Friday, August 21, 2020

Winter is Coming

UPDATE (9/3/2020): My figures are wrong. See and

As inevitable as the seasons and hurricanes to Puerto Rico, the 2033 deadline of the collapse of the American empire comes closer. Since the average age of Hispanics is 7 years old, the only real way to stop the inevitable is to deport the children of immigrants, even if they were born in the United States.

In 11 years, the average 7 year old Hispanic will become voting age, and bring in the undying legacy of Leftism. The Left will never (as Vox Day states) voluntarily leave the host as they are intrinsically parasites.

As a result, once the demographic realities of the mass invasion complete the takeover of the Federal Government, States that still have a white majority, will be faced to nullify akin to what occurred during Andrew Jackson's day and what the South attempted to do against Abraham Lincoln.

Will the Leftist President allow their money train to simply walk away?

I'm not optimistic about that.

Understanding just how inevitable and soon this is coming has brought focus toward my endeavors.

It also saves a lot of time trying to "persuade" anyone or to really care about politics until 2033. What's the point? It will be impossible for me to persuade anyone to start deporting the American-born children of immigrants. It's insane. 

In fact, I would be included in that pool. That would be a complete mess for my children who are bi-racial, but I'm sure my ex-wife would love it as long as she can keep the kids and her monthly payment from me. Maybe I would get an exemption because I'm an Air Force officer (commissions are lifetime. You're welcome.).

Thanks to Game of Thrones, it's easy enough for me to say "Winter is Coming." 

Thanks to Hurricane Maria & Puerto Rico, I've already lived through one week of Armageddon.

When a hurricane is heading toward Puerto Rico, I don't bother wasting time trying to "convince" someone to start preparing for the destruction. If they want to stick their head in the sand, that's their problem. Not mine. 

If they want to declare it is racist, misogynist, sexist, fear-mongering, conspiracy-theory, that the hurricane is coming, then that gives me the cue to wipe the dust off my feet and move on.

Let the dead bury the dead.

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