Monday, June 29, 2020

The Logic of a Nine Year Old Girl vs TikTok's #BlackLivesMatter

When I was trying to explain to my young daughters the propaganda and lies of Black Lives Matter, her immediate retort to me was:
Dad, are you saying Black lives don't matter?
What was annoying was that I can imagine a grown adult saying this exact same thing to me in retort and then subsequently stop listening. MPAI. But to the level of a nine-year old?

This issue came up because one of the TikTok influences she is following has the "Black Lives Matter" logo as her profile picture. Also, what I found astounding was how quickly she was able to pull up a photo of the infamous white cop on George Floyd's neck when I asked her if she understood the context of that motto.

She parroted the narrative that it was white cops who killed a black man because of racism.

By default, young children are NPCs.

Under normal circumstances, I simply disengage with NPCs, but with my daughters, I don't have that luxury.

So I had to make something up on the spot to the effect:
All lives matter. What if you wrote down "White Lives Matter?" What do you think would happen?
I then struck at the root of the problem. I told them that the word "racism" is a fake word that has been created as a lie by Satan for even those who call themselves Christians. They know that Satan is real.

I told them that racism is not a sin listed in the Bible, and, in fact, there are stories Jesus tells that demonstrate that not all people are created equal (which is the fundamental, flawed premise of all the -isms. Equality). We then went through the parable of the master who gave different talents according to their abilities.

"Wicked and lazy!" was the condemnation received by the last servant who buried what he was entrusted with into the ground. This also helps dispel the notion of the church of "Nice."
Does this mean then that Jesus and God sinned because Jesus said those mean things?
"God and Jesus cannot sin. It is everyone else who are lying to you."

The root lie is that everyone is equal in God-given ability. Once it is understood that everyone is different in their production potential and effort, along with specializations (ie. Body of Christ analogy is helpful), then, hopefully, the various isms can be better seen as lies.

The lies are so prevalent. My children are surrounded by Churchians, cucks and liars that I am tied by law from preventing their interaction with.

The only thing I can do is be the strong counter that calls out their lies and teach my children to recognize the Churchian perversions. In the end, it will be their choice whether to choose to serve the God of this world, or the God of the Bible.

At the very least, they won't be able to plead ignorance and autopilot toward Churchianity.

I am understanding more just how much this is a spiritual war that only God can win. I play but a small part.


  1. I enjoyed this article, thanks!

  2. I'm with you brother. I have a 6 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, separated for 18 months. Mother is an atheist. I came to Christ which drove a wedge between me and her. It's up to me to help them see the lies, especially during the plandemic. I tell them "God has not given them the spirit of fear, but of power....." they like that one!