Monday, March 14, 2016

My Experience So Far Trying to Rent a House in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Found a place today in "Paseos de Dorado" area without using a "buyer's" broker by going directly to the "listing" agent's through (which is like the Craigslist for Puerto Rico). This is for renting specifically.

That definitely pissed off some agents in the area. Very unprofessional some of them, and I don't mind publicly disclosing my interactions. I ended up going with an "outsider" that wasn't known to the "regular" agents that listed in the area.

Some of the way the agents interacted reminded me of chickens pecking at each other. Some were more professional than others. One was shockingly horrendous. After my experience, I'm very glad I went direct rather than through an exclusive "buyer's" agent. It turned out the worst offender was also the one pushing me the hardest to be my "exclusive" buyer's agent to co-broke on deals.

I went through about 8 different listing agents. I can provide a recap of my experience interacting with these agents to help out future prospects. I don't want to publicly burn bridges unless I see at least three people comment they're interested for such publicly embarrassing information :)

Most were good overall. Probably only two out of the eight I would recommend against. Probably similar % as in California. Maybe a higher sense of desperation due to the crashing housing economy. Emotions are most likely very raw right now for the local residents.

Nevermind, I don't know about California, since most people list directly on Craigslist without an agent for rentals. It was interesting that I didn't see a single owner ran listing directly. A litlte strange. If I need to rent out my home in the future for whatever reason, I'm going to just do it myself. . . but I don't speak Spanish.

The thing that I saw frequently were postings that were "no longer available." This sort of "bait and switch" tactic is unethical. If you're an agent, having attached your reputation to a property, and it's no longer available?

And then you tell me it has been unavailable for more than a week (probably more based on the posting ID), but YOU KEEP THE POSTING ONLINE anyway??!!!!

One agent had at least four listings that were not available.

How hard is it to delete a posting? UNBELIEVABLE.

Ok, another story just fresh from today. no need to name names, right?

I have an appointment and texted with the agent to meet at 1:30 PM at Sabanera. Confirmed the meeting 38 minutes prior. 4 minutes prior to the meeting as I'm pulling up to the entrance, the agent's husband calls me to cancel the meeting last minute. WOW. The agent was driving, so she couldn't talk to me directly so he says.

And then they the husband blamed me because of some email I sent that they responded to around 40 minutes prior. It's as though they assume they can unilaterally cancel appointments without notifying the other party of their intent to do so.

I have the text and email to backup this interaction. She wanted to reschedule for the next day. Yeah right.

This is the same agent with serial number of "out of date" listings.



Going back to the worst offender. First, for about 20 minutes, she's trying to guilt trip me because she made "so many calls" and called so many brokers to help me find a property. This was after I told her explicitly that I was going direct through classificadosonline.

She then says that there are some properties that weren't listed on that site and that she'll show me that she's co-broking with another agent.

If this agent had spent more time actually finding out what I WANTED rather than trying to guilt trip me into how much I NEEDED to have a buyer's agent (for which I told her explicitly I didn't want), then she wouldn't had wasted both our times the next day for these "secret" showings.

The first house was over my EXPLICIT budget. The previous day, I had seen 6 homes by which I was comparing it to. I walked into the house, asked her the price, and then immediately walked out.

The second house was someone already living in it. I told them how quickly I needed to move in, and the occupant said NOPE. Okay, SEE YA! No more properties to show, and then this agent does another layer of "guilt" tripping me by saying, "DO YOU KNOW SHE SPENT ALL DAY CLEANING THE HOUSE FOR YOU?"

Have a good day!

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