Saturday, May 16, 2020

Coronavirus Deaths Have Nearly Ceased in Puerto Rico

I've been tracking "presumed" COVID deaths (red) and deaths with confirmed COVID antibody test (blue). This is a graph I have never seen on any of the major newspaper sites (or anywhere for that matter).

The confirmed COVID deaths basically disappeared beginning April 29. That was more than two weeks ago. Puerto Rico typically has a high number of respiratory deaths so I pretty much ignore these Coronavirus diagnosis based on symptoms (

The strange thing is why a newspaper would not put that on their front page. That seems like great news. I have yet to hear anything about this.
Coronavirus Deaths Have Nearly Ceased on the Island


The other thing not talked about is the average age of death compared to the average life expectancy in Puerto Rico (which is 79.63 years). The average age of death of presumed Coronavirus deaths without a positive antibody test is 74.93 years. This would be an interesting number to compare with the average age of death for those who die from respiratory illnesses in general on the island in the past.

The average age of death for confirmed antibody tests is 69.36 years. Since April, it has been 75.67 years averaged between five deaths.


I've been watching El Nuevo Dia daily to see what the major news has been. Unlike states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia, I have never seen cover stories on protests from a "small business community" except from yesterday.

This was a coalition of 175 Private Companies and Third Sector Organizations called "Puerto Rico Touches Us All." Based on the name, they did not exist prior to the crisis. Where are the organizations that continually represent small business communities? Looking at the demographic data and GDP, those pre-existing organizations stay generally silent because they know popular opinion is against them.

Are there any other States in the United States that has as weak of a small business organization as Puerto Rico?


Instead, what I've been seeing in the newspapers is money being distributed to the electorate. They are still talking about the missing "tests" as though it even matters at this point when deaths are essentially non-existent. The quarantine is used as an excuse to distribute more money. 

The numbers certainly don't reflect justification for the continued strict quarantine.

Ignorance can't be used as an excuse as the data is so obvious. 

So we have to look at other, more obvious explanations. An election is coming very soon.

Can we necessarily criticize the Governor for using this crisis to benefit the majority of the electorate? This is Democracy, after all.

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