Friday, June 5, 2020

Why The Worldwide Web Will Shatter (And Already Has)

Prior to Coronavirus, the thought that the Internet could one day become regionalized Intranets did not emotional resonate with me. It seemed like a possibility, but improbable and not really worth considering.

I have also been shedding my logical fallacies around Open Borders and Free Trade. I now see these as destructive to national sovereignty.

I see these as all linked. In addition, the main tech guys who had the vision of an open, free, Internet tend to be Trekkie nerds who have been outed as pedophiles, or libertarians.

Their base premises are completely wrong and they have no understanding of the primacy of culture to the Chinese, Russians, Iran, and any other country that values its cultural integrity over the Cuckservatives and Eurotrash who've sold off the inheritance of their children to immigrants who they allowed to invade.

Open borders, open trade, and unrestricted information (which is essentially the Internet), all serve to destroy a national identity.

Already we are seeing certain levels of "censorship" like Facebook in places like China. For many, whom 80% of their Internet usage is in the space of Facebook & Instagram, this is essentially a mini-firewall that has been created. Do you need to see 85% of the webpages blocked before you call it essentially an Intranet? What number are you waiting for? 100%?

China & Iran already ban numerous other websites from their citizens. North Korea essentially does this to the extreme already.

We are already seeing "soft" Intranets created. Russia has "tested" their capabilities to cut off the Internet to the outside world in case of cyber attacks.

If China is already able to block certain websites from reaching its population, then there doesn't seem to be any restriction for them to create a "whitelist only" filter essentially shutting down access to the outside world, and vice versa.

If you listen to E. Michael Jones he talks about how porn was used by the Israelis to eliminate the fight from the Palestinians. I applaud the genius of this, and recognize its effectiveness. (((Whomever))) currently owns all the porn networks and are flooding the youth of the United States and Western nations are also succeeding in eliminating the urge of the youth to fight for nationalistic causes.

You can make the argument that China or Russia will never cut off the information flow due to their monetary interests.

Yes. This makes sense right now. However, with the coming "reset" of the US monetary system, those economic monetary interests will quickly dissipate.

  1. Closed Borders (Thanks Coronavirus)
  2. Closed Trade (Trade War)
  3. Information War
  4. Physical War

And what better way to add a 10% - 30% productivity to your nations filled with young men, than by eliminating Internet porn?

I will make a brief mention of Bitcoin. This is a good reason to close the Internet down to the outside world in order to prevent the Chinese people exporting their money into the nations they will be at war with. Why are the Chinese creating bubbles in major cities throughout the world?

The Chinese are panicking because they are worried their government will seize their money for the corruption and crimes they have committed (and perhaps other reasons). If Bitcoin gets too big, causing China to hurt as Chinese pour all their capital into countries not approved by the Communist Party, you'd better believe they're going to plug all the leaks, even if that means closing the remaining 20% of the Internet they left open.

Cutting off the Internet, you see, wouldn't just be too keep foreign influence out, but also to keep the Chinese money in.

The greater network effect of Bitcoin will be its own downfall in a post-closed border, post-closed trade, post-closed information, post-nationalistic world.

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