Friday, January 31, 2020

Aaron M. Renn's The Masculinist - Christian Manhood Unfiltered

Based on my previous post on the abdication of moral responsibility in the household, a friend of mine brought to my attention an Amazon Prime free series called Man Rampant. It can be found here:

In the series, I was introduced to Aaron Renn who basically talked about many of the things I had read on Dalrock's blog, mainly Men's roles as defined by the modern, Christian church.

I heard about his newsletter that he emailed, tried to access it on his website, and discovered I couldn't find it because it had been taken down. Thankfully, I requested the emails and Mr. Renn sent it to me.

In it, I read more and about the things that I've observed along with Dalrock, Vox Day, and pretty much every other manosphere guy out there. When I read his emails, it was as though I was giving advice to myself who was 18 years old.

Man, I wish I had his newsletters when I was 18 years old. There's a lot of things I wish I knew when I was 18 that I know now.

It was also bizarre to recognize many of the authors he cites and concepts from various books and people I've come across too. He notices things I have noticed too like the fact that non-Christians give better practical advice on how to be a better man than the Christian world.

Some things he talked about which I lived through was:

- I Kissed Dating Goodbye
- Purity Movement
- Mark Driscoll
- Matt Chandler
- Tim Keller
- Dalrock
- Mike Cernovich
- Roosh V

The lack of good advice for men probably has to do with the fact that the kind of man who becomes a Pastor typically is not very high on the socio-sexual hierarchy to begin with. It's a self-selection bias.

For the best advice, you need to go to the best practitioners, and often that means those who have the highest notch count.

Anyway, for my children and grand children, these will be required reading. The information here is also a great jumping point to search deeper on specific topics.

Each new author that I read that has a reasoned, and detailed breakdown of how they came to the same conclusions I have come to, only solidify my conclusions that there simply are not the conversations that are needed happening in the church.

Maybe this is God's way of calling me to start a Men's Bible study where we openly discuss these topics which are forbidden in an overly feminized church.

My main objection is that I don't consider myself a moral authority. Only someone on a journey that is willing to talk openly and frankly about my convictions, failures, and discoveries.

But, in my heart, I'm still an asshole.

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