Sunday, January 5, 2020

You Can't Ask Others to Do What You Won't Do Yourself

There have been discussions in my Act 20/22 Tax Incentive Group about what Puerto Ricans must do in order to recover their economy.

I find such finger wagging from outsiders who have no intention of living in Puerto Rico on a permanent basis to be hypocritical. After all, I left California because I knew it would be impossible for me to try and change the 60% or so tax that I had to pay there. I calculated that it would be much easier to simply move out-of-State as many other ex-Californians realized.

If I, myself, determined it to be much more effective to simply move, then why would I insist that Puerto Ricans not make the exact same calculation?

If I were born in Puerto Rico, I would simply move out of Puerto Rico just as I had moved out of California. The majority of Puerto Ricans have made that same calculation as well.

In addition, should the tax incentives be removed, how many of these lecturing gringos would remain in Puerto Rico? Probably very little, if any.

This leads me to another question, what percent of the elected officials of Puerto Rico remain living in Puerto Rico after they serve their term?

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