Sunday, January 26, 2020

This Marriage is Not What I Expected (So....Divorce)

I don't know how anyone can predict what will happen 10 years from now or how people will change. I respect more a woman who tells the man up front that she will not submit and will withold sex from him whenever she wants, than a woman who says she will submit to the leadership of the husband for life, and then later changes her mind.

Oh, and she kidnaps the kids, and attempts to asset rape him for the money she never deserved. Damn it, Karen!

This is the nature of many of the Christian women raised in churches by weak men. They provide lip service to the Bible verses about submission and sex, and then when it actually comes for them to fulfill those obligations, they suddenly find their "backbone" and refuse to be a "sex slave" or are only willing to submit for the things which she doesn't personally find demeaning or makes her unhaaaapy. She was a secret feminist all along.

It could also be that she just never really understood what it means to submit because she never saw it in her parents' marriage. She promised to do something for life that she never actually thought what sorts of sacrifices would be involved. Her mother certainly never had to.

Does her mother withhold sex and her father is addicted to porn? What do you think the mother-in-law will council her daughter when sex is demanded from her husband?

Take a look at this sample vow. How many American Christian women can actually mean this authentically for their entire life or truly know what they are agreeing to?
I [Bride], take you, [Husband], to be my husband. With the greatest joy I come into my new life with you. I know that I face new responsibilities that I cannot fulfill in my own strength. But by God's grace and power working within me, I desire to be trustworthy as your wife, to serve and love you for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, in joys and in sorrows, to obey you, to allow God to use you to build His qualities in me, as long as God give us life on this earth. I praise God continually for you [husband], and for your love and friendship.
The plain meaning of Scripture is clear and uncompromising. These Christian wives, through Women's Ministries and Women's Podcasts, find other Christian teachers to pervert the Scriptures to fit in with the Feminist agenda.

If, as the husband, you attempt to correct and remind your wife about her obligations as she first agreed to in the contract, well, that's just emotional abuse and manipulative.

Maybe she's staying in the marriage unhappily for a year or two until she can strategically betray you to gain the most leverage in custody. For a Christian wife that is unhaaaaapy, she will find some excuse to finally betray you through Divorce and still make it your fault. The Pastors will support her position if she cries hard enough.

In Roman Family Law, the disgruntled wife can simply leave the marriage with her dowry and the kids stay with the father. She can go back to her father.

Think about it. If your aged out, rebellious wife simply told you:

1) She could no longer follow your lead with good conscience
2) Asked for a flat, reasonable fee to leave and live with her father
3) Leave the kids to be raised by you


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