Thursday, January 23, 2020

LARPers Want You & Your Family to Die for Their Guns

One person took offense to the fact that I would choose to use my economic mobility to avoid risking the life of myself and my small children in a military conflict that I don't want to be involved in.

His argument can be pretty much summed up as:

There are some questions I would ask before I enter into any armed conflict:

1) WHOM am I fighting for?

2) WHAT am I fighting for?

3) Is the chance for victory worth the potential cost of my life and my family?

Why is it that being called a Coward had an effect on me?
And yes, all those brave men are absolutely cowards in this context. There are different forms of bravery and there are different forms of cowardice. Has C3 never seen the decorated soldier who can't stand up to the sharp tongue of a woman half his size? The ability to face a quick and painless death without flinching is very, very different than the ability to face years of emotional pain.

By this man's definition, Vox Day would be considered a coward for moving to Italy. I imagine that Owen Benjamin would also fit this equation for abandoning Los Angeles to raise a family in Washington State.

There is an implication that I am morally obligated to choose to risk my life and that of my children for the values and priorities of this individual. Especially when a man has small children, I cannot expect a man to sacrifice his life for a principle without knowing the circumstances. My children now have a claim on my life that prevents me from throwing it away so flippantly.

Am I a coward for not fighting against patriarchy? or Racism? or Gender Equality? If someone called me a coward for not taking up my "man-card" and finally "vote for a woman," wouldn't I simply laugh?

I think it's because I have fantasized in the past with my post-apocalyptic LARPing of an overly romanticized version of a civil war in the United States. And I fantasized what it would be like to die for the "freedoms" of my people? I was listening to a lot of Alex Jones and Anarcho-Capitalists at that time.

So what changed? I had children.

As much as I would like to ridicule this gentleman, I won't because I want to encourage him to die for his cause. I believe in his principles, but I'm not willing to pay for these beliefs with my life. He is not my enemy. In fact, I have monetarily supported the efforts of those attempting to preserve the 2nd Amendment.

I doubt that should he have economic mobility and small children, that he would risk his life (and theirs) if he had alternative options.

Talk is cheap.

I've actually been faced with gun confiscation for what I believe to be in violation to my God-given rights. I did not stand up and fight. I did not want my small children to be raised without a father. I chose to live. Am I coward because I did not hole myself up in my house and have a televised shoot-out against the Government?

When did having firearms become an issue worth dying over? Is this some kind of moral commandment given by God? If I die, will God judge me for not sacrificing my life for the greater good of the 2nd Amendment? Since when did the 2nd Amendment become the 11th Commandment in the Bible?

If the Romans began confiscating the swords of the Disciples, would Jesus castigate his disciples to not be cowards and to put up a fight for those outside of their community?

Are there any wars in the US History where if you chose not to fight, that you would be judged by God for being a coward?

Alex Jones, Anarcho-Capitalists, the NRA, YouTubers, and grifters that make their money off sensationalism and over-the-top rhetoric do not make a sound base for morality or sound decision making.

Are there any wars where we have not later discovered were fought under a false pretext? The shame of not going to fight in and the propaganda of WWII was tremendous. But now that we know the truth, was WWII really necessary?

Let's add on the additional layer that I would be a Chinaman in this context. I probably would not be allowed to fight to begin with. In WWII, had I been Japanese, I would had been interned.

Are we tied to the same tactics and mindsets of those in the past? When new technologies and factors exist, the calculations of this war change as well.

What is "cowardly" in one era, changes into the next. It turned out the "cowardly" ways of guerrilla warfare in the Revolutionary War worked out to the favor of the rebels. "Just come out onto the field like gentlemen and let us shoot you with our overwhelming force, you coward!"


My wealth is not tied to my land. I have no kindred. My "nation" and "tribe" is my family for which I am willing to die to protect. I do not have kindred bonds with my own siblings.

Do I die for my father who believes in gun control and high taxes?

Am I willing to die for the Boricuas who call me Chino ("Chinese") and make these chinky-eye faces (hopefully) when I'm not looking?


Do I die for the "freedom" of the Asian immigrants & their children who will ultimately implement collectivism and Big Government policies and would be even greater tyrants that we have today?

Do I die for African Americans? Do I die for Mexican-Americans? Do I die for the Somalis?

Do I die for the socially awkward libertarians, who are predominantly Godless, white males without children, and addicted to porn?

When I was faced with a 60% tax burden, was it cowardliness to move to Puerto Rico to get a 4%/0% tax rate rather suicide myself and fight the Federal & State tax collecting agencies?

Am I the coward for refusing to run into a WWI machine gun nest?

After learning the lies told by the elite to get individuals to fight in wars that ultimately benefit them, there is not a single one I would ever willingly join. If the past demonstrates a 100% track record of armed conflicts I would never be a part of, why would I expect to discover one that occurs in the future that isn't also full of lies and propaganda?

The elites can find other chumps who are willing to believe their propaganda to die for their cause.


To say that firearms are a "God given right" and that there is a moral obligation to die to maintain those rights, then why would these rights end at the borders of the United States or Western nations?

Certainly, there are areas of the world that are much more restrictive in gun rights than Virginia. Where are the "patriots" willing to sacrifice their lives so that their fellow man can have equal access to firearms they do?

Do the Japanese and Chinese not count as individuals with God-given rights? What about North Korea? Pretty much all of South & Central America that are more restrictive.

Do these gun rights activists who claim these are "God Given rights" share the same amount of rage of gun confiscation in the United States as they do in other countries of the world?

The lore of "God-Given" gun rights seems to only extend to 1776 and the United States of America. Perhaps this elevation of the 2nd Amendment equal to God's Commandment's is a uniquely American phenomenon and distortion of what Scripture actually teaches.

I'm in Puerto Rico (yes, it's part of the United States), and would you be surprised to hear that the NRA basically doesn't exist here and had zero part in the formation of the new firearm laws in Puerto Rico? Maybe the NRA is more concerned about gun membership, than actual "gun rights" of their fellow American Citizens.

Where are the 3 Percenters & Oath Keepers flooding into Puerto Rico demanding the protection of our 2nd Amendment Rights?

Will they die for the right of a Puerto Rican to have their God Given rights to guns?


Typically, "Gun Rights" are tied very much to fighting a Tyrannical government. I think having a 60% tax rate fits that definition? What percent of taxes would I need to have before I could say it's Tyrannical?

What have Conservatives actually conserved with their precious 2nd Amendment?

The integrity of Scripture?


Women's suffrage?
The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965?



The precious 2nd Amendment won't save you against the demographic shift. The greatest invasion in human history has already occurred and you are living in occupied territory.

Tyranny of the masses trumps your gun rights. Tyranny of the masses already has brought you and your children to their knees. (When I say, "you," I'm referring only to the white, male land owners who would have had voting rights prior to the 1850s.)

I am part of the invasion. I took one of your white-women to bear my children. My parents invaded your lands from Korea. The Koreans price you out of the neighborhoods with the best school districts. They take your placement in high-end Universities (or they would if the Jews didn't push them out). They take your high-tech STEM jobs.

Then they vote to take away your guns and tax you higher.

But you get fooled by these photos.

Ultimately, the 2nd Amendment was disarmed by your fear of being called a racist, misogynist, sexist.

No. I will not fight by your side to preserve an occupied land. You already lost. There is nothing you offer that is worth preserving.

Perhaps if there is a rise of a Christian nation, I would reconsider.

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