Friday, August 21, 2020

Feminism, Immigration, and the Hospitality Industry

Vox Day makes the accurate observation that the price of labor has remained flat for about the last 50 years (since 1973):

But since some of you can't follow anything that isn't spelled out pedantically, in the interest of strict accuracy I should have written that "Lower wages are the inevitable consequence of the higher percentage of women entering the workforce, mass immigration, and trade deficits, which are three of the primary reasons your society is collapsing."

I was the benefactor of both Feminism and mass immigration in the form of the housekeepers that made up the majority of my staff. Also, the front desk staff, and probably the majority of every other department except the maintenance staff.

The housekeepers I employed were overwhelmingly Mexican immigrants who could not speak English very well and were women making about minimum wage in California, which was always higher than the Federal average (heading toward $15/hour).

I did try hiring white men and women who could speak English fluently in the housekeeping department. They never lasted very long. To them, it was a transitory job until they found a better job, which was not hard for them to do.

I had no interest in paying higher wages to keep the white kids because I always had referrals from the Mexican women who needed jobs.

If there were no Mexican women to work in my hotel, I would had been forced to pay higher wages to keep the white kids.

On a side note, I was fairly familiar with the various neighborhoods in North Orange County and the pushing out of white families by Koreans. Thanks to a program called "Mello-Roos," local HOAs could basically open their own school that services only the children.

There is a small HOA called, "Amerige Heights" that had very public school scores and was overwhelmingly Korean. The rents were extremely high and home pricing as well because the Korean immigrants would want to send their children there.

If you know about Korean immigrants and their love for private tutoring, and educational rigor, you can understand why this would be natural.

Obviously, the mass immigration of Koreans push out the whites in price point. The restaurants in that section basically look like Korea-town with store signs all in Korean providing services all over the place.

They don't assimilate. They create enclaves and push out the natives. They don't need to assimilate, and many don't even bother learning English.

The last two hotels I sold were purchased with Chinese immigrant money at prices that would had been dumb for me to refuse. Due to the high labor requirements, it is easy to get an EB-5 with hotel purchases.

When I went looking for the next properties to purchase with the newfound Chinese wealth, we obviously couldn't compete (nor suicidal enough) to go back into hotels. So we went into Shopping Centers. With Coronavirus, I wish I looked more seriously into industrial and warehouse space in light of Coronavirus.

The home I purchased in 2010 for about $430,000 in Placentia, CA, I sold around 2017 for $572,000. My house was in about a 90% Mexican neighborhood, single family homes, with an acceptable elementary school, but higher level middle and high school thanks to the wider radius in the white neighborhoods.

It is more common to see Mexican children enter Kindergarten with minimal abilities to speak English. The pressure from their home to learn it, is not as strong as you see in Koreans. Korean children tend to get much higher school scores. The Mexican children tend to lower it. 

What this meant was that the pricing of a house in Orange County, was largely determinate based on the racial makeup of the public schools that service the address. The schools with higher number of Koreans always brought the highest price. I don't think this applied as strongly with majority Chinese neighborhoods for some reason.

Thanks to mass immigration (greater demand) and limited inventory, my home increased 33% over about seven years.

The profit was even more insane with the Chinese money.

On a micro level, I never discriminate. A deal is a deal. On a macro level, I have seen the higher cost of real estate, and stagnant wages destroying the native population thanks to Feminism and mass immigration.

It is completely unsustainable, and the largest, recorded invasion in all of human-kind will come to the dissolution of the United States in 2033 as Vox Day predicts. I was lucky enough to be able to profit from the disastrous policies, and now I prepare a bastion against the negative consequences that will be a result.

There will be war.

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