Saturday, March 26, 2016

Puerto Rico Appeals Court Overturns Gun Control Ruling

More info here:

It looks like it's headed for the Puerto Rico Supreme Court for the final decision! Or is that the US Supreme Court?

Take it from the local's perspective. Check out the comments.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Start of Cold Shower Therapy?


I just got done with a 30 minute cold shower. I tried it two days ago as well for about 6 minutes or so, but not at the coldest setting. And then after listening to Tim Ferris' podcast today, I was inspired to go for 5 minutes at the coldest.

The first 4 minutes, I was shivering like a mad man. Then all of a sudden there was a steep drop off. My body adapted, I stopped shivering, and then I did 5 minutes more easier. Then another 5 minutes because I was surprised my body was adapting so well. And then, I said, what the hell, I might as well floss and brush my teeth while in here. And just to round it off, did 30 minutes.

Now that my Newport Float Therapy is no longer nearby, I may start the journey of cold therapy. Are ice baths next?

Let's give it some time and see how my body adapts.

I've been impressed so far in my lifestyle changes results so far, so I don't see why I can't push it a little further. Yeah, the regular sleep thing has been much harder to master :)

1) Low-Carb / Keto
2) 1/4 pound daily spinach consumption
3) Supplements (Probiotics, Vitamin D3, and Fish Oil)

I also picked up some whole sardines with the bones. Thankfully, I find them tasty. I need to try it with some coconut oil. I'm thinking my daily breakfast regiment will now be:

1) 1/8 Pound of spinach
2) Cheese (or calcium and flavor)
3) 1/2 Puerto Rican Big Ass Avocado
4) Can of Whole Sardines
5) Coconut oil?

I'm eager to see what sort of positive results will occur.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fort Buchanan's Friendly People

Super wonderful, and helpful people on the base at Fort Buchanan. I wish I could tip for the immense help for some of the enlisted. Life saver! There is an air of gratefulness for many of the individuals having the privilege to shop on base.

I'm reminded of the things I love about the military (its people) and the things that were frustrating (bureaucracy).

And with the local tax increasing to 15% (so I've heard but can't confirm), the sense of gratitude will only grow.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico = BLISS

For those of you who have a military ID like me, Fort Buchanan, which is around Bayamon, has tax free EVERYTHING. BX, commissary, food court, furniture store, banking, GAS, library, fitness center, bowling alley, etc. etc. Unfortunately, cars don't apply to the tax savings, but luckily, Puerto Rico used cars aren't taxed!!!

There are also children's activities, DOD school, club activities, theater. I'm pretty sure my kids would be able to participate on the various kids activities they have there.

I'm feeling tons more comfortable knowing I have such a great resource at hand. It makes transitioning so much easier.

My Experience So Far Trying to Rent a House in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Found a place today in "Paseos de Dorado" area without using a "buyer's" broker by going directly to the "listing" agent's through (which is like the Craigslist for Puerto Rico). This is for renting specifically.

That definitely pissed off some agents in the area. Very unprofessional some of them, and I don't mind publicly disclosing my interactions. I ended up going with an "outsider" that wasn't known to the "regular" agents that listed in the area.

Some of the way the agents interacted reminded me of chickens pecking at each other. Some were more professional than others. One was shockingly horrendous. After my experience, I'm very glad I went direct rather than through an exclusive "buyer's" agent. It turned out the worst offender was also the one pushing me the hardest to be my "exclusive" buyer's agent to co-broke on deals.

I went through about 8 different listing agents. I can provide a recap of my experience interacting with these agents to help out future prospects. I don't want to publicly burn bridges unless I see at least three people comment they're interested for such publicly embarrassing information :)

Most were good overall. Probably only two out of the eight I would recommend against. Probably similar % as in California. Maybe a higher sense of desperation due to the crashing housing economy. Emotions are most likely very raw right now for the local residents.

Nevermind, I don't know about California, since most people list directly on Craigslist without an agent for rentals. It was interesting that I didn't see a single owner ran listing directly. A litlte strange. If I need to rent out my home in the future for whatever reason, I'm going to just do it myself. . . but I don't speak Spanish.

The thing that I saw frequently were postings that were "no longer available." This sort of "bait and switch" tactic is unethical. If you're an agent, having attached your reputation to a property, and it's no longer available?

And then you tell me it has been unavailable for more than a week (probably more based on the posting ID), but YOU KEEP THE POSTING ONLINE anyway??!!!!

One agent had at least four listings that were not available.

How hard is it to delete a posting? UNBELIEVABLE.

Ok, another story just fresh from today. no need to name names, right?

I have an appointment and texted with the agent to meet at 1:30 PM at Sabanera. Confirmed the meeting 38 minutes prior. 4 minutes prior to the meeting as I'm pulling up to the entrance, the agent's husband calls me to cancel the meeting last minute. WOW. The agent was driving, so she couldn't talk to me directly so he says.

And then they the husband blamed me because of some email I sent that they responded to around 40 minutes prior. It's as though they assume they can unilaterally cancel appointments without notifying the other party of their intent to do so.

I have the text and email to backup this interaction. She wanted to reschedule for the next day. Yeah right.

This is the same agent with serial number of "out of date" listings.



Going back to the worst offender. First, for about 20 minutes, she's trying to guilt trip me because she made "so many calls" and called so many brokers to help me find a property. This was after I told her explicitly that I was going direct through classificadosonline.

She then says that there are some properties that weren't listed on that site and that she'll show me that she's co-broking with another agent.

If this agent had spent more time actually finding out what I WANTED rather than trying to guilt trip me into how much I NEEDED to have a buyer's agent (for which I told her explicitly I didn't want), then she wouldn't had wasted both our times the next day for these "secret" showings.

The first house was over my EXPLICIT budget. The previous day, I had seen 6 homes by which I was comparing it to. I walked into the house, asked her the price, and then immediately walked out.

The second house was someone already living in it. I told them how quickly I needed to move in, and the occupant said NOPE. Okay, SEE YA! No more properties to show, and then this agent does another layer of "guilt" tripping me by saying, "DO YOU KNOW SHE SPENT ALL DAY CLEANING THE HOUSE FOR YOU?"

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Don’t Buy New


Interesting spin on things. Especially now with fully Automated cars on the horizon, it may make sense to hold off on an outright purchase for at least new cars.

Used cars is a different proposition, but even that is getting to be less worthy due to the fact that even used cars are becoming so complicated you need to have them serviced by specialists.

Puerto Rico Act 20 / 22 Tax Incentives - How to Apply Yourself for $450.00 | Self-Help Resources

I started a Facebook Group of Act 20 / 22 members and those interested here:



January 11: Submitted application online

January 19: Sent email on pre-evaluation status for application completion. Talked with staff indicating one person is in charge of prequalifying all apps.

January 21: Talked with prequalifier over phone and discovered application website was down.

January 26: Requested a manual review if the application website was still down. It was down 9:00 PM PST, January 25, but it seems to be back up now.

February 2: Called in on status update, and discovered pre-evaluation was complete. I should had received an email indicating a notarized affidavit and $750 application fees were required, but I didn't receive that email for some reason. Mailed out via 3-Day Priority mail my notarized applications and Cashier's checks for application fees.

February 11: Check was received by their offices and I received a detailed email describing the next steps on how my application status will proceed according to certain milestones as described below.

  • FILED: Payment has been received and my application will be forwarded to the appropriate agencies.

  • IN EVALUATION PROCESS: Background checks are conducted and evaluations are conducted on the provided documents. No specific time frame.

  • ELIGIBLE CASE: This is the final "stamp of approval" required stage passed onto the highest departments such as the Department of Treasury and The Department of Economic Development. Time frame is listed at 20 working days. This is where I'll need to pay the one-time fee for $5,000 for Act 22.


February 16: Act 22 Application is now "In Evaluation Process." Act 20 is still in "Pending Filing"

February 18: Act 20 Application is now "Filed."

February 23: Act 20 & 22 now "In Evaluation Process."

March 1: Act 20 & 22 "In Evaluation Process."

March 2: I just heard through various people experienced with the process that Act 20 has been taking upwards of 6 months to complete. Since I officially "filed" February 12, that's looking to be completed sometime in middle August which means not enough time for me to move AFTER approval, and still qualify as a bon-a-fide resident. It turns out that upon approval, the Decree is backdated to your approval date, so assuming the decree gets approved the same year, you could move in expectation of approval.

March 7: This group has been helpful. Just be wary of the people trying to "sell" you stuff. There seems to be a higher concentration here than I'm used to, but that may be because there are a lot of "Internet Marketers":

March 9: Realizing I could've moved to Puerto Rico upon my file date (dumb mistake!), I've sought professional representation to help increase my odds of gaining approval. At least with enough certainty that I make the move earlier than I had anticipated.

Based on the Facebook group I listed, I discovered that there are three main organizations that got in from the start: BDO, PMA, & AMG. BDO is the only group that has CPAs licensed. The other groups are attorneys, so they have the advantage of having 100% attorney-client confidentiality, if that's your thing. BDO can't necessarily promise that, but they offer a blended rate which puts them at being cheaper overall than the attorney firms, while still offering Attorneys within BDO mixed in with CPAs.

I'm checking with my contact at BDO if he wants me to post his contact info so you can give him mad referrals! I wish I found that Facebook group at the beginning. I have no idea why I didn't do a quick search in Facebook at the beginning. Stupid me! Oh well, you can learn from my mistake now.'

March 10: Upon some soul searching, I'm ready to make the plunge. My contact at BDO is below. The basic rationale is that there have been essentially zero cases where someone from Act 20 has been flat out denied. Even if the application doesn't get approved until after the 2016 tax return deadline, I can still submit it as though I was approved.

Unfortunately, the Internet has not been doing Act 20 / 22 any favors with all the people trying to monetize information (only reinforcing the "scammy" feeling), and it's taken some time for me to shake off the "feeling" of this being a scam. Seriously, a 4% tax rate seems "too good to be true!" The Facebook group helped bring an authentic and more trustworthy assurance that this is, in fact, THE REAL DEAL! Time to GET SOME!

Senior Associate
Tax Advisory Services
Tel: 787-754-3999 Ext. 2154

Also, since I'm going to be a Puerto Rican resident, I didn't need to also apply for Act 22 since Act 20 allows the dividends from my company to be tax free for Puerto Rican residents. Oh well. Even if I knew that before, I'm glad I did it anyway since I'll probably be glad I did so within the next 20 years.

March 23: Confirmed that even if my application isn't approved this year, I can still file as though it is approved. So I ended up flying in Sunday, March 13. Moved into my house in Monte Claro, Bayamon, March 21. I've learned a lot, and perhaps I'll do an updated podcast soon.

April 28: APPROVED FOR ACT 22!!! I just received the letter via email this morning. Act 20 is now listed as "Eligible Case" which is defined from one of my earlier emails as:

o   Act 20: it means that the draft of the decree has been sent out to the agencies for their determination or recommendation. It has a time frame of 20 working days, however the public policy of this administration is that no case will be approved without the recommendation of the Department of Treasury.  Once we receive the recommendations of the agencies, we send a final draft of the decree, where a team of the DDEC will evaluate your petition, this will not change the status but we call it the Final Stage. Once they understand that the case is ready for approval they send it to the Secretary of DDEC.  Once we receive it the status will change to Approved and we will contact you so that you can pick your decree or we can send it by mail.



♦ 4% Corporate Tax Rate (ACT 20)


♦ 0% Tax on Dividends (ACT 22)


♦ "Source of Income" not from the US are exempt from US Federal Income Tax (


"Source of Income" defined:


Pay yourself market salary for Arm’s Length Transactions



Registered Agent

United Corporate, $250.00

$150 for Minimum Registration Fee

Bylaws & Minutes




STEP 3 - APPLY FOR ACT 20 & 22

- Request Access for Company & Individual

- Go through process, hit “Save Application”

- Go Back to Main Screen

- See all documents needed to Upload


Criminal Background Check ( ~$50
Two Commercial Bank References
Corporate Structure
Social Security Card

Find the official list here:
ACT 20: 6 months?
ACT 22: 2 - 3 Months?







Dorado & Palmas Del Mar








ACT 20


ACT 22






Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Peter Schiff moved there


ACT 74


Remote Security Camera Access

In this age, publicly posting that I'm going to be moving to Puerto Rico could be a sign for criminals to then want to rob your house. Thankfully, I have access to my home camera system remotely and through my smart phone.

Also, my home insurance deductible is $7,160.00, so I'd appreciate would be thieves skipping my place. If the deductible was lower, I'd say you would be doing me a favor since it'll mean I won't have to sell as many things when I make the move permanent.

Thanks for your consideration.

(Upon second thought, perhaps I should lower my deductible to $500.)

Monday, March 7, 2016

I Need to Disconnect from the Presidential Race


Ughhh. . . talk about wasting my time obsessed with the Presidential race. Two facts:

1) California's primary isn't until June 7, for which nominees would've most likely been selected anyway

2) I'll most likely be living in Puerto Rico by then, for which I would not be eligible to vote anyway (not that my vote would've mattered anyway thanks to the Electoral College).

The appeal of the ‪#‎TrumpTrain‬ is strong, and the ‪#‎DankMemes‬ aren't helping either. I must attempt to disconnect. It was fun, and I may still visit /r/the_donald for the LOLs.