Sunday, January 19, 2020

I Could Never Live in New York City

I spent chilly week in New York City on an unlimited week-long Subway pass on Manhattan. I would echo the things that Roosh V observed in his post (
1. You see the grind in people's eyes
2. Smartphones are now a integral part of people's lives
3. Made men have it best
I talked with another friend familiar with New York City about some of my observations and he brought up the good point that New York City is a better option than being stuck in some small, backwards town.

I suppose that could be a perceived benefit, but I would rather go to some mid-sized city. There's simply no way to save money in New York City and the trade-offs are huge.

Here are some more observations I concur with Roosh V (
1. It smells
2. It's loud
3. Walk, stop wait
4. The city is a mechanism for shearing sheep
6. It's too diverse
In terms of prospects for finding a wife, it would not be an optimal place. It's optimal if you are just trying to fornicate with as many women as possible. If you're trying to find a wife who will place the family above her career who hasn't been ravaged by riding the carousel, this is not the optimal city you would want to go to.

Here's a video I took of the World Trade Center. I felt like I was watching a Dystopian Movie.

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