Friday, January 24, 2020

Sacrificing the Children of Korean Immigrants to the Elites

One of the more absurd images I have in my head is that of an Englishman during the 1700s coming to the defense of the Chinaman.

Notice this picture. They are all Koreans. They came to risk their lives on behalf of their own kin. A man is willing to die for his perceived community. If you were to ask any of these Koreans to risk their lives to protect the African Americans and Hispanics in their neighborhood (who also happened to be the ones looting them), they'd probably just ignore you and pretend they don't speak English.

Forgot the white cops. They didn't show up and instead chose to arrest some of these Koreans who had the guns illegally.

Korean immigrants have very strong community. They shame those who assimilate into American culture, and try to keep to their own kind. They look down on inter-racial marriage. They maintain their own Korean restaurants and businesses, and have no problem excluding outsiders. They have their own churches and eat full meals at the end of services. They talk shit about all the other races. They go to each other's homes mid week for prayer meetings. They lend money to each other so they can start businesses. They hardly speak English, so they know they can't just simply pick up their laundromat business and move to another city, so they stay.

They stick together because they know if they don't, they won't survive as well alone. Plus they really like Korean food and hate all other food.

When they vote, they vote for a Korean candidate or Asian (because... close enough and it's better than a white man).

But the Korean immigrants failed in this one regard. They allowed their children to become "Americanized." They become indoctrinated into the University System and adopt the liberal ideas of their educated professors and sexual promiscuity of mass media. (Most of the Korean immigrants are fairly uneducated. The poor & desperate Koreans immigrate to the United States. The rich & successful stay in Korea). Their children ultimately vote for politicians that would end up putting their own parents out of business.

The children of the roof-top Koreans would never risk their lives to protect their parents' dirty laundromat. They are told their parents have their back-breaking businesses so that their children can go to college and "have a better life." The children have become fully indoctrinated by the propaganda of Hollywood. The elites have turned them into sheep to be continually sheered by consumerism while their parents encourage their children because it is the "American Dream."

Many of the children have their own inter-racial children. In a couple generations, the Korean blood will become irrelevant.

Was cultural annihilation, the adoption of the globalist worldview, and destruction of meaningful community worth it?

What would my life had been like if I had been born and remained in Korea?

For me, I think it turned out better because I assume the cultural worldview of Greco-Romans & Christianity. To me, the West is the Best. If I had to live in Korea, I would be ostracized even more than I am now. My family also became very wealthy through real estate which will echo into generations. My children and grand children will be raised with Greco-Roman, Christian values.

But, my father who immigrated here, does not believe in those things. I am not his son. I have rebelled against his worldview and adopted one that is hostile to his. The kinship has been cut-off. Anything Korean about me, except my genetics (and probably food), will be wiped out into the following generations.

Had my father known this all would had happened, would he still had come?

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  1. Lmao. Yikes, the self-hatred is pretty thick.. While I do agree with a lot of your assessment of Korean diaspora in America, you sound like some deracinated twinkie coping at the fact that you're so disconnected with your heritage. The bedrock of Western civilization is Catholicism, and Pagan Greco-Roman 'worldview' has nothing to do with that Christian West, aside from the truths they got right which the Church long since appropriated. It doesn't have to be one way or the other, since there are many true Korean Catholics, in America and in Korea, which makes them 'Western' in the purest sense, who retains and maintains all of our heritage and identity as long as it conforms to Christ's teachings.

    Also, Koreans don't have the baggage from WW2 that prevents them from being true right-wingers. While the globalist subversion has been corrupting Korea for a while now, at the end of the day, we're far better off in terms of cultural decline than the decaying husk that is the 'West' today.

    Instead of being a force of good change for your own people, you coil away in shame, repudiation, and salt. Wouldn't want you in the trenches for when the commies come for us, so I guess it worked out for the best. 잘 먹고 잘사세요.