Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Contradiction of Anarcho-Capitalism and Procreation

How do you reconcile the fact that a pure Democracy inevitably leads to Tyranny?


Even in an Anarcho-Capitalist "reset," the number of Collectivists would still outnumber the Individualists (r/K selection theory). No amount of "education" will change their personal preferences. It seems it would inevitably lead back to coercion. Them rabbits WANT a strong man to order them around.


What hope is there?


The inherent contradiction I'm seeing is that the only way to maintain an anarcho-capitalist state is through a malevolent Dictator, fighting off the inevitable sociopaths who want to gain power.


Yes, Natural Rights default toward Anarcho-Capitalism, but the genetic condition & psychology weighs heavier on procreation. These contradict one another.


Sex wins.