Sunday, February 2, 2020

Euro Strategy Board Games on Tablets

One thing I hate doing when I'm trying to relax is remembering all the little rules and calculations needed between every single "phase" of these games. Also, when you're playing with people who don't really know the rules, you are constantly having to police them.

Sometimes I feel like the majority of my playing is the setup and calculating the rules.

Thankfully, I discovered a lot of tablet versions of various board games. Because I have multiple tablets it also makes it easy for me to setup multiplayer matches for various, complicated Eurogames for my girlfriend to play.

She speaks primarily in Spanish, so this opens up games that would otherwise be impossible for us to play in a tabletop format. My Spanish isn't that good either and having to explain every minute rule in the game will become way more tedious than it already is. She can play in Spanish on her tablet, and I can play in English.

About a year ago, I tried experimenting with placing a big tablet that broadcast the tablet screen to a large TV, so that we could just pass around one tablet, but that turned out to be flawed because people have "secret" cards on their turn they don't want broadcasting to one another.

I bought multiple tablets (thanks to my tablet photo display project), and I can install the same app on each of my tablets using the same Google Account. Each tablet user creates a separate user account inside the app through a separate system than the Google Account.

So, this opens up games like:

- Through the Ages
- Terraforming Mars

And some others I will take a look into as I figure out what my girlfriend and I like to play together. These are some pretty hardcore strategy games that would normally take 2 hours to play, but in a tablet form with the computer doing all the calculations, I think games can be finished within 30 minutes.

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