Friday, January 24, 2020

Dalrock Closing His Blog

Dalrock's blog was possibly the main one that helped expose the lies I had been fed through Churches, mainly called the Duluth Model. This helped me tremendously in understanding the distorted perspective of Churchians that worship the Feminist Imperative after my Divorce.

I was hoping to provide articles of the blog to my children, but as with all things digital, nothing is permanent. This is probably a reminder that if I find articles helpful that I would like my kids to know about one day, that I should save them.

As you have no doubt noticed, it has been several weeks since I have last posted, and over a month if you don’t count the Merry Christmas post.  I’ve decided that it is time to shut down the blog.  I don’t have a detailed explanation to share as to why I’ve decided this, aside from the fact that I think it is time.  I do want to clarify that:
  1. I haven’t suddenly changed my thinking and decided to embrace chivalry, feminism, etc.
  2. All is well in the Dalrock household, and no one is pressuring me to stop.
I’ve been blogging for just under ten years, and want to thank my readers for their prayers, words of encouragement, and what they have taught me.  I can’t say for certain what the future holds, but at present I don’t have any plans to return.
This means that I may need to reiterate some of the main points I took from Dalrock and I cannot be lazy in explanation by simply pointing people to his blog.

This is extremely saddening because Dalrock explained it so well, and if he deletes his blog, I will need to repeat his points for which he made so well before.

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