Sunday, January 26, 2020

How I See My Wife Changes How I See My Kids

Maintain your frame. You're the leader. They follow. When they don't want to follow, you let them go.

Don't pander them. Don't chase them. Certainly, don't beg them to stay. Wipe the dust off your feet, and move on.

This advice would be obvious for a Roman patriarch. But the incessant years of feminization of our society teaches us to pedestal worship not only our wives but our children as well. The mother can beg. The mother can chase.

This is also the beauty of having many children. The more you have, the less you'll care if you lose a couple to rebellion.

I will love them. I will cherish them. But I will not tolerate rebellion. I hold the responsibility. I will be the one judged before God. I will not relinquish my authority. I will not lose my frame.

I seek the Truth. If they seek the Truth as well, we will be on the same path. If they choose to live in lies, I do not want any part in that. They are on their own. They are no children of mine. They are children of lies.

My other children who desire to follow me seek my leadership. I will not have time to waste for the rebellious.

If they repent and come back to the Truth, of course I will welcome them back as Christ welcomes me back.

This is what happens when you start looking into Roman family law.

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