Friday, June 5, 2020

The Fall of the Schengen Area Thanks to Coronavirus

And almost overnight, it's as though the Schengen Area never existed. It just took the Coronavirus.

And just like that, the US Constitution no longer mattered. It just took the Coronavirus.

People are shocked at how quickly pieces of paper mean nothing when there is a political will behind it. I knew it in theory. It's different to see it in person.

The migrant crisis was already putting the Schengen Area into question.

The big selling point right now for the Portugal Golden Visa is that it grants you access to the Schengen Area for about a 500,000 Euro investment. It takes five years in the program to become eligible to APPLY for citizenship (and afterwards a passport)

Wouldn't it suck if in year four, the countries you REALLY wanted to live in no longer are in the Schengen treaty? Like Italy?

It could never happen?

If you believe in national sovereignty and your children's heritage being most important, it makes total sense.

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