Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Convergence of "Domestic Abuse" in the Church

It is interesting to read about a woman named Jessica Fore go through the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) hierarchy to obtain the justice of equality for reasons I can't disclose at the moment.

Even if my ex-wife were to write a tell-all about all the Wrongthink I would spout in the house that offended her so greatly, it probably wouldn't be as bad as Jessica describes her late husband. Minus the drug and money problems, my ex would probably go to great lengths about how bad I made her feel as explained by Jessica. For them, their ultimate arbiter for Logos are their feelings and Scripture exists to boost their feels:
Like many victims, I did not conceptualize what I was experiencing as “abuse” (although what I’ve described is textbook domestic violence– gaslighting, isolation, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and coercive control.) 
It took my ex over 35 years of reading, praying, and studying the Bible, for her to FINALLY discover that there was a secret abuse she had been a victim of called "Emotional Abuse." Some converged, Feminist Christian podcasts and Churchians to white-knight helped her along to get her woke to the neo-Babel religion of Equality. Inject some lies straight from Satan that "submission" doesn't actually mean "submission," but means its exact opposite (Inversion). Apostle Paul was a secret feminist all along 2,000 years before the word "Feminism" even existed!

Everything makes sense now when you read the Bible from the lens of a 1970s Feminist.

I've read through Jessica's entire blog including the official rulings from the various levels of hierarchy in the PCA system, and noticed some things about her thought process:

  1. How little to no attempt is made to counter the verses regarding submission of a wife to the husband (primarily the Household Codes)
  2. How little to no attempt is made to counter the verses regarding permissible Divorce
  3. How little recognition there is the rights of an employer to fire an uncooperative employee
This is Jessica's Social Justice crusade to end inequality as described by God himself. This is what convergence looks like (if the Presbyter allowed it):
Jesus Christ is my Lord, and I will obey Him.  I am a sinner and far from perfect, but my conscience is clear before God on the essential points of this matter.  There are two ways the Session can get my sign out of the Sanctuary.  The first is a sea change pertaining to abuse in the church, with abject, unequivocal public repentance for the issues I’ve raised, accompanied by churchwide abuse and domestic violence training for all leaders.  This is how the Session should have responded to this whole situation long ago.  The second is a spurious excommunication with our whole community and the wider body of Christ watching, followed by appeals all the way up to PCA General Assembly.  I’m fine either way.  If you put me on trial, it will be the proudest moment of my life thus far, in the company of my heroes, and in the company of Christ.

Complete Biblical illiteracy. She will be proud standing up for Satan's lies all the way to her death in rebellion to the clear instructions of Scripture. She doesn't serve Scripture, but the God of Equality.

I have a general rule. If you want to create some kind of religion that perverts the original intent of the authors of the religion, just change the name. Or at least have the intellectual honesty to publicly declare that you throw out any Bible verses that go contrary to your pursuit for Social Justice.

For this, I respect Mormons. They add a completely new book. Now that's intellectual honesty I can respect!

But the Churchian liars and deceivers try to slither in obscuring the fact that they have an additional Holy Book that supersedes and interprets the Scriptures. This is not a written book, but it is well known and accepted by the God of CNN & Cuckservatives. It is the book of Equality and Social Justice that didn't take prominence until the mid 1960s & the Civil Rights Movement.

I can see this clearly now. I can see through their rhetoric, and slimy tactics of using fake words, like "racism, sexism, and abuse" to reveal the true God they serve. I see them invert the plain meaning of words. I see how they add additional clauses or words to Apostle Paul's commands to make them mean the complete opposite.

There needs to be an inquisition to weed out these little devils from the church.

But here are some other observations I see in the leadership:

  1. They are too afraid of being called Racist
  2. They are too afraid of being called Abuse Enablers
  3. They are too afraid to directly rebuke and call out the lies
By calling out and rebuking the lies of Equality, they damn themselves to the fury of their own wives and "Women's Ministries." They see evil, and choose to look the other way. They have to be willing to have all the women leave their churches and their wives divorcing them. Matthew 10 is no joke:
“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household. Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
Whoever said Christianity was easy? I know I could never be a Pastor. Probably most Pastors should NOT be Pastors because they are too afraid to speak Logos. No one forced them to be Pastors, but there are many who are just going through the motions because they know they can't get a better job and they have a family to support.

Back in 1992, the 20th General Assembly of PCA had more courage to call it for what it is in their Position Paper on Divorce and Remarriage:
We are quick to add, however, that the list of sins tantamount to desertion cannot be very long. To qualify, a sin must have the same extreme effect as someone‘s physical abandonment of his spouse. Both porneia and desertion are objective acts by which a marital covenant might be broken. The Bible gives no justification for divorce based on merely inward, emotional, and subjective reasons. Even if we find justification for interpreting porneia and desertion in a broader sense than some have, they must be broadened only within the boundaries of serious objective acts of sexual immorality or desertion. They must not be interpreted in any way that opens the floodgates to divorces based on subjective reasons, such as ―irreconcilable differences,‖ ―emotional separation,‖ ―loss of affection,‖ or the like. There is often great pain involved in marriage, and God intends for His people to work through the pain and learn to love even when we are not loved by the other. Emotional problems in and of themselves are not Biblical grounds for divorce. And the elders of Christ's Church must not surrender to worldly pressures and allow that which God does not allow.
We can keep going back to the writings of the Puritans, and the early church fathers, and even to Apostle Paul himself. But it won't change anything. No one cares about the original intent of the Scriptural authors, and if they do, they are too scared to weed out the little Devils out of fear of being called "abusive" or "unloving."

God have mercy.

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