Saturday, September 3, 2016

On White vs Asian Culture

I have special insight toward the Collectivist cultures of South East Asians and Indians (dot not feather). The only Individualists I've seen arise from those kinds of cultures are those who have disavowed. They have no choice. To be an Individualist in a Collectivist culture means to be pariah. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered."


Why do you think there are so little minorities in the Liberty movement? It's not because Liberty is INHERENTLY Racist. It's because the ONLY way for someone to be INDIVIDUALIST requires them to DISAVOW their entire social / familial / cultural roots (ie. Collectivism). That's a real hard sell except for the most hardcore of Individualists. Who is willing to limit their sexual, mating partners unless they have some sort of sexual advantage (ie. intelligence, looks, money, etc.)?


If the ultimate goal is Individualism (rather than Collectivism) in a Governmental system, then why would you want to allow the importation of Collectivists into a "Tyranny of the Masses" (AKA Democracy) system?


The cause of Individualism would've been better preserved if voting rights were limited to groups of people that statistically speaking, skew on the side of Individualism. The data suggests that the original, White, male land-holders were generally an accurate metric for Individualistic preferences in Government.


It is for this reason that I proudly say I disavow my Korean culture. I embrace White culture. Historically / Culturally speaking (not genetics per se), Individualism arose from the West, and not the East.


My children will be raised to recognize Individualism / Collectivism in various cultures. Hopefully they will disavow Collectivism and the cultures that support it. It just so happens that White cultures are the ONLY ones who embrace Individualism.