize you've been oppressed too long. Told to stay silent while SJWs have overtaken your church, workplace, and your "friends."

You live in fear.

You live in fear that if they truly knew what you thought that you would be outnumbered, ostracized, yelled at, and even physically assaulted.

You look at how many "likes" Trump-bashing posts receive, and you are intimidated into silence. You may not even really support Trump, but agree with some of the things he points out. You KNOW anything short of OUTRIGHT opposition on a minor Trump statement will result in your figurative castration.

But you realize you've already been castrated. You've been castrated the moment you stepped into public school, Korean school, Korean church, and even how your Korean parents raised you.

- Tradition, Ritual, Piety to your Elders, Ancestor Worship
- Confucius Christianity

The Government is your God.

And woe to you, who dare question what has been Established. Obey the leaders whom have been mandated by God. Not the literal God, but the God of Democracy. The God of Government.

Your individual life does not matter to the collective.

Your individual thoughts, freedoms, liberties matter not to the greater good.

Social Obedience is more important than Truth. Feelings more important than Facts.

You have become ruled.


So what must be done?

Learn in secret. Do not reveal your true thoughts. Do not lose your family, friends, church, or even job. At least not now. Not until the time is ready.

I don't need your "likes." Your "likes" will only get you in trouble. I speak because it's the Truth. I'm compelled by a force I have yet to be put a name on. And I'm disgusted by the power and control they want to have over me.

Begin listening and learning all the forbidden knowledge you've been told to avoid all your life. The more forbidden, the better.

Scott Adams, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Stefan Molyneux, Vox Day, Milo Yiannopoulos and more. There are entire channels on YouTube devoted to socially unacceptable knowledge.

If you learn something that was never taught to you, then you can be sure it's something they don't WANT you to know.

Stay woke. Stay vigilant. Quietly support those fighting against the enslaving narrative.

And know, most of all: You are not alone.

Friday, July 8, 2016

No One Cares About the Founding Fathers and Constitution

On the latest round table discussion, one of the panelists said something striking (to the effect):

"People don't care about the Founding Fathers or the Constitution. Once you mention it, they've already shut down."

I admit that I find it intellectually infuriating, however, I've come toward accepting it more as reality. I catch myself frequently attempting to appeal to things for which most people find irrelevant.

Not sure what to do about that reality. Those who already care for the Founding Fathers or the Constitution are essentially "on our side."

My interest in the founding Fathers increased only after starting to look at the world in the Liberty v Tyranny lens. I was so ignorant, that for a long stretch of my life I was slightly embarrassed to had been named after the Slave rapist Jefferson who allegedly fathered illegitimate children. Now, I enjoy using Jefferson's name as a jumping off point to express my love for Liberty.

After Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Mises, & Lew Rockwell, I find it ironic that Thomas Jefferson is more of a Father to me than my own biological father who named me after Thomas Jefferson!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Approved for Act 20 Decree in Puerto Rico!

Whoa. Woke up this morning with an email from OECI saying that my Act 20 Application was approved. Checked on the online applications site and saw my company now showing as active.

Original file date was February 18, which means it took 4.5 months from File date to Approval.

This journey began in January this year, so the whole journey took less than 6 months.

Video is below.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Toxic Mentality of "Living Wage" Destroying the Lives of Young People

How many employees and applicants secretly resent their employers for not paying ‪a "‎living wage‬?" Do you think it may affect their job performance negatively and noticeably?

One of many reasons why turnover has been so high. The young people have been infected by an "entitled" mentality brought to a religious fervor by the latest election cycle (ie. BLM, SJW, Bernie Sanders, etc.). Just look at how crazy the college campuses have been.

It's even worse here in California where $15/hour minimum wage has already passed.

They're only shooting themselves in the foot when future employers see they can't maintain a steady job. It's that same short-sightedness that sets them off on "trigger" warnings in the first place. Our precious, little snow flakes can't take the reality that it's what they PRODUCE for the employer that dictates the amount they get paid.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Puerto Rico Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentive - Why So Little Interest?

Only 669 Act 20 / 22 Decrees Approved in 2015. I discuss my thoughts on why there are so few and my predictions on its future in light of Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Warriors, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

Facebook Group for Act 20 / 22:

My Act 20 / 22 Video Series:


Moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentive: Live Free or Die

I posted this cover photo in a Facebook group I started [Act 20 / 22 Puerto Rico Tax Incentive Forum (Moderated)] and posted this statement along with the image.

I'm debating whether or not I should put such a politically charged image for this group. Let there be no illusions that the PRIMARY reason for your move is to save on your income taxes. You will face challenges to live in Puerto Rico, including the vilification by many of your peers (and strangers) for participating in a "tax haven" and for not paying your "fair share" to society (AKA "social contract").

If you cannot come to grips with freeing yourself from Government tyranny (which is the initiation of force to expropriate your wealth, AKA Taxes), then the cognitive dissonance of "avoiding your social responsibility" will ultimately cause you to fail in the transition (I know of at least one example).

In other words, unless you've been deprogrammed from the public education system and mass media to see taxes for what they are (the legal theft of your 100% rightfully earned gains through voluntary means), the cognitive dissonance and guilt you'll feel will ultimately result in you giving up and moving back to the States.

If "Live Free or Die" makes you uncomfortable, then you will want to question your premises before you make the move for your own mental health. If you embrace "Live Free or Die," then the extra freedom you gain from having less expropriation will result in increased mental health. I also imagine you're getting as excited as I am with the anticipation of better ways you could utilize the tax savings than the Government could.

For resources to help you get deprogrammed, I recommend the following, extreme remedies:

Puerto Rico Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentive - Moving Update 2

Facebook Group for Act 20 / 22:

My Act 20 / 22 Video Series:

Friday, May 20, 2016

American Airlines AAdvantage Citi Platinum Mastercard for Free Check on Baggage

American Airlines AAdvantage credit card with Citi gives you the first checked bag free ($25 value). Also, if you're on the plane ride, they will try and hand you a brochure with a referral code on there. Use it to apply online and get 10,000 additional bonus miles, than the typical 30,000 they give you upon your first $1,000 purchase in the first 3 months.

I failed to include my referral code, so they just credited me a bonus 10,000 points. I missed out on the two free admiral passes, but I don't think I would've really utilized those anyway.

Also, up to 4 others in your party will get their first checked on baggage for free.

I'm going to use the card to purchase airline tickets. But my regular purchases, since I get 2% cash back, I prefer that over miles.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Puerto Rico Act 22 Signed Decree Received Today!

Got my signed Act 22 Decree today.

Here's a breakdown of dates:

February 12, 2016 - File Date
April 20, 2016 - Acceptance Letter Dated (received digital version May 16, 2016)
April 27, 2016 - Signed Decree Date (received May 16, 2016)
April 28, 2016 - Notification of Signed Decree requiring $5,000 Payment
April 29, 2016 - Priority shipped check
May 6, 2016 - Check delivered to BDO (thanks Méndez Giovanni!)
May 16, 2016 - Signed Decree Received
May 16, 2016 - Mailed out Unconditional Acceptance and $50 Fee

2.5 months from application file date to acceptance. Considering 100% tax free for interest and dividends up to December 31, 2035, I'm satisfied!

And I still have my US Citizenship. This still feels "too good to be true."

Act 20 still pending.

Once I finish 2016 tax returns, perhaps it'll feel more real.

Click this sentence for a more detailed play by play from the beginning.

Act 22 Signed Decree

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Idiot Son Built a Real Estate Empire from Millions to Billions of Dollars in 30 Years

- Imagine one of your sons taking over your hotel empire / business.

- 40 years later and he's in his late 60s. The empire your son built is worth billions from the millions you first built.

- You would be proud if you were still alive. Your grandchildren are all proud to be executives in the empire you started.

- Your son created tens of thousands of jobs, numerous high level and high paying management positions, paid millions in taxes, billions to vendors, charities, lived a lavish life style, owned hundreds of hotels, started hundreds of other businesses, succeeded at most, and learned from his mistakes.

- All of this while developing one of the most famous brands on Earth.


Your son decides to run for political office and now will probably be President.

This is what they say about your son:

"I don't like him because he's an idiot. Just because someone is billionaire doesn't mean they're smart. It's easier to become a richer man when you start from wealth already with all the advantages it brings. Wealth itself is not an indication of intelligence. Justin Bieber has millions of dollars to his name. Would you call him particularly intelligent?"

"He declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times during those years. He's lost more money than he's made. He's had more consistent financial success being the star of a reality show than he's had actually running a business."

"If he'd just conservatively invested his money when he inherited it he'd be worth more than he is now."

My $15 Million Dollar, Hotel, Self-Help, Foreclosure Story: How NOT to Do It

The Regressive Left: The NEW Religious Right

Friday, May 13, 2016

Afraid of President Trump? How About Presidents in General

Good points made on the perversion of the Presidency itself.

If you're worried because a madman may wield the power of the President's position, perhaps you should think about reshaping the position itself more than being worried what sort of madman you put in the position. If it's not Trump, then it's going to be some other madman.

There are some powers in the Presidency that NO ONE PERSON should have. Don't hate the player. Hate the game. And if you go back far enough, it started with Presidents like Abraham Lincoln who crushed State's Rights.

Unfortunately, the important questions are being sidelined by the "word police" and virtue signalers making nonsensical arguments based primarily on emotion. Okay. I get it. You don't like the guy.

Can we focus on the bigger questions? Like why does the Presidency have so much power that letting in one madman like Trump or Hillary could possibly destroy the world?

It's like Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warriors getting pissed off at White people, business owners, police, and perceived Racism. To be most effective for change they should be focusing on tearing down the drug laws which are probably the single most contributing factor toward single-family black families, poverty, incarcerations, crime, and community destruction.

A crucial step in preventing a Trump ("literally Hitler") Tyranny, is to decentralize power from the Federal Government back to the States. Education, Abortion, Marriage, Gun Control, Minimum Wage, etc. If you're so concerned about Trump starting WWIII, then why are we allowing the Federal Government to have a standing military? Perhaps State militias which can be called upon to cooperate in times of joint national defense is more appropriate.

The Founding Fathers were correct in placing the enumerated powers via the Tenth Amendment. Unfortunately, the Progressives and Warmongers dismantled the controls for their causes of "social justice."

Well, guess what happens when you create the monster that is the Federal Government? Guess what happens when you diminish State's Rights? You eventually get an absolute madman in a place of unprecedented power.

The answer is not to replace the madman with a madman you prefer. The better answer is to slay the beast and prevent these madmen from having any power to do any meaningful damage.

Take the power back away from the Federal Government and give it back to the States.

Monday, May 9, 2016

USAA - Your Checking Account May Be Closed for Business Transaction Use (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here: USAA Bank Threatening to Close Account Because of Suspected Business Transactions

USAA can't specify which transactions have been "determined" to be business transactions. It's serious enough that they want to close my account. Yet, when I ask specifically which transactions are in question, they choose not to provide that information.

Will USAA tell me what the specific transactions are that have been determined as business transactions? Nope.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Memory of Proto-SJW High School Students from 1998

One of my earliest memories encountering proto-SJW was 1998, Sophomore year, high school, Honors Social Studies near regressive-left Mecca, Seattle. I was 15 and sat next to or between two, intelligent, and attractive white ladies. Prior to class starting or during down time in class, something came up that was of poor quality and I off handedly remarked, "that's ghetto!"

Then the two classmates remarked to one another:

"Why do people use that word: 'ghetto?'"
"Yeah, I know. It's so derogatory and racist."

The weird thing about it was they weren't talking to me directly, by saying, "Hey, Jefferson. Don't use the word, 'ghetto.' That's racist and you're racist for saying that!"

I think the fact that I was Asian, generally a "nice guy," and they knew me well enough to not be a flaming racist, kept them from directly confronting me, and instead chose to be indirectly passive aggressive.

Anyway, they were cute, I wanted them to like me, and I was thrown off guard to have a sudden wave of negative energy thrown at me, so I said nothing. I know. Not much of a story.

This incident occurred almost 20 years ago. Perhaps if I were a white male, things may had gone a lot more confrontational. I receive a certain level of immunity being a minority and child toward disadvantaged immigrants. With the way BLM and SJW violent behaviour is being glorified in media today by Progressive media, I imagine classrooms to be a lot more oppressive today than when I was in high school.

Universities definitley seem that way.

That's one of many reasons why my children will be home educated.

(And if you're wondering the names of the two girls referenced, I will politely abstain out of respect for the embarrassing things we've all done as teens and the high likelihood my memory is faulty, being colored by today's events.)

Friday, May 6, 2016


Watch this video and reflect on your emotional reaction. Confident, Cocky, White, Successful, Confrontational, and Direct Male with a Crude sense of humor. Feel threatened or do you feel entertained?

Now watch this video made by Hillary, which, as pointed out by Scott Adams (Dilbert Guy), is actually a pro-Trump ad:

Consider the reality that both haters and lovers of Trump will watch the exact same videos and have exactly opposite emotional reactions.

Just as a reminder, my political views match closer toward Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalism. Trump's policies do not match up with what I would personally want as a President. But remember, we're not primarily talking about policies here. This is essentially a popularity contest that is very personal to the individual, and then the individual will make up reasons after the fact considering them to be "rational." It's a "shorthand" our mind plays on ourselves in order to conserve brain power.

Being a real estate entrepreneur that is confident, cocky, Korean, successful, confrontational, and direct male with a crude sense of humor, I relate to the Donald, so it's easy for me to understand his appeal. Being raised in a very conservative, Korean Christian church, I'm very familiar with the beta-male, religious, stick up their ass, no sense of humor, types. This was also my appeal to Mark Driscoll. I can assure you that I've "offended" quite a bit of people with my "style" over the years long before this most recent election cycle. The same people who are put off by Donald Trump will also find themselves put off by me since I exhibit a somewhat similar style, though I will make dirty jokes on the level of Joe Rogan, Louis C.K, Seth McFarlin, South Park, and Will Ferrel.

Reddit's /r/the_donald very much reflects my humor. If you enjoy /r/the_donald we'd probably have a fun time together. If you're horrified by /r/the_donald, you'll most likely find me horrifying as well.

From this initial emotional reaction of whether or not "you like the guy" comes additional loaded terms such as: liar, crooked, racist, sexist, bad character, etc. Technically speaking, we are guilty of these "sins" to one degree or another. The intent of using these labels by detractors, however, are primarily to reinforce the initial emotional reactions of the haters. This is exactly the same techniques that were used against Mark Driscoll. Specific actions each individual has done can be discussed in order to bolster the severity of the "sin," but the level of objectivity put into that research is severely hampered by how emotionally invested one is of their initial reaction.

I'd be more empathetic if people would simply say, "I don't like Trump because he just rubs me the wrong way." Instead, they try to hide their initial emotional reaction behind "the issues" and ambiguously charged terms that haven't been rigorously researched. If you feel strong indignation from the mere fact of someone questioning your beliefs, it may not mean you're wrong. It just means that you may want to properly recognize those emotions as being part of a normal biological response, rather than projecting those emotions at the individual that is questioning you.

I'm not so much "pro-Trump", as I'm "anti intellectual laziness." And I will admit, when I see intellectual laziness, it does trigger me in a primal sense due to various childhood experiences. I'm aware it's an issue and I'm trying to work through it to be more sympathetic by better understanding the "moist robot" theory. I have my good and bad days like anybody else.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Asian Man Triggered by Donald Trump

An Asian male threw this out as a basis against Trump's character which thus disqualifies him as President. In a moment of clarity, my various collisions with psychology were brought together to analyze the psyche of the "Asian man." For those of you that have been involved in the leadership of Korean churches, you may relate. Here was my response:

I don't think anyone is worthy or unworthy of "support" based on a joke. It's irrelevant to the discussion and you're only throwing it out because you have an emotional, visceral reaction on something that can't be objectified.

Perhaps you are triggered by successful, assertive, white males, that have a sense of humor. Lots of Asians tend to have problems with that due to their upbringing and how they're told what is "proper" and "good manners." Asian men tend to be "beta" by definition due to the collectivist values of Confucianism.

Trump embodies the blazen Individualism for which Asian cultures shame against. I can understand why many Asian men feel threatened by that. Asian churches are even worse in terms of shaming individualism.

Trump just happens to bring those insecurities to the surface and then the beta males will attempt to make up various excuses to justify the feelings that are being triggered without realizing the underlying programming they received that leads them to feel threatened in the first place.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Formative Moment of the Rest of My Life (and the Story I Tell Myself)

The end of 6th grade marked the celebration of finishing elementary school where all the soon-to-be graduates in the school district would go to Camp Orkila for about a week. It was incredible fun full of cute girls, hyper boys, cheesy campy activities, "counselor" High School students even more sexually frustrated, and some teacher chaperons (see photo album:  When the buses arrived back at school for the parents to pick up their kids, my best friend's mother picked me up instead of my mom. When I came home, someone in my family greeted me and showed me immediately to the Master Bedroom closet. It was empty, because my mother decided she couldn't stay. She wouldn't return to that house again and I wouldn't have meaningful contact until I was 20.

What followed were months of fetal crying and brokenness as many young children who are abandoned by their mothers would react. I think I generally was hurt less than others may had been since there was never a particularly strong emotional connection between myself and my mother. Regardless, it's still painful to feel abandoned and unwanted.

That summer, I went to a Korean-American Youth Group church retreat with a left arm in a sling from when I took a one armed turn on a bicycle while pressing the front brakes. Through an emotionally intense, "last night" worship session, I prayed the "sinner's prayer" of brokenness and "accepted Christ in my heart." The intense negative emotions associated with my mother's abandonment were channeled toward an intense sense of "original sin" guilt and Christ's crucifixion as the fix.

My 7th grade year was very awkward. It's awkward for anyone newly entering middle school, but with the fairly recent abandonment and emotional development retardation, I believe the issues may had been amplified (see photo album: Somewhere toward the middle of the year, I was in my basement bedroom full of spiders and strange noises next to the boiler room. Stricken with emotion and determination from a source I cannot fully place, I lay prostrate on the ground crying. Inside my mind I had the image of the television depictions of kids with divorced parents that are sitting on a couch while crying with intense guilt since they blamed themselves for their parent's divorce. "It's my fault my parents divorced!" the TV child star wails. The child would be inconsolable and essentially turn into a useless, despondent, unproductive mush for the remainder of the show being a BURDEN.

As that image played in my head, I think I felt I had to make a choice. I could either surrender to my grief, or I could fight. Prostate on my knees; pounding the ground with my fists; that day I chose: "What do you need a mother for? So what? You have the infinite God of Love on your side. THE HEAVENLY FATHER. He is the only Father you need. If you have Him, you have more than enough." With that pep talk, I "hardened." I'm not sure what the best descriptive work is, but whatever fears, or concerns, or perceived weaknesses in my mind preventing me from achieving what I wanted, I was determined to not let stand in my way. I held disdain for that loser of a child blaming themselves for their parent's divorce. I was NOT going to be a VICTIM. I was going to be a WINNER. I will succeed no matter the circumstances (At that time, my little 12 year old mind probably limited my biggest obstacle to only the mother abandonment emotions, and not things I had yet to experience or comprehend).

Toward the end of that school year, I ended up taking a chance on the school's talent show playing some classical music entirely on my own initiative. It seemed to impress a lot of my peers and teachers and that was perhaps one of the first times I had "accomplished" something without anyone dictating my actions. From there, various risks I took lead to success (and some failures which I didn't really care about), and I gradually discovered what I excelled at more than my peers, and what I sucked at (ie. Track & Field). With each success, confidence grew. With each failure, I knew I just needed to have discipline to practice and eventually conquer or reassess if it was something worth it to me to invest the resources to succeed.

Whenever I'd feel the inevitable hot, red face of embarrassment, or the "butterflies in the stomach," I would simply draw from that same determination on my basement floor and push through. I did that at least until I had enough confidence in my previous accomplishments, became more comfortable with failure, and my body and mind became accustomed toward my sometimes socially risky behavior.

The common narrative I tell myself is that I'm constantly making the "choice" to be an INITIATOR and not the PROCRASTINATOR. At this point, I have lived so long as an Initiator and seen the great benefits, it's difficult for me to remain passive. It takes more effort for me to NOT act. I am a fighter. I am a doer.

But, I wonder how it all started. From that moment in my bedroom I felt I had to make a "choice" between surrendering or fighting. It didn't seem as though that choice was mundane, but it felt as though it was an EPIC choice which would determine the FATE of the rest of my life. I SAW the vision in my mind of the LOSER life, and it sickened me. And I wanted to crush it. And I gained ambition from someplace.

Perhaps one could say it was the Holy Spirit. Perhaps one could say it was psychological inspiration from a perceived "higher power." Perhaps it was genetics? Perhaps my brain responds to grief with a "fight" rather than "flight" response? I can't say exactly, but can I necessarily claim it was entirely by my "own strength of character" that I made the "right" choice?

I just don't know what that means anymore since it's hard for me to imagine today to ever demand a grieving 12 year old to "stop crying and man the FUCK UP!" How horrendous that would be for a full grown adult or parent to say that to a child abandoned by their mother!? What kind of monster would say such a thing!? We would coddle that child and salve their emotional wounds with affection. Yet, from someplace, inside my little head, that loud voice is what got me to push forward.

In my delusional mind, I try to take 100% credit and thus make myself out to be some kind of "hero." But in reality, how can a 12 year old really be fully responsible for ANY of their actions? Nevertheless, it does seem to be the narrative I run with, and it seems to work well in increasing my personal energy.

It's just that when I write out this formative experience, trying to take 100% credit for the "choice" of 12-year-old me seems a little absurd. But if it wasn't 100% "free will," then what the hell was it?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Am I Becoming Tribal? USA! USA! USA!

I will admit seeing Mexican flags waved and the American flag burned in protest to Trump giving a speech is mildly infuriating. Even after 9/11, I never was fully comfortable flying the American Flag. I definitley cried when I saw Saddam's statues toppled on TV (later to discover was staged). So I'm not too sure where this emotion is coming from.

It's one thing to have "Korean pride," waving Korean flags during World Cup. Or perhaps on a "heritage" day. I still find both of those instances emotionally uninteresting. But that's because I have such a burning desire and love for individual liberty and the immense human potential of Individualism over Collectivism. Korea represented to me while growing up a lot of nonsensical Collectivism, Patriarchy, Traditionalism, and ancestor worship. A whole lot of disapproving looks because I can't speak Korean. Korean school and Korean church. Institutionalized torture toward any free thinking individualist entrepreneur.

So I'm not really sure what kind of message is being communicated with the Mexican flag. I'm trying to imagine what kind of state of mind I'd need to have to fly the South Korean flag and I hit a wall of contempt. But perhaps I'm projecting too much of myself on the protestors.

If I had to fly a flag to be proud of, it would be the flag of 1775 representing the stand for individual liberty and fight against tyranny. "DON'T TREAD ON ME."

Perhaps where my anger comes from is the fact that I identify strongly with the Founding Fathers, and essentially disavow the Confucius values of traditional South Koreans. "Give me liberty or give me death!"

I suppose I would feel just as much contempt than if they were flying Socialist flags. It's a similar feeling, but not quite the same. Unfortunately, the vast majority of illegals come over for a better life, and clearly understand what is the superior country.

Once again, I'm still left confounded by the Mexican flag waving. Ultimately, even the protestors find the US superior, otherwise they would move back to Mexico.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Approved for Puerto Rico Act 22 Application!


I just got an email this morning stating my Act 22 Application has been approved and now awaiting my $5,000 payment! My Act 20 Application is now "Eligible Case" which was defined in a previous email I received at the beginning of the process:

o   Act 20: it means that the draft of the decree has been sent out to the agencies for their determination or recommendation. It has a time frame of 20 working days, however the public policy of this administration is that no case will be approved without the recommendation of the Department of Treasury.  Once we receive the recommendations of the agencies, we send a final draft of the decree, where a team of the DDEC will evaluate your petition, this will not change the status but we call it the Final Stage. Once they understand that the case is ready for approval they send it to the Secretary of DDEC.  Once we receive it the status will change to Approved and we will contact you so that you can pick your decree or we can send it by mail.

More info on the history of my process can be found at this link.

Puerto Rico Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentives – How to Apply Yourself for $450.00 | Self-Help Resources

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


In my Junior year of high school, I was elected to be the Student Body Treasurer.

At that time, I was heavily influenced by the "Ren & Stimpy" and "Simpson's" soundtrack. The "Monorail" guy was my major inspiration. I saw how easily people were influence by song and "charisma." So that's what I did knowing that there really was no major basis to vote for me than the other candidates. The position was a Resume stuffer for college applications.

For my recorded speech that was broadcasted to the entire school, I brought out a portable music keyboard. I opened with a parody of the "Cheers" theme with "everybody knows your name" and then closed it out by playing Axel F from Beverly Hills ending with a joke:

What do you a call a fly without wings? A Walk.

I timed the punch line to perfectly coordinate with the timed silences in Axel F.

On Voting Day, I was approached by a couple students who enthusiastically stated they were voting for me solely due to the entertainment value they received from watching my musical number.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Disrespecting Your Elders

There are some Korean Immigrants that I have dealt with that see me as being "disrespectful" to them when I don't follow certain cultural norms as they remembered from their 1970s Korea. They are insulted when I judge them solely by their merits, rather than the mere fact that they are older than me. The concept of "Ancestor" worship stems strong from Confucius roots.

"Respect your elders."
"Don't talk back."
"Know your place."
"It's shameful you don't know how to speak Korean."

While the mainland of Korea evolved toward Gangnam Style, K-Pop, Oldboy, E-Sports, etc., the Korean immigrants only remember the 1970s Korea they immigrated from and stubbornly stuck to it. They no longer fit in modernized Korea, and are even more irrelevant in America.

Thankfully, most of the 1970s immigrants are retiring or have retired. They contributed a hard working ethic, but their stubbornness to maintain their old, 1970's "Korean Ways" caused them to be their own worst enemy to further their economic productivity ("work harder, not smarter"). Take my father, for example. He think I'm lazy because I don't do yard work and instead pay $50/month to have it maintained by Mexican immigrants about two times a month. Yet never realized or did the analysis that he could've made about the same or more money renting out his Auto Body Shop than actually operating it (I'm guessing, about 10 years ago). Good luck trying to have an honest discussion about that. The moment you start bringing up "facts," you are immediately labeled as being "disrespectful."

SJW argumentative techniques have been around a long time.

I fully embrace Western Individualism, and reject the collectivism of South East Asian cultures. An individual ought to be judged by one's own merits, rather than their social identity (ie. age, race, etc.). I know what it means to live in a culture that values "traditions" and "societal norms" over careful consideration and thought. I suppose every time I'm faced with such a dilemma, there's a visceral and emotional reaction that stems from the stupidity and unnecessary suffering I had to endure growing up due to this brainless culture of identity worship.

Some cultures are better than others.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Latest 6 Monitor Battle Station / Workstation Iteration

Unlike my previous battle station post, I'm not going to spend the time formatting to look so nice. So here's a run down of my setup.


3x 27" (2560 x 1440) Monitors

I was able to get these from MonoPrice for $249.99 each. Just be aware that they are DVI only. I'm only able to run them at 30 Hz which is annoying until I can find an adapter that will convert Mini DisplayPort to DVI for 60 Hz at the 2560 resolution. Meh. I do have for my primary one an Acer 2560 x 1440 that I got on Slickdeals a while ago which has native DP in it.

3x 22" (1920 x 1080) Monitors

I got these from MonoPrice as well for about $99 each. The sixth one isn't plugged in since I need to get a hold of a cheap DVI cable. For now, my laptop takes its place. But the 6th monitor isn't so useful for me since on one of my 27" I have it broken down to four quadrants with Skype, Google Contacts, Google Voice, and Evernote. I'm sure once I get it up and running, I can figure something out.

Monitor Stands

Since I was able to customize it, I decided on mounting all my monitors. The vertical 22" monitor is on one of MonoPrice's $22 brackets.

The two 27" monitors are on this Heavy Duty Desk Mount I got from Amazon.

The two monitors on the right, 22" and 27" are mounted on one stand:


Ok, I know it's nerdy to list it here, but I would be remiss not to mention these are from Ikea and for extremely low price. I they they ranged from $25 - $50 each. I don't see why I would ever choose to purchase super expensive office furniture or desk when Ikea serves my purposes even better considering the brackets I'm using. Actually, with the office desks, I found them to be more cumbersome since the mounting options were a lot less.

For my keyboard tray, I opted for a much cheaper option than I had done before. And you'll also notice I did a "hack" by raising up the mouse tray to be more on level with the keyboard.



This serves well enough, I suppose. I got it for $189.00. My main objective was finding one with a head rest so that I can go uber lazy and rest my head back as I type.

I don't like it as much as my primary chair still in California. Perhaps I'll eventually ship over the Humanscale chair. I really liked how it allowed me to flex my back so that I can move around in my chair. I suppose, I'll have to be more cognizant about adjusting, which is the benefit of the blue exercise ball you see.

Keyboard, Mouse & Peripherals

I use a bunch of shortcuts that are programmed with AutoHotKey. They are essentially a must if you have so many monitors and frequently used folders, and programs. For the sake of simplicity, I'll just list all my peripherals here:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thoughts on California's $15/hour Minimum Wage


"It's not the end of the struggle, but it's a very important step forward. Let's keep it going. We're not stopping here." - Governor Brown

$15/hour minimum wage. A worthy struggle to fight against the exploitative and evil hotel owners.

Something I wonder: is this minimum wage essentially a knock out against my bottom line? If so, does that essentially eliminate my hotel valuations based on the Net Income Approach? Or will this all be countered by me increasing my overall room rates?

The nice thing perhaps is that my hotel is deep in the coast of Southern California, hours away from the border, which will mean all my direct competitors will suffer alongside me.

I feel more sorry for those on the Californian border along a State that won't be having these minimum wage increases.

What I can say as a direct result of this action is that I will most likely not be purchasing an additional hotel or labor intensive business in California due to the uncertainty this causes in my valuations of cash flow. At least until the $15/hour minimum wage is set and stabilized, or until the rest of the country follows and raises the federal minimum wage to $15/hour.

Should I purchase a hotel in the interim period as minimum wages increase, I would have to consider into the valuation of the hotel the loss of revenue from increased future payroll costs. I can't imagine any Seller would allow that kind of valuation into decreasing the final price of their hotel.

The economic effects of a $15/hour minimum wage on a State level are relatively new, so the economic repercussions add an extra level of risk that I'm not sure the commercial real estate market will be able to properly adjust for. Just as the housing bubble of 2008 wasn't properly calculated in, I don't think any economist can properly predict what the economic consequences will be, let alone a limited-service hotel owner trying to sell their hotel.

Just trying to explain to most limited service sellers what a "Cap Rate" means is a challenge within itself. Trying to add on the complexities of future, guaranteed costs by Government fiat won't make sense.

If I can make a prediction, I would say that the only buyers for California will be idiots who have no idea about the increasing minimum wage laws in California, or people who simply don't care (ie. Chinese buyers).

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Puerto Rico Appeals Court Overturns Gun Control Ruling

More info here:

It looks like it's headed for the Puerto Rico Supreme Court for the final decision! Or is that the US Supreme Court?

Take it from the local's perspective. Check out the comments.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Start of Cold Shower Therapy?


I just got done with a 30 minute cold shower. I tried it two days ago as well for about 6 minutes or so, but not at the coldest setting. And then after listening to Tim Ferris' podcast today, I was inspired to go for 5 minutes at the coldest.

The first 4 minutes, I was shivering like a mad man. Then all of a sudden there was a steep drop off. My body adapted, I stopped shivering, and then I did 5 minutes more easier. Then another 5 minutes because I was surprised my body was adapting so well. And then, I said, what the hell, I might as well floss and brush my teeth while in here. And just to round it off, did 30 minutes.

Now that my Newport Float Therapy is no longer nearby, I may start the journey of cold therapy. Are ice baths next?

Let's give it some time and see how my body adapts.

I've been impressed so far in my lifestyle changes results so far, so I don't see why I can't push it a little further. Yeah, the regular sleep thing has been much harder to master :)

1) Low-Carb / Keto
2) 1/4 pound daily spinach consumption
3) Supplements (Probiotics, Vitamin D3, and Fish Oil)

I also picked up some whole sardines with the bones. Thankfully, I find them tasty. I need to try it with some coconut oil. I'm thinking my daily breakfast regiment will now be:

1) 1/8 Pound of spinach
2) Cheese (or calcium and flavor)
3) 1/2 Puerto Rican Big Ass Avocado
4) Can of Whole Sardines
5) Coconut oil?

I'm eager to see what sort of positive results will occur.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fort Buchanan's Friendly People

Super wonderful, and helpful people on the base at Fort Buchanan. I wish I could tip for the immense help for some of the enlisted. Life saver! There is an air of gratefulness for many of the individuals having the privilege to shop on base.

I'm reminded of the things I love about the military (its people) and the things that were frustrating (bureaucracy).

And with the local tax increasing to 15% (so I've heard but can't confirm), the sense of gratitude will only grow.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico = BLISS

For those of you who have a military ID like me, Fort Buchanan, which is around Bayamon, has tax free EVERYTHING. BX, commissary, food court, furniture store, banking, GAS, library, fitness center, bowling alley, etc. etc. Unfortunately, cars don't apply to the tax savings, but luckily, Puerto Rico used cars aren't taxed!!!

There are also children's activities, DOD school, club activities, theater. I'm pretty sure my kids would be able to participate on the various kids activities they have there.

I'm feeling tons more comfortable knowing I have such a great resource at hand. It makes transitioning so much easier.

My Experience So Far Trying to Rent a House in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Found a place today in "Paseos de Dorado" area without using a "buyer's" broker by going directly to the "listing" agent's through (which is like the Craigslist for Puerto Rico). This is for renting specifically.

That definitely pissed off some agents in the area. Very unprofessional some of them, and I don't mind publicly disclosing my interactions. I ended up going with an "outsider" that wasn't known to the "regular" agents that listed in the area.

Some of the way the agents interacted reminded me of chickens pecking at each other. Some were more professional than others. One was shockingly horrendous. After my experience, I'm very glad I went direct rather than through an exclusive "buyer's" agent. It turned out the worst offender was also the one pushing me the hardest to be my "exclusive" buyer's agent to co-broke on deals.

I went through about 8 different listing agents. I can provide a recap of my experience interacting with these agents to help out future prospects. I don't want to publicly burn bridges unless I see at least three people comment they're interested for such publicly embarrassing information :)

Most were good overall. Probably only two out of the eight I would recommend against. Probably similar % as in California. Maybe a higher sense of desperation due to the crashing housing economy. Emotions are most likely very raw right now for the local residents.

Nevermind, I don't know about California, since most people list directly on Craigslist without an agent for rentals. It was interesting that I didn't see a single owner ran listing directly. A litlte strange. If I need to rent out my home in the future for whatever reason, I'm going to just do it myself. . . but I don't speak Spanish.

The thing that I saw frequently were postings that were "no longer available." This sort of "bait and switch" tactic is unethical. If you're an agent, having attached your reputation to a property, and it's no longer available?

And then you tell me it has been unavailable for more than a week (probably more based on the posting ID), but YOU KEEP THE POSTING ONLINE anyway??!!!!

One agent had at least four listings that were not available.

How hard is it to delete a posting? UNBELIEVABLE.

Ok, another story just fresh from today. no need to name names, right?

I have an appointment and texted with the agent to meet at 1:30 PM at Sabanera. Confirmed the meeting 38 minutes prior. 4 minutes prior to the meeting as I'm pulling up to the entrance, the agent's husband calls me to cancel the meeting last minute. WOW. The agent was driving, so she couldn't talk to me directly so he says.

And then they the husband blamed me because of some email I sent that they responded to around 40 minutes prior. It's as though they assume they can unilaterally cancel appointments without notifying the other party of their intent to do so.

I have the text and email to backup this interaction. She wanted to reschedule for the next day. Yeah right.

This is the same agent with serial number of "out of date" listings.



Going back to the worst offender. First, for about 20 minutes, she's trying to guilt trip me because she made "so many calls" and called so many brokers to help me find a property. This was after I told her explicitly that I was going direct through classificadosonline.

She then says that there are some properties that weren't listed on that site and that she'll show me that she's co-broking with another agent.

If this agent had spent more time actually finding out what I WANTED rather than trying to guilt trip me into how much I NEEDED to have a buyer's agent (for which I told her explicitly I didn't want), then she wouldn't had wasted both our times the next day for these "secret" showings.

The first house was over my EXPLICIT budget. The previous day, I had seen 6 homes by which I was comparing it to. I walked into the house, asked her the price, and then immediately walked out.

The second house was someone already living in it. I told them how quickly I needed to move in, and the occupant said NOPE. Okay, SEE YA! No more properties to show, and then this agent does another layer of "guilt" tripping me by saying, "DO YOU KNOW SHE SPENT ALL DAY CLEANING THE HOUSE FOR YOU?"

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Don’t Buy New


Interesting spin on things. Especially now with fully Automated cars on the horizon, it may make sense to hold off on an outright purchase for at least new cars.

Used cars is a different proposition, but even that is getting to be less worthy due to the fact that even used cars are becoming so complicated you need to have them serviced by specialists.

Puerto Rico Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentives - How to Apply Yourself for $450.00 | Self-Help Resources

I started a Facebook Group of Act 20 / 22 members and those interested here:



January 11: Submitted application online

January 19: Sent email on pre-evaluation status for application completion. Talked with staff indicating one person is in charge of prequalifying all apps.

January 21: Talked with prequalifier over phone and discovered application website was down.

January 26: Requested a manual review if the application website was still down. It was down 9:00 PM PST, January 25, but it seems to be back up now.

February 2: Called in on status update, and discovered pre-evaluation was complete. I should had received an email indicating a notarized affidavit and $750 application fees were required, but I didn't receive that email for some reason. Mailed out via 3-Day Priority mail my notarized applications and Cashier's checks for application fees.

February 11: Check was received by their offices and I received a detailed email describing the next steps on how my application status will proceed according to certain milestones as described below.

  • FILED: Payment has been received and my application will be forwarded to the appropriate agencies.

  • IN EVALUATION PROCESS: Background checks are conducted and evaluations are conducted on the provided documents. No specific time frame.

  • ELIGIBLE CASE: This is the final "stamp of approval" required stage passed onto the highest departments such as the Department of Treasury and The Department of Economic Development. Time frame is listed at 20 working days. This is where I'll need to pay the one-time fee for $5,000 for Act 22.


February 16: Act 22 Application is now "In Evaluation Process." Act 20 is still in "Pending Filing"

February 18: Act 20 Application is now "Filed."

February 23: Act 20 & 22 now "In Evaluation Process."

March 1: Act 20 & 22 "In Evaluation Process."

March 2: I just heard through various people experienced with the process that Act 20 has been taking upwards of 6 months to complete. Since I officially "filed" February 12, that's looking to be completed sometime in middle August which means not enough time for me to move AFTER approval, and still qualify as a bon-a-fide resident. It turns out that upon approval, the Decree is backdated to your approval date, so assuming the decree gets approved the same year, you could move in expectation of approval.

March 7: This group has been helpful. Just be wary of the people trying to "sell" you stuff. There seems to be a higher concentration here than I'm used to, but that may be because there are a lot of "Internet Marketers":

March 9: Realizing I could've moved to Puerto Rico upon my file date (dumb mistake!), I've sought professional representation to help increase my odds of gaining approval. At least with enough certainty that I make the move earlier than I had anticipated.

Based on the Facebook group I listed, I discovered that there are three main organizations that got in from the start: BDO, PMA, & AMG. BDO is the only group that has CPAs licensed. The other groups are attorneys, so they have the advantage of having 100% attorney-client confidentiality, if that's your thing. BDO can't necessarily promise that, but they offer a blended rate which puts them at being cheaper overall than the attorney firms, while still offering Attorneys within BDO mixed in with CPAs.

I'm checking with my contact at BDO if he wants me to post his contact info so you can give him mad referrals! I wish I found that Facebook group at the beginning. I have no idea why I didn't do a quick search in Facebook at the beginning. Stupid me! Oh well, you can learn from my mistake now.'

March 10: Upon some soul searching, I'm ready to make the plunge. My contact at BDO is below. The basic rationale is that there have been essentially zero cases where someone from Act 20 has been flat out denied. Even if the application doesn't get approved until after the 2016 tax return deadline, I can still submit it as though I was approved.

Unfortunately, the Internet has not been doing Act 20 / 22 any favors with all the people trying to monetize information (only reinforcing the "scammy" feeling), and it's taken some time for me to shake off the "feeling" of this being a scam. Seriously, a 4% tax rate seems "too good to be true!" The Facebook group helped bring an authentic and more trustworthy assurance that this is, in fact, THE REAL DEAL! Time to GET SOME!

Senior Associate
Tax Advisory Services
Tel: 787-754-3999 Ext. 2154

Also, since I'm going to be a Puerto Rican resident, I didn't need to also apply for Act 22 since Act 20 allows the dividends from my company to be tax free for Puerto Rican residents. Oh well. Even if I knew that before, I'm glad I did it anyway since I'll probably be glad I did so within the next 20 years.

March 23: Confirmed that even if my application isn't approved this year, I can still file as though it is approved. So I ended up flying in Sunday, March 13. Moved into my house in Monte Claro, Bayamon, March 21. I've learned a lot, and perhaps I'll do an updated podcast soon.

April 28: APPROVED FOR ACT 22!!! I just received the letter via email this morning. Act 20 is now listed as "Eligible Case" which is defined from one of my earlier emails as:

o   Act 20: it means that the draft of the decree has been sent out to the agencies for their determination or recommendation. It has a time frame of 20 working days, however the public policy of this administration is that no case will be approved without the recommendation of the Department of Treasury.  Once we receive the recommendations of the agencies, we send a final draft of the decree, where a team of the DDEC will evaluate your petition, this will not change the status but we call it the Final Stage. Once they understand that the case is ready for approval they send it to the Secretary of DDEC.  Once we receive it the status will change to Approved and we will contact you so that you can pick your decree or we can send it by mail.



♦ 4% Corporate Tax Rate (ACT 20)


♦ 0% Tax on Dividends (ACT 22)


♦ "Source of Income" not from the US are exempt from US Federal Income Tax (


"Source of Income" defined:


Pay yourself market salary for Arm’s Length Transactions



Registered Agent

United Corporate, $250.00

$150 for Minimum Registration Fee

Bylaws & Minutes




STEP 3 - APPLY FOR ACT 20 & 22

- Request Access for Company & Individual

- Go through process, hit “Save Application”

- Go Back to Main Screen

- See all documents needed to Upload


Criminal Background Check ( ~$50
Two Commercial Bank References
Corporate Structure
Social Security Card

Find the official list here:
ACT 20: 6 months?
ACT 22: 2 - 3 Months?







Dorado & Palmas Del Mar








ACT 20


ACT 22






Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Peter Schiff moved there


ACT 74