Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Failure of Rhetoric in Face of Truth

Vox Day mentioned in one of his video streams recently about how once you get the taste for conflict and have victory, that you start looking forward to the next battle.

Since at least high school, I have been openly confronting individuals in leadership who have been dishonest. On pretty much a 100% track record, when I approach the individual with the dialectic, they respond defensively with rhetoric in order to silence my dialectic argument. They don't even attempt to address the observations and conclusions that I bring up.

In the end, I will move on and it will be some years before I am vindicated.

Since I've been doing this long enough, and thanks to Vox Day who helped me see these patterns in pretty much all facets of conflict that occur in society (ie. Dialectic v Rhetoric), I was better equipped to recognize the unteachable in this email response after I offered to publish our correspondence online:
Look, this conversation is between you and me.  You started it in email format, so we will keep it that way.  Not because I regret or am ashamed of anything I said.  In fact, I firmly stand behind every word. I will not “recraft my response” as you suggest.  I see absolutely no purpose for this to be the subject of your next blog rant, theological debate, or analysis.  You sent the email to me and I answered your question.  If you wish to extend the same courtesy and answer my questions, then hit the “reply” button.   But don’t waste my valuable time with biblical, theological, psychological or political opinion, debate, argument, ideology or analysis.  I won’t engage.  I’m open to hearing answers - not questions, analysis or opinion.
I could not had asked for someone to provide such a transparently anti-dialectic response.

When I state just how reprehensible the acts of my ex-wife and her church leadership acted toward me, I know this for a fact because they operate in darkness.

They will not be able to respond in the dialectic, but only in the rhetoric. They are afraid of the Truth coming out. They act and live in darkness. They are afraid of the light exposing their evil deeds.

I provided my 38 page documenting occurrences and my analysis to the governing authorities of the church and their response was that they will deal with it in private manner.

They simply cannot argue dialectically on this matter since they know their case does not exist.

Based on my track record and what I've seen, I look forward to the day when everything is brought to the light and I am vindicated.

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