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Lessons I Learned Paying $15,000 for a 10-Day Pickup Artist Camp

About 6 months after I was separated (and subsequently divorced 1 month after), I went to a Project Rockstar bootcamp for 10-days in Las Vegas (

The emphasis was on inner-Game. Rational Male teaches heavily on this. I would say Christianity does this extremely well, but only if you don't water it down with the Feminist ideology that has also converged in the church. If you were to read the New Testament from the perspective of Roman Family Law, and had the mindset of a Roman Patriarch, you would be on solid ground. You would also need to look at the world from the perspective of a Roman Patriarch and you will face challenges from that within the church itself.

For my children, I would read with them Greco-Roman Philosophy (ie. Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Stoicism). I would also teach them what Roman Family Law was like and their culture regarding gender relationships. I would then teach them Scripture & trying to understand the words from the perspective of the authors with their original intent. Feminist theory from around the 1970s/80s would also be taught so that they can recognize it when it shows up in churches and pretty much every aspect of their life. These would all probably be parallel in some way.

Of course, there would be more, but in terms of getting a solid grounding of inner-Game, these would be foundational.

In terms of technique, I found that because I went to the class with strong inner-Game, the external techniques came naturally for me if I was willing to play the part of the entertaining monkey. You could say I had a lot of practice at the various church, band, and leadership camps I was involved with. The issue was that I typically had a certain level of contempt for most of the girls at the Las Vegas clubs. A lot of the allure and sexiness of "party girls" quickly gets washed away when you are sober, lived in a frat for two years, and not looking to fornicate.

In regards to my contempt, there's a funny story where I asked some girls when they wanted to get married and have children. It was late in the night and in front of McDonald's outside of the casino club. They got really pissed at me, and told me basically to stop talking and leave. Thank you Feminism.

This would be my standard opener when talking to Colombian women. By this time I had probably been on at least ten different dates. None of the girls I had asked in Colombia or Ecuador, were offended by my question, but became more sexually attracted to me by my questions. They liked I was trying to vet them to see if we would be a good, long-term match.

I demonstrated that I wasn't some gringo looking to extract sexual pleasure from them, but looking for a serious relationship that could possibly last a lifetime. In Colombia, the rate of marriage is extremely low and there is a scarcity of marriageable, Christian men. Most simply co-habitate and will even have children in that context. Of course, girls in Las Vegas clubs are just looking to fornicate.

Here's my original review that I had written up. I had to match a certain word limit, so it's perhaps lengthier than it needed to be.

I recently turned 36. Recently divorced with 4 kids after just about 13 years (so very recent). I got married when I was 23. I was super social prior to getting married. I lead music bands in church. I never really had any serious relationships except with my ex-wife who was my first serious girlfriend.

I consider the Christian Worldview to be the most coherent of the options out there. I ended up doing ROTC in the Air Force and being commissioned where I was stationed for two years in Germany, and subsequently started working in my family-owned commercial properties.

I entered the class from the perspective of becoming a better man so that I can be the best father and husband I can be within a Christ-centered framework.

This review will probably be most beneficial for those who come from that worldview, especially toward the end.

1) Is the 10-day curriculum worth all the hype or is it just more fancy marketing? 

I wanted to leave no doubt in my mind to learn from the best and to know where I stood in my life. It is difficult for me to imagine how a 10-day program can be any better than what I experienced. I would do the 3 day program without hesitation for $1,000. That’s a steal. I did a 3-day Dale Carnegie program for “Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar” cost $1,995.00.

Of course, the 10-day program costs $15,000, so that leads into the other questions.

2) It’s not a cheap program. At the end of the day is the 10-day worth it? 

I think this just has to do with where you feel you are in life and how much disposable income you have at your fingertips. In my case, I wanted to minimize wasted time. I wanted to be with the best of the best. I didn’t want to feel as though there was something better out there that I missed out on. One of the worst feelings is to go to a training seminar and have an icky feeling that a lot of the stuff taught was mediocre or something you could just read from a book.

There is a difference between head knowledge, and knowledge you EXPERIENCE deep into your gut and into your heart. That is the knowledge that sticks. That is the knowledge that stays with you the rest of your life. The knowledge I received also pays forward because I plan on passing on this knowledge to my sons.

But I have a shit load of disposable income, so I’m probably not the best person to ask about this question.

The question I asked myself was: why would I NOT experience and get a jump start on things. TIME and GUT EXPERIENCE is worth more than money for me at this point of my life.

3) Are you just being taught lines and routines or is it more sophisticated? 

If you’ve been following Andrew’s emails or been watching some of his videos, you’ll know that it goes much deeper than this. Andrew has been doing this for over 10 years and the depth of his insight goes beyond what I think any other program could out there. Also, of course, the other instructors. You can’t just be a robot and do the same shit every year and not get bored. 

You can look at all the early “pick-up” artists and see where they are now. They don’t do the same shit, and they will tell you explicitly that it gets old (but of course, not for all). Roosh is another prime example where he’s gone “God Pilled.”

The thing is that life is about Truth. This Truth permeate like the laws of gravity. Truth just operates on the spiritual plane. Emotion. Heart. Spirit.

Relationships fundamentally operate on a very spiritual realm. When you are immersed in relationships and trying to discover how they function, especially between men and women, you are confronted with almost your entire spirit.

I would say the next step will be in the relationships between fathers and sons, but obviously the crew is not at that stage in life.

The basic message is that if you want to attract 9s, BE THE 9. Be THAT man. Don’t just fake it until you make it. Work on your inner self to simply exist at the level you are trying to achieve. 

Game begins from your Spirit outward.

4) Does the program affect more than just your abilities with women or is it more far reaching? 

Once you change your inner being, you receive greater fruits outward in all the other areas of your life. The key is living a fulfilling life first, and then to have the woman enter your frame. But I am regurgitating more of the “Rational Male” mindset of Rollo Tomasi. You set the frame. You already have everything that you need. Everything else is gravy.

This same confidence you exert from being a rock, and foundation, will permeate to the rest of your life.

Everyone has the thing in their life for which they place their identity. When the core of your being cannot be shaken, then you can move mountains. 

Strength begins in your inner work. 

This program focuses this strength to come from a Humanist philosophical perspective, but I just placed the emphasis for myself on God’s unconditional love as demonstrated on the Cross. The point is that your inner being has to be unshakable and cannot be moved based on a woman’s opinion of you.

5) Will this stuff make me a weird PUA dude? 

This program operates on the Spirit and inner work. The weirdness of the PUA is that they haven’t done the hard inner-work first and are an empty shell of a person. Don’t be the Zuck trying to act human when you’re actually a robot.

Yes, you will learn outer techniques and mindset patterns which are incredibly helpful. In the end of the day, for your life to be sustainable, you have to focus on the inner work first. 

Of course, in reality, it’s a lot of things at once, with an emphasis on inner work, or finding your inner foundation.

6) Is the material unique? Or is it a regurgitation of everything else that is already on the internet?

Ultimately, nothing is new under the sun. If you read enough material, you can probably read everything that Andrew will teach. You will also read enough material that goes exactly contrary to the things that Andrew teaches. 

How do you know what stuff actually works and what stuff doesn’t? Also, if you knew some of the authors in real life and saw how much of a loser they are, would you even consider what they wrote?

The problem isn’t that the information doesn’t already exist. The problem is that there is so much bad information out there that it makes the good information almost impossible to sort out.

What you need are people who have experienced it first hand of what works and doesn’t work and actually see them do it in front of your eyes. 

You need to convert all that head knowledge into EXPERIENTIAL knowledge to make you say: “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

You need to experience for yourself.

7) An awakening???

I already knew everything Andrew was teaching. It was stuck in my head mixed in with other conflicting shit. I lived in my head. 

What I needed to do was allow myself to experience a directed stream of the knowledge that was already in my head and execute it in a coherent manner.

I had utilized a lot of the techniques and mindsets Andrew stated naturally. I just never articulated it in words. It perhaps remained dormant in me over my marriage. 

So, for me, you could say it was a “reawakening.” But for others, you could say it is an awakening if they hadn’t had the experiences I had growing up.

I will go into more detail below in what I am talking about.

8) Are the instructors the real deal? 

The instructors come from experience and have learned themselves through trial and error. You will see them in action. I’m not sure if you could ask for anything more.


The 10-day program is really short. You will want to get a headstart on your inner-game so that you can reach in deep from a good starting place rather than from ground zero (or even negative). The ultimate inner-game would be in Christ.

Also, if you can start on the fitness portion, that would be extremely helpful as well. Or have physical activities that allow you to produce enough testosterone (man energy).

Also, going out is a good start. Having a great social network. Great social media accounts, etc. Not watching porn. Harnessing your sexual energy to push your boundaries and for self-improvement.

There is no reason you have to wait until the 10-day program to start being the man you need to be to compete for the highest-tier females.

If you have already begun the journey toward being a better man, then you will be in a better place to benefit more from the nights where you go out and really push yourself to the limits. You will also have a certain amount of scaffolding from the experience you’ve gained in self-improvement to attach the things you learn at the 10-day to.


I was always in the top tier of social circles in my high school and churches. After getting married and focusing on my business, I let all those things go unattended. You could say that my main energy source to increase in social status was because I harnessed my sexual energies to improve myself and push my boundaries. After I got married, I got lazy. I stopped pushing myself as hard as I did when I was single. 

Of course, that might be common because my balls were perpetually empty while married.

I also, prior to going to the 10-day, began my journey of dating again in Colombia in South America.

So from my active social life, and my experiences in Colombia (and South America), I was already practicing many of the same principles that were taught in the 10-day. When I went out at night, I reached deeper into myself to pull out my character attributes which were already there.


This part is addressed to those who hold a Christ-centered worldview.

This is also assuming you are looking to get married and have children.

You will not have to do anything that goes against your worldview unless you believe not making anyone uncomfortable (including yourself) is a “sin.” If you don’t know what “Churchianity” is, then you need to do some further study before you attend because if you happen to be a Churchian, then you will hit too many roadblocks for this to be beneficial. You will still want to understand Churchianity so that when you inevitably hit the “nice guy” wall (for which Churchians are notorious for), or moralism (stuck in your mind), you can quickly eliminate it as being unbiblical heresy that needs to be jettisoned from your mind forever.

If you are familiar with Dalrock, Vox Day, Rational Male, etc., then I don’t need to tell you how much the Church and your fathers have failed you in preparing for the complicated, post-feminist, world we live in today especially in the context of Christianity.
You need to be the best man that you can be. The stakes for marriage are all the more higher now than ever before with the legal structures in place and pastors actively sabotaging marriages with their Churchian teachings.

These are practical teachings you will never receive in the Church. I would argue that they should be discussed openly in men-only meetings where there is straight talk about men-women relationships and the corruption of marriage by the current legal & church structures, but you all know that no pastor would want to face the wrath of the women in the church for the things that are said in the group. Maybe about 10% you would need to jettison as conflicting with your worldview, but the rest you could easily attach a lot of what Andrew teaches to biblical truths. When it comes to relational advice from pastors, I would take Andrew’s 90% wisdom over the 50% shitty advice from most pastors.

With just some minor adjustments, you could have Andrew teaching his program in churches to all the misconceptions taught by pastors who are more scared about offending their wives & congregation than speaking truth. (I'm imagining Andrew teaching the men in the church to not be fat and to start lifting weights.)

You don’t have to go into the program thinking you have to have sex with any of the woman. In fact, you’ll discover that the best mentality is the opposite. These skills transfer to long term relationships just as easily (if not even easier) because you’ll be with a woman you already knows is interested in you.

Jesus turned water into wine at a party. He hung out with prostitutes. He attended parties. And He never sinned.

Check your heart. Check your inner game. Don’t be a Pharisee. Be like Christ. Embrace the Spirit. Learn to get out of your legalistic mind and truly love being around people which also includes women.

You are becoming a better man for the sake of yourself, your future wife, and your future children.

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