Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Orange County, California and "School Scores"

I lived about 11 minutes from this incident that occurred at the Yorba Linda, Public Library. I lived in Placentia, which borders California State University, Fullerton. My hotels were in Fullerton and Buena Park, so most of my time was spent in the opposite direction of the library.

When I was looking for a house to purchase in 2010, I was very interested in the elementary schools and demographics. Here's the data I compiled when looking for schools for my eldest who was just entering part-time kindergarten.

Ruby Drive elementary school had a 91% Hispanic demographic and more than half were "English Learners." The Placentia-Yorba Linda School district allowed for transfers on a lottery based system into other elementary areas, so that was the plan. I hadn't really thought about home schooling at that time.

What was very striking to me was just how much prices for homes would jump between elementary school zones. What becomes clear with the data is that Asians tend to affect the score greatly. Because I knew those schools were always higher in demand, I aimed to transfer my child to a middle line school that may not have as much demand. Once she was in the school, they give preference to siblings. It was just a matter of getting our "shoe" in the door. Once we got in the "Middle" level school, perhaps we would be able to try and go for the top tier "Asian" schools.

One thing to note between the difference in demographics between El Dorado High and Valencia High, being almost polar opposites, is that they are only 1.2 miles from each other. I lived next to Valencia High.

The "Asian effect" in school scores were pushed primarily by the Koreans. There is a neighborhood my mom moved to, called "Amerige Heights." They have one elementary school that services the neighborhood paid for by an extra fee on the property tax called the "Mello-Roos" tax. Robert C. Fisler School has a 81% Asian population, 7 % Hispanic, and 5% White. For some reason they separated out Filipinos, so I added them to Asian.

In 2013, Fisler elementary had an API score of 976 which placed it in the 98.19 percentile. Ruby Drive had a  score of 753 which placed it in the 49.61 percentile. Basically, an 81% Asian school vs. a 91% Hispanic school.

If I recall correctly, the home price for my mother was $600,000 in January 2010 (sold August 2017 for $755,000), and I purchased my home in December 2010 for $430,000 (sold $572,000 in February 2017). This was still a really bad time during the economy after the 2008 financial crash.

My mom made a $155,000 (25.8% increase) gain while I made a $142,000 gain (33% increase). Considering she held onto her property for about a year and a half longer than me, I think I win in the better "investment." I also benefited by being close to Cal State Fullerton. I rented out parts of my house that pretty much paid off my monthly mortgage (that I had put down 10% thanks to my Veteran Status).

What I noticed about my neighborhood, which was built primarily in the 1950s, was that you had multiple Mexican families living within close proximity with one another. The Whites that were remaining in the neighborhood, like my marine sniper neighbor, had moved in back when the neighborhood was primarily white. As the old home owners moved out, they would be replaced by Mexican families. The remaining Whites tended to be elderly. My other neighbor had two other houses across the street that were his extended family, or daughter. I don't recall exactly, but they would have parties frequently in their backyard. He was a cool guy.

It's kind of weird. Now I can speak Spanish well enough for my wife. I wonder what my experience would had been like over the 10 years I was managing hotels with staff that predominantly only spoke Spanish.

The moving pattern of Amerige heights, was that the neighborhood was built around 2006 and would be bought up immediately by Koreans. When they leave, it would be bought out by more Koreans. The area of Amerige heights has a lot of Korean restaurants and stores that have signs in Korean. What I heard was that a lot of Korean nationals were living in that area just so they could send their kids to the high ranking school.

The Koreans tend to clump up because then they don't really need to learn English with their Korean enclave. The Mexicans will move in with their large extended families. And the Whites get displaced.

The Koreans buy out the Whites or price neighborhoods to be too expensive for Whites, and the Mexicans move in, lowering the school scores which make Whites not want to move into the neighborhood anymore.

I think the reason why my mother's purchase didn't do as well as mine was because these high demand areas tended to handle the 2008 aftermath better than areas like mine. I believe Hispanics were disproportionately represented in the sub-prime "liar's loans" which caused prices to crater more in Hispanic areas.

The optimal strategy for my mom would had been to purchase a home from a Fullerton house nearby that had a decent elementary school but was primarily White still. The home pricing would had been less, and the overflow from Amerige heights may have had a better "spillover" effect.

I could also tell of the story of the dying Korean population in Garden Grove. I believe they were getting taken over by the Vietnamese which didn't tend to help with school scores as much, pushing the Koreans to move up to Buena Park.

Anyway, when Vox Day says migration is invasion, it certainly seemed that way when I was seeing home prices and changing demographics while I lived in Orange County.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

They really shouldn't be getting married and having children

After understanding and dismantling the argument of "Earl of Grey" to not get married and have children because the legal system is corrupt, he continues his spiral downward:

Probability is the mathematical description of how likely an event is to occur. A divorce rate for a particular demographic

describes how likely that group is to get divorced.

Your are not the first man I know with kids to get unbiblically divorced.

The fact you can’t find internet testimony of men who have had similar experiences or support groups doesnt indicate anything other than our cultures (christian church culture) disdain for men who get divorced. Men in the church who get divorced are often treated as if it is their fault, or as perpetrators. While women get treated as victims who deserve ‘gods best.’

Whether you declare having children was worth the pain has no bearing on whether the current legal system is immoral. 

To which I reply:

“Whether you declare having children was worth the pain has no bearing on whether the current legal system is immoral.”

Your inability to understand the argument I communicated to you in detail is alarming. As a result, I concede and am in complete agreement with you that you should never get married or have children.

The argument for a Christian man who does not have the gift of celibacy, to remain unmarried for the rest of their life makes no sense.

Most Christian men realize that their "passions" are too great and that they must get married. Christian ethics don't give men a lot of good options. Either be celibate, get married and have sex, or don't get married and fornicate the rest of your life. Those are not very good options, but Jesus never said His way was easy. It is the hardest way.

I will make the guess that most of these Christian men who choose to fornicate the rest of their life are not very high on the SSH anyway or don't take their Christian life all that seriously. I say this only from my experience with no-fap.

When you no-fap, your mind goes crazy for sex. If you believe sex outside of marriage is a sin against God and believe it sincerely, then the only logical conclusion is marriage. Fear gets pushed down by the overwhelming sex drive. I would even say reason and logic get thrown out as well. MUST PROCREATE!!!

The sex drive is so strong one could claim that the sex drive's power is to the degree of being suicidal.

If a Christian man is practicing no-fap, I don't think there should be any worry that he's lusting after marriage. If he's not lusting, then he may be gifted with celibacy.

If a Christian man is masturbating constantly which is the physiological reason why he doesn't lust for marriage, then that's a completely separate issue than the question of marriage. Maybe they're using their MGTOW as an excuse to masturbate.

In any case, I fully agree that if any man is so foolish and of low Christian character as to believe the MGTOW argument, then I 100% support their desire to not marry and have children.

They reuse the same arguments for Equality

I recall learning in my public school days that preachers in the Confederacy used Scripture to support slavery. The whole, Christians used the Bible to support slavery, so therefore it's wrong. We all knew Slavery was bad and a black stain on the American conscience, so therefore their logic must had been flawed? Right?

When reading the argument in relation to the dispute of placing Black clergy on equal footing with White clergy, I noticed many similar arguments as we hear today in regards to immigrants, feminism, gay acceptance, etc. Cultural Marxism. Equality vs Inequality:

They quote for us also, such passages as these; that in Christ "there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free; but Christ is all in all." Hence, they jump to the inference, that not only the blessings of redemption, but the privileges of church office and rule, are common to all believers, irrespective of caste, class, or condition. I shall show, Sir, beyond all cavil, that there is a vast, and an unbridged chasm between this premise and this conclusion. The argument is, that because the blessings of redemption are common to all classes and races of true believers, therefore it follows, of course, that every privilege and grade of church power must be made common to them. But the answer is, that several Bible instances themselves show that this consequence does not follow. None here will dispute that the Old Testament church had a gospel; nor will any deny that its saving blessings were common to all believing Hebrews, though not to all Gentiles. But lo! the priesthood, the clerical function of the day, was expressly limited to the tribe of Levi! In Galatians 3:28, (a passage parallel to the one quoted against me,) St. Paul says: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free; there is neither male nor female; for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." Blessed doctrine! Yet the same apostle says, "I suffer not a woman to teach;" thus excluding from official privilege, on grounds of class, one half of the the whole Christian world, which he had just declared to be "all one in Christ Jesus." So you see, gentlemen, that the apostle Paul evidently did not believe in your argument. Miss Antoinette Brown and Mrs. Abby Kelly were precisely with you; but the Apostle was not.

How many times do you hear people using that "there is neither Greek nor Jew" as their justification verse and completely skip the "male nor female" part? They were using it back then as well.

The suggested solution was to create a parallel system:

I am opposed therefore to the attempt to establish a clerical equality between the two races, in the same churches and judicatories, as being bad for us, and bad for them. It may be well to attempt an answer to the natural question: What alternative do you propose? I reply that I would first kindly invite and advise the black people to remain as they were, members of our churches, and under our instruction and church government. For I am well assured that this would prove best for their true interests. But if they will not be wise enough to agree to this, while I deplore their mistake, I would still attempt to do them all the good possible, which can be done without injustice to our church, and by righteous means. Then, as the second alternative, I would assist and encourage them to build up a black Presbyterian Church, ecclesiastically independent of, and separate from ours, but in relations of friendship and charity. To this end, I would extend to them ministerial and missionary labour liberally. I would aid them in church building. I would provide schools, separate from our own, for training black men to be pastors of black churches; and I would, if necessary, give ordination to enough men to form a separate Presbytery, when enough can be found possessed of constitutional qualifications. But I would make no black man a member of a white Session, or Presbytery, or Synod, or Assembly; nor would I give them any share in the government of our own church, nor any representation in it. "It is confusion."

Along with Polygamy, the Bible is agnostic about slavery. I won't make this argument too hard. It is irrelevant in today's society anyway. I will let Vox Day take the heat on both.

It is interesting seeing the parallels in the arguments, and the solutions.

Get your kids off Social Media

If indoctrinating your kids in #BlackLivesMatter wasn't enough, the next push will be AI implants:

This very controversial makeup influencer is probably the only one you will know for this blind. There are several others throughout the world that are also in on the deal, but you would be hard pressed to guess them. The controversial one and the others have signed deals, that when executed could potentially pay them many millions of dollars. The deal is being made by a company based in Sweden that wants to expand their chip implants throughout the world. They are going to pay influencers around the world not only a flat rate, but also bonuses for every thousand people that get implants. They know that young people will be most accepting of the message which is why they have targeted influencers who have shown they can get people to buy and do what they are asked. It is the end of the world.

At least, until they can call out the devil when they see it. 

Where are all the Christian men that have been divorced unbiblically?

For more than a year and a half I have been searching for Christian men who have been divorced unbiblically as I have. I've been all over the Manosphere. I've been on AlphaGamePlan. I've been on Rational Male. I've been on Dalrock's blog. I scoured their comments. I've searched YouTube videos.

You know what I discovered? 

Tons of stories from non-Christian men getting the shaft, but essentially nothing from Christian men saying they were divorced unbiblically from a "Christian" wife. There's plenty of people saying they "know a guy" or "heard of a friend" or cite statistics of the horror of Asset Rape and "Karen took the kids."

I searched like a man in the desert trying to get some water. Just a drop to satiate my torment! I was looking for some kind of hope on the other side of the tunnel of Christian men who've made it to the other side.

I found none.

Imagine my surprise when someone called me out for being disingenuous or ignorant about the state of divorce for Christian men when I stated that having children is still worth the risk of divorce.

I cant tell if you’re being disingenuous or if you are just ignorant.

The fact that you don’t know many Christian men this has happened to is irrelevant. Your sample size is going to be too small for your anecdotal evidence to be statistically significant.

Whether children born out of a marriage are regretted by a Christian man after he is divorced is irrelevant to the articles topic. It is a red herring and a bizarre one at that.

The term ‘authentic Christian man’ is clearly the set up for a No True Scottsman fallacy.

‘Gift of celibacy,’ its called self control and it is a fruit of the spirit.

1 in 1000 odds (not born out by marriage/divorce rates) of losing a minimum of half your wealth and being sentenced to a potential life sentence of indentured servitude is terrible odds.

To which I replied:

“I cant tell if you’re being disingenuous or if you are just ignorant.”

I’m far more versed than you know. https://blog.jeffersonkim.com/2020/09/when-fancy-pants-and-lollipops-are-more.html


“The fact that you don’t know many Christian men this has happened to is irrelevant. Your sample size is going to be too small for your anecdotal evidence to be statistically significant.”

I attempted to find support groups and stories online of Christian husbands that fit my situation of being unbiblically divorced by a Christian wife. There is no better data readily available. If you are saying my data is bad, please provide better data.


“Whether children born out of a marriage are regretted by a Christian man after he is divorced is irrelevant to the articles topic. It is a red herring and a bizarre one at that.”

It is relevant if you make the following conclusion as Wintery Knight does.

“I thought about it, and I thought that maybe it is better to not have married, especially when I read stories about how family courts trample over the rights of men to favor women, regardless of what the law says.”

“It’s out of our control. The only smart play is not to play at all.”

The fact that you cannot make the connection between marriage and having children is more bizarre. In Christian ethics, they are interchangeable as you cannot have one without the other. Historically speaking, it has always been the case.

To be clear, I am referring to religious marriage, but that is irrelevant as even the mere fact of cohabitation is enough to create a civil marriage by many laws.


“The term ‘authentic Christian man’ is clearly the set up for a No True Scottsman fallacy.”

Only if I am unwilling to define that term. I am referring to a “Christian” man who does not believe in sex outside of marriage as commanded by God. I am referring to a Christian man who does not believe in divorce outside of adultery and physical abandonment as commanded by God. If a “Christian” man believes otherwise, then I am not referring to that “Christian” man and this discussion is irrelevant with that man.


“1 in 1000 odds (not born out by marriage/divorce rates) of losing a minimum of half your wealth and being sentenced to a potential life sentence of indentured servitude is terrible odds.”

Every man makes his own risk calculations. You would need to place those odds next to all the other potential risks associated with raising children and being married.

I am not disputing that the courts are corrupt. I am disputing what a Christian man is to do in the face of such corruption.

1) I will dispute the likelihood of such an event for a discerning, Christian man.

2) I will dispute the low value many Christian Red Pillers put toward children. I am emphasizing that children are worth the risk and even those Christian men who have been through divorce, will still say they would not exchange any of their children to have more fancy pants and lollipops.


The world would be a much darker place if Christian men cowered in fear toward the evil, worldly powers and stopped having children that they raised to be Godly.

I will pose a question: between celibacy and marriage, what is your third-option that fits in with Christian ethics?

Earl Grey replies either directly or indirectly. It's a weird commenting system:

Again, its a matter of probability. A cost benefit analysis. The CDC reports the divorce rate among Protestants (when accounting across all denominations) to be about 51%. 70% of divorces are initiated by women. You stand to lose half your wealth, become indebted, lose your ability to raise your children in a godly manner, and have your earnings garnished for the rest of your life.

Men are not avoiding marriage so they can have “fancy pants and lolipops,” whatever that means. They are protecting themselves and refusing to invest in an immoral and ungodly legal system.

I am glad there are godly couples in the body of christ who have been married for 30 + years. However, a lot has changed in the last 50 years in both our society and the church.

Male shaming tactics won’t get your daughters married. Church princess culture and right wing feminism has chased men out of the church.

To which I replied:

You have no understanding of probability.

Am I the first Christian man with kids you know of that has been divorced unbiblically?

Refer me to the testimony of Christian men with kids who have been divorced unbiblically. Send me the link. I’d like to read them. I’ve been searching since I was divorced last year in January. (this goes for anyone that reads this post. Please send me the links!)

If the probability was so high, where are the Christian divorced dads support groups that I’ve been desperately trying to find?

Why am I one of the few, rare examples that testifies of the thing you most dread?

And even when I am the one few Christian men who testifies of what you fear the most, why am I still declaring that having the children was worth the pain?

What a bunch of fools. I am a real life example of the thing they most fear. I may one of the first they have ever seen in real life.

Instead of asking me questions to understand their fear better, they choose to turn their eyes away.

I am a living testimony that counters their fear mongering and sloppy statistics and they stick their heads in the sand out of fear that I could be wrong, and they'll have to face the fact that they are just cowards.

I don't want to shame them into marrying. They are already far too gone. The only thing I can do is help others see through their illogical conclusions that are arguably anti-biblical (unless you are called to celibacy).

Friday, September 25, 2020

Creating My Own City-State in Idaho

In Vox Day's video stream, #648: MACHIAVELLI AND THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY, Vox mentions multiple pieces of information.

  1. The 2033 breakdown of the United States will most likely result in the breakup of hundreds of smaller ruling areas / city states (reference the geographical size of Italy)
  2. The Spartan and Republic of Venice governmental system proved to be much longer lasting than ones run by the people.
  3. The city-state of Lucca, which was close to a major city-state, was 345.6 acres.
  4. Siena was founded by 60 families.
I located a video which described the Venetian Constitution.

My plan right now is to purchase more than 100 acres of land for my homestead. I have seen land available as high as 450 acres within my budget.

My plans also include space for about 40 people in my compound. That is about 10 families right there.

The reality is that I will need to be near a pre-existing community because I will want to find husbands and wives for my children. For that, we cannot necessarily live out in the boonies. Plus, there are so many skills I will be lacking, including medical.

Optimally, I would want to find 60 families, like minded, with a pre-established constitution and parcels for them to settle to be prepared for when the time comes.

I don't think it will be possible for me coordinate that, so I will be having various constitutions on hand with a variety of government types and optimized for different population sizes.

I think the biggest hurdle will be finding families that agree that only males will have decision making authority in the government, Christian, and willing to accept an Asian "patriarch." 

In any case, just having a constitution ready to go for various population sizes, will aid in the city-state formation. But, I really don't want to be part of any city-state that allows women to have authority in the government, especially considering how tumultuous it will be in the transition.

When Fancy Pants and Lollipops are more important than having children

Winter Knight posts about another story of asset rape and the corrupt Divorce system that explains his decision to value his fancy pants and lollipops more than having children:
A friend of mine was asking me last night whether I had any regrets about never marrying, especially since I had such awesome Christian female friends like her. I thought about it, and I thought that maybe it is better to not have married, especially when I read stories about how family courts trample over the rights of men to favor women, regardless of what the law says.

I replied on his page with the following content:

I wonder how many authentic, Christian men would trade their children they had with a wicked ex-wife just so they could have more fancy pants and lollipops. The regret is against being foolish and marrying the ex-wife to begin with, and not against the child(ren).

I think the statistics for Christian men with children that have been divorced unbiblically by their “Christian” ex-wife is exceptionally low considering how few personal accounts I can find online. I have found maybe two others that perhaps share a similar story of mine and I have been blogging about my experience quite extensively since the beginning of this year.

Also, the existence of an online, Christian, men divorce groups is almost non-existent, which leads me to believe that the percentages are just so low as to almost be irrelevant.

So, two things I have observed:

1) The risk of accidentally marrying a “Christian” woman that results in her unbiblically divorcing you is overblown. Yes, a risk, but it’s more about the person you marry than the system itself. You can find a woman with enough character that won’t “pull the trigger” no matter how tempting.

2) Having the children is still worth the loss of fancy pants and lollipops even if she does.

What is difficult for Christian men who don't have children, especially during a time where families live multi-state and are not very close in general, is just how valuable children are.

I am on the receiving end of the unjust court system.

But, as I was going through the system, what I realized was that all the money in the world did not matter in comparison to the loss of my children. The asset rape is the easy part. The hard part was having my children ripped away by a Protection Order and my ex's continual efforts to alienate the children from me.

Wintery Knight responded:

Yes. I think the risk is easy to mitigate if you know what to ask her .

This post is more about the family courts though, and no amount of wisdom from the man will make those fair for men. It’s out of our control. The only smart play is not to play at all.

To which I replied:

“It’s out of our control. The only smart play is not to play at all.”

I would object with the term “only” as Apostle Paul does not even believe celibacy is for everyone during a time when Christians were getting murdered. I am assuming that marriage and children during Roman times are interchangeable since they probably did not believe in the pull-out method. We cannot claim that divorce courts are to the extreme level of persecution of Apostle Paul’s day.

Assuming one doesn’t have the gift of celibacy, then the only remaining option is to get married assuming Christian ethics.

What do you think is the risk profile for a Christian man today to mistakenly marry a Christian woman that eventually divorces him unbiblically?

1 out of 10? 1 out of 100? 1 out of 1,000?

The risk has been overblown by the Red Pill community by those who are embittered by the system, primarily non-Christians, or those fear mongering.

Not for one second, despite what I have been through, would I recommend to any Christian man, who does not have the gift of celibacy, to fornicate and remain unmarried. There is no "smartness" about breaking God's commands on the excuse that the legal system is unjust.

Imagine trying to explain that logic to Apostle Paul or any of the early Christians persecuted by the Romans.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gammas of /r/RPChristians

First of all, this is Reddit. Why do I post there and become SURPRISED when I encounter a Gamma?

OK, shame on me.

Anyway, I'll post my commentary in case anyone does a search for that subreddit thinking, as I did, that it could possibly not be run by Gammas considering it literally has "Red Pill" in its name. Yes. I know I'm an idiot.

Here's my original post, titled "Post-Divorce Reports":

At least for me, prior to my divorce, I was paralyzed by the fear of Asset Rape and Child Custody disputes. I just read horror story after horror story of men getting screwed by divorce courts.

In my case, being less than two years after divorce and remarried to an angel in comparison to my ex, things have turned out much better than I could had ever imagined. In fact, had I known what the outcome would've been, I probably would've hurried my ex out the door the numerous times she threatened divorce prior.

Perhaps, it's because the movement is too young, that we don't hear from men who have gone through the divorce court gauntlet, come out on the other side, and stated it wasn't as bad as they had feared (or maybe it was!).

Obviously, it will be a mixed bag. I know it would had been more helpful for me to understand the aftermath.

I don't personally know a lot of divorced men myself, but the ones I do know, ended up trading in for a much better wife and are much happier now.

Anyway, I'm interested to hear some after-divorce reports. Obviously, the process itself is hell, and perhaps for some years after.

Are RPChristian men much better off in the end?

There seems to be about 7 moderators in that subreddit. One of the moderators, Red-Curious states:

Let's be clear: RPC does not endorse casual divorce, especially for the purpose of "trading in for a much better wife." Your post is conspicuously absent of any biblical context.

That said, while the post inappropriately encourages men toward divorce, we'll leave it up for now on the expectation that maybe a few men in the process of divorce or who have recently been through divorce can be encouraged.

Another cuationary:

being less than two years after divorce and remarried

This tells me you're still in the honeymoon phase, so I'm extremely skeptical of the permanency of the results you're seeing. I'd prefer to see you write this post after you've got 10 years with the new woman under your belt. Yes, some men can and will - and I hope you're one of them. But for a newlywed, I wouldn't be surprised if you could also end up in the other larger camp of men who find that their second marriage is a re-hash of their first.

Put another way, you're not far enough in yet to be able to say authoritatively that your choice was a wise one, at least in the classic sense. Biblically, depending on your circumstances and theology, it's almost certainly a sinful choice. Though perhaps there's room for the choice to be redeemed.

Immediately the stench of gamma filled my nostrils. I was planning on doing a public rebuttal, but there was no point since he already stated that he would keep the post up.

One thing that immediately blared Gamma was regarding how inaccurate, to the point of slander, that Red-Curious characterized my post. There were no questions of clarification. This was the rebuttal I was planning but did not post:

>while the post inappropriately encourages men toward divorce

This is a false projection. I clearly stated a situation where the wife is threatening divorce and already out the door.


>Let's be clear: RPC does not endorse casual divorce, especially for the purpose of "trading in for a much better wife." Your post is conspicuously absent of any biblical context.

Your imputed meaning of the intent of my words are incorrect. I assume men reading this post are in their situation because they DO NOT believe in divorce and are already familiar with Paul's Household codes, but they are forced into their situation by a wife filing divorce. They wouldn't be reading my post if they were the ones initiating divorce. I am not making any Biblical claims so I do not understand why I would need Bible verses.


>I'd prefer to see you write this post after you've got 10 years with the new woman under your belt.

>But for a newlywed, I wouldn't be surprised if you could also end up in the other larger camp of men who find that their second marriage is a re-hash of their first.

This does not logically make sense if applied to all other areas of Christian faith (ie. New Believers, New Jobs, New Church, Newly married even).


>Put another way, you're not far enough in yet to be able to say authoritatively that your choice was a wise one, at least in the classic sense.

You're putting words in my mouth. I never claimed it was "wise." My point is the number of husbands threatened by their wives who want divorce and the testimonies of those Christian men who've made it to the other side.


>Biblically, depending on your circumstances and theology, it's almost certainly a sinful choice. Though perhaps there's room for the choice to be redeemed.

You have a pattern of over-presuming to the point of slander.

I will also note that College-educated women, for which make up the majority of Reddit, initiate divorce at a 90% rate.

Anyway, why do I care if people misrepresent my words? Move on, and there was no point in making a fuss of things where Gammas abound. Any future person using Reddit search, will be able to find my blog should they find themselves in the same situation as me.

Then, two things occurred which really made my head scratch in how bad the reek of Gamma was in this subreddit. The first was this response:

OK. Weird. I didn't even mention anything that had to do with the SSH in this post. (Now on review, they probably saw my post in reference to alphagameplan and Vox Day.)

Fine. I was content just moving on. Typical Reddit. It's what I get.

Then I just check again, and another Gamma shows up responding to someone I have never met who told his post-divorce story.

If you read the original post, it's clear redwall92 is projecting way too hard and misrepresenting what the original author wrote.

What is interesting in all these cases of "putting words in other people's mouths" is that it seems to be an accepted pattern on the Internet.

What immediately came to my mind were the Pharisees who brought in false witnesses to lie about what Jesus said. Or, they would twist Jesus' words to mean what Jesus never intended.

Liars. Snakes. Children of the Devil. 

The Name of The Rose (Spoilers) & Love For Books

About two nights ago I finally finished the Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco based on the recommendation by Vox Day. Last night, I watched the movie with Sean Connery. Vox Day's love for books has been rubbing off on me.

Because I am stuck in Puerto Rico still, I am not wanting to begin my library in full speed because it will mean I'll have to transport it to Idaho, where I hope to make my stand in time for 2033.

I didn't bring any of the books or DVDs that I had in California when I moved to Puerto Rico. Now, I am regretting it a little. I only had cheap, paperbacks that I purchased because they were cheaper than the e-books or similar in price, but still they are a comfort when I consider the reality that Amazon and the Internet will not always be around. I want to be able to share with my children, like I would want to share with them a good movie.

I am identifying more with the sentiments of William toward books and knowledge and the horror he felt when it all burnt down. And especially, the coveted book of Aristotle on comedy.

When I consider how important ideas are and how they've been important in understanding the tragedies in my own life, I have a certain amount of horror with the thought of not being able to share the knowledge with my children and grand children.

With a flip of a switch, what if Amazon disappeared and you could no longer access any of the books through the Internet? What would you say to your children? How would you ever be able to communicate the level of depth and nuance in the thousands of pages lost until you can somehow reach a physical library that I'm guessing are fading even more rapidly with the over-reliance on the Internet.

I can imagine my frustration and self-hate (gnashing of teeth) I'd experience if I didn't have the most important, physical books at my hand when the switch gets turned off. I could had so easily purchased them beforehand and I had plenty of warning.

In terms of saving movies, I'm not as interested. I hardly really watch them now, anyway, and when I do, it is at 1.5x speed, just trying to jump to the parts that are interesting. A movie simply cannot go into the depth that a book can. I am not readily able to remember a movie that changed me as a person, however, I can easily refer to numerous books which have.

I am now committed at this point to no longer purchase an e-book if I can prevent it. I would rather pay the $20 or so for the hardcover copy. Luckily, because I am trying to focus on the classics as voted on in Goodreads, I can easily download the books to my Kindle from public domain.

This will keep me occupied for some years.

The other comforting aspect of having a library on hand is that I can feel comfortable dying and just telling my children to read the books in the library. There is still so much more to parenting, but even with my lacking a very literate and non-Christian father, I have been raised with much wiser fathers in Aristotle, Epictetus, Aurelius, and especially the wisdom of the Bible. 

This wisdom is more precious than gold.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Sharing a Little in the Hate of Vox Day and Owen Benjamin

I did a search on Google for my name and "divorce" and discovered this little gem on the subreddit /r/GammaSecretKings:

I certainly have a little taste now of what the Big Bear and Vox Day receive. They even mention The Kurgan as well in their subreddit.

I feel honored.
“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours. But all these things they will do to you on account of my name, because they do not know him who sent me.

Yes. I am a disciple of the Dark Lord and Big Bear.

Do you know your Dark Lord and Savior? Vox Day?

Are RPChristian Men Much Better Off After Divorce?

I don't know. The studies seem to indicate that men will tend to have much younger sexual partners (obviously). But that's the World. What about for Red Pill Christian men? 

So I posed the question and am interested to hear the stories, if there are any.

At least for me, prior to my divorce, I was paralyzed by the fear of Asset Rape and Child Custody disputes. I just read horror story after horror story of men getting screwed by divorce courts.

In my case, being less than two years after divorce and remarried to an angel in comparison to my ex, things have turned out much better than I could had ever imagined. In fact, had I known what the outcome would've been, I probably would've hurried my ex out the door the numerous times she threatened divorce prior.

Perhaps, it's because the movement is too young, that we don't hear from men who have gone through the divorce court gauntlet, come out on the other side, and stated it wasn't as bad as they had feared (or maybe it was!).

Obviously, it will be a mixed bag. I know it would had been more helpful for me to understand the aftermath.

I don't personally know a lot of divorced men myself, but the ones I do know, ended up trading in for a much better wife and are much happier now.

Anyway, I'm interested to hear some after-divorce reports. Obviously, the process itself is hell, and perhaps for some years after.

Are RPChristian men much better off in the end?

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Amnon, the Sister-Raper

In 2 Samuel 13:1-22, it tells of the story of Amnon, David's son, who rapes his half-sister Tamar. I've read the story many times, but some new realizations have come up based on life experience.

  1. Amnon is a prince
  2. Amnon lives in a world where he can marry more than one wife
  3. He still chose to rape his sister

Even, Jonadab, a very crafty man, states the praise: "O son of the king."

And still Amnon wanted to fuck his sister! Was he just so ugly and had such bad game that he could not find a woman equally beautiful than his own sister?

Being the son of a king, he could've probably gotten two or three just as hot or hotter. His brother, Solomon, didn't seem to have any shortage of beautiful women to marry. 

And then once he rapes his sister, it seems he didn't marry her, which is what I'm guessing is what she meant by putting her away. Verse 15 states:

Then Amnon hated her with very great hatred, so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her. And Amnon said to her, “Get up! Go!”

Yikes. There are men that exist like that in this world. How quickly they turn from worship to complete hate.

It reminds me of the people who so quickly turned hateful toward those whom they once loved (ie. ex Bears, ex Voxers, The mutant in 300, the archvillian in the Incredibles).

No. I'm Not Talking About You.

When I am talking about my thought process. I am actually just talking about MY thought process. Not yours. Not the world's. Not anyone elses'. Just mine.

One of the things that is difficult to understand with the SSH, is that Vox Day is not trying to state necessarily that one classification is superior to another. Since Vox Day's SSH seems to stem from the standard Alpha/Beta model which DOES seem to indicate which is "better," I suppose it is not surprising that people would take this same valuation mindset to Vox Day's SSH.

Of course, there are classifications that are undesirable. Gammas. Oooo the hated Gammas. It has become so hated, it has turned into rhetoric that is used as quickly as "racist" by liberals, even in Social Galactic. Whether true or not is not relevant as the context of the word being used is Rhetoric and not Dialectic.

If I were Vox, there has to be a sense of pride that he essentially created, out of nowhere, a brand new rhetorical attack that never had existed prior. It seems this one has staying power too. Gamma!

With this belief that one class is "better" than another, in my attempts to articulate my thought process which seems to fit Vox Day's description of a Sigma, there is a belief by outsiders that I am somehow trying to declare myself "superior" to other classes.

Yes. I have a little contempt for the SSH, and naturally toward Alphas, Gammas, Omegas, and any other individual who feels compelled to follow its pointless rules. But I also recognize, that my perception of its usefulness relates to my own unique circumstances. I do not write from your perspective with your unique, God given, abilities, wants, desires, past history, etc.

Unless you're independently wealthy with "fuck me" money (which is the next level above "fuck you" money), then absolutely not, you should not be having the same mindset as me. In fact, most people would be wise to NOT do what I do. In all likelihood it will turn out really bad for them and they won't recover.

But you're all adults. I don't need to tell you that, nor ever claimed you should be following my half-baked advice (if I do give any or you perceive I do).

Unfortunately, what happens repeatedly is that individuals who read my honest account of my thought process as being OUGHTS or how things SHOULD be. Just because I state how things ARE in my mind, doesn't necessarily mean I believe it morally SHOULD be that way for every single person in the whole wide world. I already know I am one good argument away from being completely wrong.

This post came out of me thinking writing about the unique difficulties that my ex-wife faced when she was married to me (a Sigma). I will continue this thought process in the next post.

Now I Understand Why Vox Day Doesn't Blog About Personal Matters

First, I will admit that the titles I chose scream Gamma. They are click-batey and scream for attention:

Yes. I chose the titles to be intentionally provocative. So anyone who reads the posts and subsequently calls me a Gamma is understandable correct on their instincts, especially when they are not familiar with my other posts or my successes in life (and assume I'm bragging rather than just explaining objective facts). 

No. I did not choose the titles because I have a deep longing for your approval. I've been writing for years with probably no-one reading my blog and making VodCasts with minimal viewers.

I write the blog primarily for myself (this is how I process), for my children and grand children (should I die unexpectedly), and for any other person who will happen to be in similar situations as me that may find my posts useful. Maybe the audience for that is ten people. My wife doesn't even read my blog really. I haven't met any people in real life that read my blog daily, and if I did meet them, it would be kind of weird for me.

I am surrounded by enough independently wealthy people that it is not considered bragging when you talk about your own success or their success in life. It's just a fact. I don't suffer from envy and immediately get triggered when someone talks about their own success. In fact, I'm interested to hear their stories because perhaps I can learn from them. It's probably a reason why successful people don't discuss their success in a public forum, because inevitably, you get the envious who falsely accuse the author of bragging or lying in order to cover up some underlying insecurity the author must have. The bottom feeders are projecting how they would act and feel should they be in the same successful position as the author.

Owen Benjamin and Vox Day get this same response all the time when they discuss their successes and high IQ. It doesn't surprise me at all if I'm getting the same reaction considering my IQ is lower than theirs.

The reality is that there are so few Sigmas that exist in the SSH and they rarely care enough to write about their inner monologue, that I'm probably the only self-professed Sigma that writes very personal stuff in his personal blog.

(If you know of anyone else, please let me know. Vox Day intentionally does not write about personal stuff, understandably.)

I have another friend who I would categorize a Sigma as well. He's incredibly intelligent and capable, and he doesn't need the SSH to be successful nor really cares. In fact, he had incredible success prior to some unfortunate events that he didn't have control over. He will recover out of nowhere and have one of the most beautiful women in the room and everyone will be scratching their head saying, "Where the hell did he come from?" It won't surprise me one bit because I know him.

Sigmas and Omegas operate outside of the SSH. Sigmas obtain success because of their genetic talents. Omegas, unfortunately, simply were not gifted as such and probably just had given up.

One major tell of a Gamma is that they lie to themselves and lie to others. I do not lie. I tell the Truth relentlessly. My blog is a testament to that.

And of course, I get criticism because I'm writing about myself so much. These individuals are complete buffoons. I am writing about my personal stuff on my own personal blog that they chose to visit and read. The web address to my site is literally: BLOG.JEFFERSONKIM.COM

Where else would it be appropriate for me to write about my personal thoughts? I am not writing my personal thoughts or trying to hijack Vox Day's blog or Owen Benjamin's streams. Vox Day and Owen Benjamin rightly kick out the spergs that try to make it about themselves on other people's blogs/streams. Everyone goes to Vox Day's blog to hear Vox Day's thoughts. They go to Owen Benjamin's streams because they want to hear Owen Bejamin's thoughts.

You go to my blog to. . .  read my thoughts.

Owen Benjamin goes deep into his own psyche and I love it. It helps me to understand and relate on a tangible level. My only desire for Vox Day is for me to hear more of his inner monologue about personal matters in his life. Of course, knowing his position and how many enemies he has, it would be unwise. It is humorous, that even the very individual who defined the terms Gamma & Sigma in relation to the SSH, is accused of being a Gamma when he explains he is a Sigma.

The ankle-biting never ends. The stupidity never ends. Of course, Vox Day stopped writing in AlphaGamePlan.com and doesn't regret it at all. Vox Day literally tried to help create a blog to help those lower in the SSH understand themselves and improve, and instead got inundated with "what about me?" and attacks on his character based on projected insecurities they think Vox Day must have.

I understand the blessings of not being famous or super intelligent. The level of retardation I face is still within manageable levels so it doesn't really change what I would write. I know I am nowhere as gifted as they are. I'm not trying to become ultra famous.

But, man. I would not want to be in the same place as Vox Day and Owen Benjamin. I prefer enjoying the fruits of their labor, without having to suffer the costs they've had to endure.

The Most Popular Sigma in High School

The degree to which I don't give a shit about the social hierarchy can be summed up in the nickname that people have given to me over the years in various circles, "The Jefferson."

My community group leader in Mars Hill, Orange County, labelled me the Honey Badger. He was referring to this video.

When I was in college, I received a prophetic vision. I ran in Charismaniac circles. The vision consisted of them seeing a wood-pecker on a tree. Yes. Persistent.

So, it comes to the surprise of pretty much everyone who knows me now how "popular" I was in high school. It is very surprising to many people who have known me in high school to see how much of an asshole I've become.

Though I did not excel in sports, I did excel in pretty much every other high school activity. The thought process I had when I was 13 years old consisted of me crying out to God, weeping in my basement bedroom about how I felt abandoned by my mother (she did when I was 11), and me declaring that I would not be a little pussy like those Lifetime dramas where the child mopes around blaming himself for his parents' divorce. I may not have a mother or father (who was physically and emotionally absent), but I had a Heavenly Father who loved me much more than they ever would. The lack of good, earthly parents could not be an excuse.

I made a promise to myself I would push myself as hard as I could, even if I felt social fear, because in the end, I would probably never see any of these jokers again after college.

Awkward? Embarrassment? It's not like I didn't feel it in the deep of my stomach, or with the heating of my face. But I swallowed the fear and pushed it down. I steamed forward in whatever endeavor, failure or success, it didn't matter. I'd give it a go no matter what.

I did exactly that, pursuing every activity I could get my hands on. Success came my way in pretty much everything I involved myself in.

  • Jazz Band, Lead Trombone
  • Concert Band, Lead Euphonium
  • Student Body, Junior Senator
  • Student Body, Treasurer (Probably could had been President, but I didn't want to compete against my friend)
  • Lead Actor as Billy in the Musical, "Anything Goes"
  • Co-Lead in a One-Act play with one other Co-Lead
  • President of the Honor's Society
  • Homecoming Prince (of 5 dudes out of about 500 in my Senior Class)
  • All-State & All-Northwest Bands
  • Honors Classes
  • Leading a Worship band for a Christian ministry that met during lunches
In my Junior Year of high school Year Book, I was in the most pictures of everyone. There's an index that you can use to locate people, and I made it my goal be in the most "clubs" that I could have pictures in. I succeeded.

I am quick-witted and could joke around. I always greeted everyone I knew in the hallway by name. I didn't care if it felt awkward. I didn't want myself hindered by feelings of nervousness or concern if someone didn't like me. In fact, it became a game for me that for the shyer ones, I would make myself extra loud so they definitely could not ignore me.

This high school was predominantly White. The SE Asians typically stuck to themselves in their cliques. I never really associated with them at all preferring my band nerd friends. I was the only minority with the band nerds. All the rest of them were always White.

I don't think I have ever worked as hard in my entire life than I did while I was in high school. I got bloody noses constantly, and thanks to my irritable bowel syndrome, probably didn't have a solid stool my entire four years. For fuck's sake, I would go to zero period, just to play in a Jazz Band.

Based on the trajectory of my "popularity" and achievements of High School, I went ahead and joined a fraternity with the other "popular" friends from high school.

During the weekends, I would attend the Korean church youth groups where I would be surrounded entirely by Korean (some Fresh off the boat. Many sporting K-pop styles), and others who only hung out with SE Asians when they were in school. I was pretty much the only one, who during the school week, would not associate with other Koreans. I was an outsider when I was with the all-Korean youth group, that would often make Korean jokes that I didn't fully understand (because I didn't know Korean), or I felt a little bit of an outsider with the White cliques I was a part of being the only minority.

When the Koreans hosted the World Cup, all my Korean church friends were crazy excited, while I took a nap. When I have gotten into race wars with Puerto Ricans or Indians, they always resort to racial insults like chinky eyes, I'm somehow related to the North Korean leader, combing my face (this is an Indian insult) and sticking egg rolls up my ass. I find it more amusing they would think I give a shit.

I'm supposed to give a shit. Just like if I were to insult their races, they would get super offended. They're projecting. The thing is, I see how Korean immigrants act, and I'm frankly disgusted. They have to go back. Sink the damn ships. I'm in 100% support even if it means my own ass would have to go back. (I'm separating out the macro from the micro). Of course, I would ask for an exemption since I have four half-white children.

In High School, the thing that made me more popular was the fact that I was highly capable, and extremely friendly to everyone. Because I really didn't give a shit about what they thought about me, it freed me to take risks and eventually succeed in every endeavor. I was not afraid of failure. In fact, it got to a point where I would do an activity just to make sure I didn't enjoy it.

To those in the Social Hierarchy, they will state I am saying all the things above because this is my way to humble brag. Secretly, I long for the good 'ol days like Al Bundy in "Married with Children" when I was the high school quarterback and everyone loved me. But now, I am just a shoe salesman.

In fact, it is the opposite. I have complete contempt for the amount of time I wasted in high school doing all these activities that I assumed meant I was "successful." I wasn't an asshole because I didn't realize just how much I was lied to. I just went along with the narrative and played my role to the best of my ability.

My children will be home educated. Fuck high school. I hope it burns down. I have complete contempt toward all public high schools and all Universities. What a fucking waste of time.

Especially band. All the hours per week, probably 15 - 20 hours I WASTED to maintain the egos and funding of over-bloated music programs at public schools. If I had spent that time instead with my musically talented friends writing and developing music, we'd probably at least have some albums and money to show in return.

The smart move would had been doing four years of high school, with the last two years in their "head start" program that would give you a Associates Degree upon graduation. Today, I have no idea what the smart move would be. But fuck high school and all its meaningless Social Hierarchy games that I participated in.

Others think I am weird and strange

The Kurgan said something last night while calling me a pussy that resonated with me. He talked about how he thought Vox Day was originally something bad because of the posts Vox Day wrote, until he realized, that's just how Vox Day's mind works. He simply observes. His writing on matters and his observance doesn't necessarily mean he approves of them. The Kurgan made sure Vox Day knew a piece of his mind and was perhaps featured on his blog (though I couldn't locate it personally with my search).

I am concerned about this, because if The Kurgan, for whom I respect as a fighter and being mentioned on so many occasions by the Dark Lord himself, made this error in judgment simply by the writings, then how much easier it must be for the far less intelligent to consider my behaviors and writing to be that of a crazy person.

Vox Day has said as such that with the Communications Gap of 2 SD of IQ that genius and crazy are indistinguishable for the midwits and average IQ.

From what I recall, Vox Day states his IQ is 150. Based on my SAT scores and descriptions of midwits (who have 115), I believe I fall around the 130 range. I am on the bottom cusp of being able to comprehend what Vox Day says without thinking he's absolutely insane. I am smart enough to recognize the stupidity of the midwits and immediately identify their flawed reasoning.

I suppose you can consider me a "bridge" to connect the midwits to the 150s of this world. I think Owen Benjamin fills this gap much better and even Milo Yiannopoulos. I am but an observer whose views on the world changes based on the best arguments presented. I don't claim for a second I have any original thought as whenever I come to a EUREKA moment, I discover someone had already written about the exact same conclusions I had come to.

The only thing I can really contribute is my absurd identity and experiences which grants me a unique perspective to write from. My life is the only life I know (I thought it was normal), and it has only been through time that I have realized there is literally no one I can directly relate to or who has shared similar experiences as me in total.

I self identify as a Christian, that is pro Western Civilization. But, I have no roots, or race to back it up. It is an entirely cognitive choice I make based on all the other worse options out there. All my Korean/Asian college, church acquaintances rightly see me as being strange for disavowing my ethnic heritage in direct contrast to their own in-group preferences.

Me deciding to fight it out in the United States for 2033 is me declaring that I want my bi-racial children to adopt the Western Civilization culture. They certainly won't be accepted by the Koreans, definitely not the Europeans, so Idaho it is.

Two additional occurrences recently happened which emphasized the "strangeness" of my behavior as perceived by Normies.


The first occurrence was me asking a simple question in the /r/Japan subreddit forum regarding my research into the Japanese pedophile culture. The post has since been deleted, but here is my question, and you will see the responses.

To me this seemed like a simple question, but for the vast majority of users in that forum, they thought I wanted to know about it so I could gain permission to actually do it. Lower posts answered the question honestly without assuming I was only asking the question because I wanted to partake in the action myself. These were the kinds of answers I was looking for.

Now granted, this is Reddit. AND the subreddit of Japan, so in hindsight, the immediate finger pointing and screeching should not be too surprising. I'm picturing numerous furry fans with hair dyed an unnatural hair color. As Vox Day's 2nd rule applies, "SJW's Always Project."

Still, I have not been on Facebook really posting for about two years and have generally been disconnected with these kind of imbecilic people, so it was mildly funny. Also, after the 2016 Presidential election, most of my more triggered prone "friends" unfollowed me. Perhaps you can also add "Gammas Always Project" and stupid people always project. Maybe everyone projects a little.


The other incident relates to me creating a blog documenting and communicating my investigation toward my ex-wife's church aiding her in the unbiblical divorce and theft of my children.

There are multiple components why me creating RonnieGarcia.org seems insane:

  1. Most people don't know how easy and cheap ($14.99/year) it is to buy domain names
  2. Most people don't know how easy and cheap (free) it is to link the domain with Google Analytics and Tumblr
  3. Most people find it incredibly difficult and time consuming to write blogs.
  4. Most people are part of the Social Hierarchy and would be concerned about ostracism

Just like The Kurgan and Vox Day, those who know me, know that these are things I just do for fun and are easy for me to do. I have been writing fairly extensively even in a diary form since high school. If you take my writings since high school until the end of 2017 (1999 - 2017), which spans about 18 years, you would have a book with 127,048 words. The average adult book is 90,000 words.

I wasn't even consistently writing during that time either because I was also recording podcasts onto YouTube for a short time as well. If you transcribed those as well, it would be quite a bit longer.

Also, it's not as though I haven't created web pages for other people who have wronged me in the past either. I have made numerous YouTube videos for various other organizations and individuals calling them out.

This is just what I do for fun.

For them to do what I did seems like pure madness because of the amount of effort and expense they would have to do if they were to do the same things I did.


Ever since a child, I've always had a knack for detecting bullshit. I won't go into all the examples, but will jump to after my two years in Active Duty, Air Force (now that was a bullshit cluster!).

When I started running hotels in 2007 near Disneyland, California, my job was primarily calling people out on their bullshit. Bullshit from my managers. Bullshit from customers. Bullshit from vendors. Bullshit from employees. A constant stream of bullshit that was my job to call bullshit on.

Many of the churches I went to in that area I found I simply could not relate to them. I was a business owner. I was the boss. Because I was the primary bullshit caller, I was also the one who had to tell the truth. Liars would hate me for it because I would unapologetically call them on their bullshit and actually get quite angry that they thought I was dumb enough to fall for their bullshit.

And so, when I went to these churches and found myself surrounded by more bullshit, liars, and fake people, I could not connect with them. I had no time for that, and I had plenty of bullshit I had to deal with at work.

During my entire time in Orange County, CA, which spanned about 10 years, I didn't really connect with other truth tellers. An entire area of fake, plastic liars more concerned about maintaining their image than speaking truth. There were a handful that I recognized as truth speakers: an organizer of LAN parties (who owned his own business), my neighbor who was a sniper in the Vietnam War, one of my managers who was a Sri Lankan immigrant, and a Christian Nationalist who introduced me to Vox Day (involved in a family business, so quasi business owner like me).

To illustrate how fake these churches were, I will refer to the Orange County plant, Mars Hill Church which was headed by Mark Driscoll. Though not necessarily reflective of the Seattle culture, in Orange County, people would tell me how shocked they would be to hear how brutally truthful and honest I was in the small groups when the men and women split off. Considering a lot of them work in corporations, government, or salespeople, I suppose I could understand they aren't used to being around people who speak truth.

Why would I beat around the bush? We're in a small group. I don't give a shit what these guys think of me nor the reputation I need to maintain. I never cared what anyone thought about me. Why would I start now in these small groups where we were under the blood of Christ? Logos. Truth. Light. Grace.

I have never needed the Social Hierarchy to be successful. I had contempt for the Social Hierarchy in churches because they were always built on lies that consisted of these bizarre rituals that seemed to have no clear benefit except boosting someone's ego. For what reason would I want to compromise myself and suffer with fake people and lies more than I need to?

It probably wasn't until I reached Puerto Rico where I started meeting people who were independently wealthy and simply spoke truth. Pretty much all of them aren't Christian, but they are not at all uncomfortable speaking about things as the way they are.

Now the flip side of being independently wealthy and not giving a fuck about other's opinions means that generally, we are not as driven to create a new social hierarchy of truth speakers. We just kind of do our own things, and every once in a while we will have a meetup where we don't feel like we need to bullshit to each other to impress one another.

Still, of all the people that I know, none of them write blogs like I do. To be fair, it seems most of my independently wealthy acquaintances in Puerto Rico just post on Facebook, and allow Facebook be their de-facto blog. Because of my contempt for Facebook, I can't gather the effort to restart posting there, and in any case, most of my posts are infused with Christian ideology which they reject anyway.

I haven't found anyone on the island that regularly reads Vox Day's blog.

What has the cost been for me to reject social hierarchies or to even outright call them out? I get kicked out, and it has absolutely no impact on my life whatsoever.

Where are all the people in my past that I have called out as liars and deceivers?

A blip in my past that has absolutely no bearing for my current family today or their future. When I get to Idaho, I will definitely be making much more effort to create connections in the community.

My rejection of Social Hierarchies was very difficult for my ex-wife during our marriage. I think Vox Day talks about this with wives who are married to Sigmas. My ex-wife wasn't very happy that I would essentially nuke every church we went to or that I would become eventually disgusted with (for their lack of truthfulness, I realize now). Eventually, she ended up going to churches on her own because I figured it was better for me to not "rock the boat" with my discerning mind to call out bullshit.

We know how that turned out for me. I suppose if I cared more about keeping a foolish, rebellious, woman who hates the truth, I could be criticized. But, in fact, they did me a favor and I'm much better off without her.

I acknowledge I could be held responsible for not leading her better, but it's clear by now that she's always hated the Truth and was never teachable with the degree she completely destroyed her own life and continues to do so now. The rest of her life will be a testament to how unteachable she was and will continue to be.

I can already hear all the soyboys out there reading my post, shaking their head saying how sorry they feel for me and that I must be so lonely. That's them, once again, projecting.

I have not found my mental state really deteriorate since the Quarantine in mid March. My only annoyance is that I can't train BJJ and travel with my new, nubile wife. But other than that, it's freed me up much more time to write in my blog, focus on work, and plan for my compound in Idaho.

Of course, I am a freak. I'm certainly not "normal." Normies think I'm crazy. I understand their perception of me better. It makes me want to interact with them even less. I want to be left alone to pursue the things that interest me, make me money, and provide a future for my children.

I long to be on my homestead compound where I can raise my children in peace, in Truth, and to prepare for 2033.

Friday, September 18, 2020

I'm Probably Wrong

I find myself basically parroting Vox Day for most of what I believe. Either I came to my own conclusions, and then later discover that he had written about the very same subject years ago, or what he says rings true to my experience.

I am always one good argument away from changing my mind.

I will hold two contradictory ideas and make them fight against each other.

This blog is a reflection of half-baked case I can make for the most ridiculous scenarios. I want to be proven wrong.

I don't expect anyone to take my words too seriously. I would rather point others toward those who have a demonstrably better track record for Truth. I just type like I would in a live stream, and what comes out comes out. I do relatively little editing. Fire, miss, adjust, fire, miss, adjust.

I'm not one of those whose statements have been time-tested (Lindy Effect). I am failing toward success.

Maybe in the midst of the Chaos that is in my mind that someone will find some random blog post through the search history beneficial. Maybe a nugget of Truth, or an angle they hadn't thought of will bring greater clarity to whatever situation you are in.

I'm living my life in real-time, and failing. I fall down, I get up again, and move forward. My children can read my blog and learn from my mistakes. Maybe they won't read my blog. Whatever the case may be, I am compelled to write even if no one reads my blog.

I just wish I could be reading a blog written by me that is ten years in the future so I don't make the same mistakes my future self did.

But that's not how life works. And so I just write and write all the junk that's in my brain, and maybe something is worthwhile for someone (or no one).

And so I was honored to be called out today by The Kurgan to defend my post on "How Would Polygany and Polygamy help Colombia?"

I know my opinion on this doesn't even matter. Why did I go through all the trouble looking up the statistics? I just find the entire concept amusing. It's like writing a Science Fiction or fantasy novel and thinking up some of the most wacky situations possible, but they involve real life.

What would happen if Colombia suddenly legalized polygamy?

I find the entire premise entertaining to consider, perhaps because I have fantasized about such a concept.

This is the same thing that occurs for those who discuss Anarcho-Capitalist societies and how they would look. They are operating in fiction. It will never happen.

Yet, one cannot stop the mind from desiring to enter into the realm of the scandalous. That's what I enjoy doing. I suppose you can call it mental masturbation.

And when I was honored by the Kurgan to challenge me on my half-baked idea, what did I do? I bent the knee. So that's the degree of seriousness you should take my posts.

Take everything I post with a grain of salt. Verify everything. I am not intending to be intellectually rigorous in my posts. Truth will stand on its own without me clowning all over it.

Don't take me too seriously. I don't take myself seriously either.

One commentator on the video mentioned something quite entertaining. I can't find it exactly but it goes something like this:

Jefferson Kim is an Asian  living in Puerto Rico posting in "The Men of the West."

That is how absurd my identity is.

I am also an United States Air Force Officer. So I am the epitome of the Civic Nationalist wet dream. I am a TRUE American. 

- My parents invaded America

- I took one of the white girls for my wife

- impregnated her with four of my bi-racial spawn

- made millions thanks to cheap, Mexican labor and Chinese money

- Profited through over-leveraged gambles in hotel investment 

- moved to Puerto Rico where I got divorced

- remarried a Colombian National

- Will have more bi-racial children

- Buyout a good, hard-working, white American family in Idaho for their land

- Build my survival compound, homestead

- Survive through the incoming 2033 collapse with all the American guns and bullets I can muster


God, I love America. Too bad my success epitomizes everything about why it will soon be collapsing.

Voxian Heresies (Oldie but Goodie from 2007)

I only wish I was reading Vox Day's blog 13 years ago. All of these seem common sense to me now, but I wonder how I would had reacted 13 years ago after reading through the arguments in more detail.

~ Thou shalt engage in name calling

Jesus Christ and the Paul apostle both did likewise, ergo there's nothing inherently wrong there. I note that Paul was particularly inclined towards sarcasm.

~ Thou shalt engage others in arguments

Jesus apparently enjoyed this, as he often did so in public. Again, I see no contradiction here.

~ Thou shalt use vulgarities

There is one verse about rough speech, but in general, the Christian is commanded is to avoid making vows, blaspheming against the Holy Spirit or taking the Lord's name in vain. There's nothing about the inherent sin of using old Anglo-Saxon terms for defecation or fornication.

~ Thou shalt joke when commenting on tragedy (1st VT post)

Since when is humor off limits, either for Christians or anyone else? It wasn't directed at the victims or their families anyhow.

~ Thou shalt, kinda, sorta, support Polygamy

Which both the Old and the New Testament do, in my opinion and the opinion of many theologians. Certainly this single marriage divorce culture doesn't seem to be working out very well.

~ Thou shalt condone hitting women (in the right context)

Self-defense is approved in the Bible.

~ Thou shalt not necessarily turn the other cheek

Yes, I think this is a flaw. My opinion is based far more on my training than my faith.

~ Thou shalt not necessarily be meek

Or poor. The meek are blessed, there's no commandment to go forth and be meek.

~ Thou shalt enjoy violent video games

Yes, so what? It's not real violence, you know.

~ Thou shalt view God as a super being whose ways are only good because he says so.

You'll have to take that one up with Him. I'm basically just repeating what He said.

~ Thou shalt consume alcoholic beverages

You know that Jesus Christ made wine, right? And also told us to drink it in remembrance of him. Seriously, whatever faith you lost truly doesn't appear to be Christianity, but some bastard half-breed Churchianity.

~ Thou shalt not support marriage

Except for Christians. Why should non-Christians pay any attention to a Christian sacrement anyhow, or make promises when they don't believe in a universal standard of truth.

~ Thou shalt not support the equal rights of women

Nope. Show me where Christian doctrine does. And, as someone has already pointed out, voting isn't a right. If it was, it couldn't be taken away from you for committing a felony.

~ Thou shall not support multiculturalism

And where does it say thou shalt? Anyhow, multiculturalism is an abomination before the Western cultural tradition, which derives from Christianity. You can support cliterectomies for all the girls if you want, I shall continue to refuse to do so.

~ Thou shalt enjoy the material pleasures of the world

God made the world. He loves it. Why shouldn't we, subject only to His strictures?

~ Thou shalt allow the above, and worse, to be done by others in the name of libertarianism.

God has the power to impose His will any time He wants and yet He refuses to do so in the name of allowing us our free will. Who am I to put myself in a position that God Himself does not.

Why You Will Fail in Finding a Wife in Colombia

You may decide it's better to have four wives because there are so many eager women. And if you don't believe in taking multiple wives, you may just decide to throw the entire marriage thing out the window since no one seems to care down there and choose to fornicate with numerous women.

I can't speak from personal experience, but based on the results I received from spending only one full day at a time, my stable would had been quite full if I spent even a month there continuously. I have numerous friends I have talked with and they confirm the eagerness of the women in Colombia (my friends are handsome, younger than me, quick witted, and make a decent independent living).

My personal circumstances forced me to be focused in my search for a wife. There are immigration concerns as well for access to the United States and I still have four children that I could not simply abandon.

I would say that if I didn't have four children to look over, I would without any question had setup my headquarters in Colombia and most likely would had fallen into the temptation of the revolving door and wasted numerous years of my life no better than a masturbating monkey before tiring of it, like Roosh V, and coming back to God.

After coming from that lifestyle, I probably would had moved toward Polygamy, and raising my children in Colombia. I probably would never leave. Once you commit to four wives, it will be legally impossible for you to bring all of them, including all your children, to live with you in the United States.

On the other hand, considering Vox Day's 2033 is coming up with the breakup of the United States, maybe that won't be such a bad thing.

Red Pill Christian Discord Server

I just joined the Red Pill Christian Discord server. You can join the link here.

I don't know anything about it and I'm just entering their world (though it seems I've been in their world and just didn't know it).

How Much Did I Spend to Find a Colombian Girlfriend? (Answer: ~$15,000)

If you read my series on how I found a Colombian wife, I mentioned that I spent about $10,000 to select my girlfriend who eventually became my wife. The $10,000 only refers to the plane tickets, lodging, food, and gifts I paid for the 9 or so total trips to Colombia or flying them to me. I am not including the enjoyment and trips I had with my girlfriend after we became "steady."

It's actually probably a little more, so I will try and break it down to give you a better idea:

1) Round Trip Plane Tickets

9x @ $858.15 = $7,723.35

2) Gifts to Prospects

3x @ $1,000 = $3,000.00

1x @ $500 = $500

3) Lodging

2 Nights x 9 Trips @ $60/night = $1,080

4) Food

2 Nights x @ $100/night x 9 Trips = $1,800

5) Punta Cana Trip

Private Boat = $500

Other Activities = ~$500

OK, so it's closer to $15,000. I primarily estimated the pricing, but it gives you the idea of how to do it the way when you are limited to only one full day in Colombia each time. I had visitation with my children I did not want to miss, so I had to keep my stays very short.

From reading the blogs and connecting with the Facebook groups, the expats who stay in Colombia for months, spend a LOT less money than I do. The average salary there is around $300/month. You can probably read their blogs if you want to spend a month there to get a sense of the vibe.

Money changed its meaning when my children were ripped away suddenly. It all became relative. I was also paying $6,000/month for child support during this time, so compared to that, my expenses did not seem as expensive.

How Would Polygany and Polygamy help Colombia?

Without the artificial constructs of Family Law imposing Asset Rape, alimony, and child support, as you see in countries like Colombia, you see a higher value placed upon faithful Deltas and Betas. They are so prized that many unmarried women, depending on their circumstances, are eager to steal the husbands away. This is well known.

When considering their circumstances, I can understand where they are coming from. Without the State artificially forcing unhappy men to remain with their unhappy wives, men are more willing to leave their unpleasant wives to a woman who promises to be pleasing to them. There is no fear of the punishment of the State that keeps these men attached.

Marriage is so low in Colombia that 84% of the Colombian children are born out of wedlock. This is in comparison to 21.9% for non-Hispanic whites in the United States. For non-Hispanic blacks, it's 69.3%, Hispanics it's 41.6%, and Asians, it's 15.6%. (Source)

Even for the average Hispanic in the United States, Colombia's children born out of wedlock is more than double.

At 84%, that means essentially that a woman who has twenty friends that had one baby each, only 3 of the 20 births, would had been birthed in marriage. The remaining 17, would be with an unmarried girlfriend with her boyfriend, that you probably don't think will last very long anyway.

Suddenly, the social stigma of having a baby outside of marriage is the norm. This is a complete flip as you see with Asians and Whites who would see something like this as being completely scandalous here in the United States (obviously not so much with Hispanics and Blacks).

The other thing that is unique to Colombia over the United States is that cohabiting 2 years of more will be considered de facto marital union:

The primary legal developments regarding cohabitation occurred between 1968 and 2005, when several laws were adopted to legally increase the security of cohabiting unions and the offspring of those unions. Cecilia’s Law in 1968 was the first to regulate cohabitation. This law established paternal legal recognition of children born out of wedlock, offered legal protection to those children and established paternal responsibility for their children. Law 29/1987 equalized the inheritance rights of “legitimate” and “illegitimate” children (Echeverry de Ferrufi no 1984 ). Law 54/1990 established the legal defi nition of a consensual union as a “union between a man and a woman that, without being married, constitute a unique and permanent community of life.” In addition, this law regulated the property governance between permanent partners: a property society is established when the de facto marital union exceeds a period of no less than 2 years of co-residence between a man and a woman with or without the legal impediment of marrying.

From 1973 to 2005, the percentage of 25-29 year old cohabiting women increased from 20% to 66%. In 2010, the cohabitation rate was 73.6%. When looking at the younger age demographics, the percent that are cohabiting is even higher:

When looking at the cohabiting rates with other Latin American countries, Colombia does not seem to be a major outlier as many other nearby countries match the rates.

If there is a Delta/Beta in a society like this, the Delta is being tempted constantly by women who want to steal him away. Because of the societal norms that the Delta can only have one partner, whether in marriage or in a civil union, the Delta is not able to select more than one wife to support. He has to pick only one. It would be considered shameful to the woman if she accepts the husband to have a mistress.

If looking at this from an economic perspective, you essentially have a major Supply/Demand problem. There is relatively a small number of men who can financially support a family, and there is a large group of women seeking the small pool of men. Perhaps you can say there is 1 reliable Beta/Delta male for every 4 women in need of financial support. I am completely making up the ratio, and with the influx of Venezuelan women, it's probably even larger.

All the women who are 9s and 8s will be able to have no problem finding a solid Beta/Delta. You will have only a partial percentage of 7s, and a huge glut of 6s that are having to fight for the remaining Beta/Deltas who haven't been snatched up by the 9s and 8s.

Once all the Beta/Deltas have been claimed by one woman, the remaining 7s/6s are forced to try to steal away the claimed Beta/Deltas. I think the 1s - 5s have pretty much given up if they are looking for a man who can give them financial stability.

Because there is not an accepted, cultural option that allows for Polygany (or even legally for that matter), the reliable Beta/Deltas are not able to fulfill the excess Demand. It is unlikely that the Supply of Beta/Deltas will be increasing either. It is possible that because of the excess Demand, that you could have a Beta/Delta completely content living the life of a functional Alpha with the glut of 6s, and occasional 7s, at his disposal.

Should Polygany be accepted into law, it would increase the "Supply" by allowing the reliable Beta/Deltas to marry excess 6s/7s in the system. You may only need, on average, of each Beta/Delta taking on one additional wife.

Once this occurs, then the 6s that would normally be attempting to steal husbands away from monogamous relationships, would instead be focused on trying to become second wives. Also, they would stop trying to get Alpha Fucks. Alphas will always be Alphas. But the issue of an overabundance of ready, and willing 6s for marriage would be better reached. Functional Alphas, would most likely convert to faithful Delta/Betas as their easy 6s dry up.

The question is what would be the better alternative for the 6s - 1s right now? Being financially supported by a faithful Delta/Beta as an additional wife, or trying to "steal" husbands from existing wives and riding the penis carousel among functional Alphas? They are not left with many good options.

Also, should Polygany be allowed, even for foreigners, what you would probably see is an influx of Gringos flying to Colombia to start their multi-wife households. Considering that the average monthly wage is $310/month in the United States, it would not be very difficult for pensioners and men in retirement being able to afford this dream. Remote working is becoming more popular, they would also be able to make it happen if they should choose.

Of course, I'm not sure how you would convince these men to settle for just 2 or 4 wives, when they can essentially live as a playboy with a harem in the current Colombian market. I suppose, children are important, and as the man providing for her, you don't want to be raising children from other men.

The bonus effect of this would be that the Supply of desperate Delta/Betas in the United States to please the spoiled 6s would diminish greatly and American women will increase their appreciation for the Delta/Betas who remain.