Saturday, January 11, 2020

Questions About Evolution, Man on Moon, Artificial Intelligence


What is the rate of genome change that would be needed from the closest human ancestor to homo sapiens today?

See Vox Day:


How many years after the last moon landing in 1972 will it take for you to believe it was fake? As of 2020, it has been about 47 years. As each decade passes without another man on the moon, will your skepticism grow?

If it takes 100 years for us to get back on the moon, would you believe that the 1972 landing was fake? What about 80 years, 70 years, 60 years?

Is China's economy smaller than the economy of the United States in 1961? In 1961, the US economy by GDP (inflation adjusted) was $3.44 trillion. Today, it is $19.12 trillion. In 2018, Chinese GDP stood at $13.37 trillion. Wouldn't the Chinese be motivated to land someone on the Moon?

"Your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA's combined computing in 1969." 120 million times faster. (

Isn't rocket technology better today?

If we have such difficulty inhabiting the ocean and the arctics, why would we believe that colonizing the moon or Mars would be anywhere within reason?


Why haven't we built a reliable brain model of the most primitive animal? It has 302 neurons.

If we can't successfully model a creature with 302 neurons with our supposedly advanced computing power, how much more advanced does our computing need to be in order to do so?

How many more years will need to pass by before we can even map a 302 neuron creature? How many additional years would you need to see pass until you believe it's impossible?

If we can't even map out 302 neurons, how long do you think it will take to map a human at 86,000,000,000? The complexity only grows exponentially.


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