Friday, January 31, 2020

Vox Day Has A Point About Those Roman Patriarchs

Would any Roman patrician have meekly submitted to being made an indentured servant at the whim of his wife and the word of a judge? 
No. He would have killed the judge, the wife, and everyone who assisted either of them, then calmly gone home and opened his veins in the bath. That's why Roman law permitted patriarchs to kill those under their authority who crossed them in any way - because they were going to do it anyway and the maintenance of legal order in their society relied upon acknowledging that reality. 
But the modern man values his toys more than his honor. That's why no one, including the legal system, respects his possession of either. Men could end the entire divorce machine in 30 days if they chose, but instead, they prefer to live alone as indentured servants or in fear of becoming an indentured servant.

He's not wrong.

The question is what a Roman Patriarch would do when there are children involved as well. Would he take their lives as well? At least for me, I rest easy knowing it'll only be about 6 years or less before my children understand what's going on and choose to return to their father on their own.

The case is too obvious for any teenager not to see through the lies.

And if they are too converged with feminist propaganda, they are no child of mine and it will make it all the more easy to cut them out while I focus my energies on the children that do want to follow me.

The six year reprieve will give me time to start my second set of children.

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