Sunday, June 28, 2020

TikTok & #BlackLivesMatter

Today, I saw one of the creators on TikTok have a banner that said "Black Lives Matter" that my daughter is following. It is no question that TikTok is a propaganda arm for the lies of Satan. Because she looks up to this creator, she accepts the norms as truth without further explanation. She does not understand how much the lies have propagated society. 

Unfortunately, at their ages, their abilities for the dialectic are too underdeveloped to counter such strong rhetoric.

As a result, I had to remove their access to it until they can articulate the logical fallacies of "equality" and how it is ultimately from Satan and not from God.

I am further competing against the lies of churchians that she is in close relationship with that I am restricted by law from interfering with.

I thought I was protecting them from the social media aspect by setting their profiles as private and not allowing them to have any followers so they can watch seemingly harmless, silly videos like on YouTube. However, that is not enough to protect against the rhetorical lies of Satan. They go through tens to hundreds of videos at a time so it's impossible for me to monitor what they are actually seeing.

Now that I understand better the power of rhetoric, and the fact that not all are gifted with the ability of the dialectic, it would be negligent for me to allow the rhetorical lies to take hold upon their minds without a strong defense rooted in Scripture and logic first.

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