Wednesday, August 26, 2020

17 Year Old Bravery

I can only hope that when my sons and daughters are 17 years old that they have the courage to strap on an AR-15 in defense of their community like the 17 year old man in Kenosha that shot at least three in self defense.

Of course, if it's in my children's case, and should my homestead / compound complex be completed in time for 2033, it will be:

  1. completely clear sight-lines of 400 yards to my property line
  2. triple steel wire barrier to prevent vehicle attacks
  3. a chain link fence with barbed wire on top
  4. four German shepherds 
  5. a concrete house / bastion
  6. a concrete observation tower about 35 feet up
  7. thermal / night vision scopes
I will be surprised if they even make it within 200 yards inside my property.

If for whatever reason we have to be mobile, us farm boys and our ATVs will probably roll in squads of 6, and 3 ATVs like this.

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