Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Start of Cold Shower Therapy?


I just got done with a 30 minute cold shower. I tried it two days ago as well for about 6 minutes or so, but not at the coldest setting. And then after listening to Tim Ferris' podcast today, I was inspired to go for 5 minutes at the coldest.

The first 4 minutes, I was shivering like a mad man. Then all of a sudden there was a steep drop off. My body adapted, I stopped shivering, and then I did 5 minutes more easier. Then another 5 minutes because I was surprised my body was adapting so well. And then, I said, what the hell, I might as well floss and brush my teeth while in here. And just to round it off, did 30 minutes.

Now that my Newport Float Therapy is no longer nearby, I may start the journey of cold therapy. Are ice baths next?

Let's give it some time and see how my body adapts.

I've been impressed so far in my lifestyle changes results so far, so I don't see why I can't push it a little further. Yeah, the regular sleep thing has been much harder to master :)

1) Low-Carb / Keto
2) 1/4 pound daily spinach consumption
3) Supplements (Probiotics, Vitamin D3, and Fish Oil)

I also picked up some whole sardines with the bones. Thankfully, I find them tasty. I need to try it with some coconut oil. I'm thinking my daily breakfast regiment will now be:

1) 1/8 Pound of spinach
2) Cheese (or calcium and flavor)
3) 1/2 Puerto Rican Big Ass Avocado
4) Can of Whole Sardines
5) Coconut oil?

I'm eager to see what sort of positive results will occur.

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