Sunday, January 5, 2020

I'm No Libertarian

I reached the conclusion around October 2017 that free-trade implies open-borders. Vox Day goes into more detail on his blog and in his book "On the Question of Free Trade: An Economics Discourse."

I was wrestling with this idea on Contra-Cruise which is a cruise organized by Tom Woods & Bob Murphy. Lots of really smart people there. I hadn't quite made the connection that free-trade absolutely requires open-borders until one of the fellow attendees pointed out the logical conclusion that I was still working through.

I would characterize my views as a Christian Nationalist at this point, which are similar to Vox Day. But we'll see where it changes in the future as more data comes in.

Right now, I'm focused primarily on building my family and providing for their future. All the other political stuff mean little, especially since I live in Puerto Rico where my voice really doesn't matter in terms of any elections that take place here.

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