Friday, September 18, 2020

How I Found a Colombian Wife Through and Why Colombians Are Better Than Americans

In the United States, Deltas and Betas are treated like shit by their rebellious wives who use divorce as a weapon to keep their husbands from exercising their headship. The rebellious wives all have their own divorced friends and other wives who encourage one another to be even more rebellious, ungrateful cunts to their hard working husbands.

When the Deltas and Betas eventually get kicked to the curb, they get asset raped, lose their children, and then pay child support and alimony. When they try to find a new woman halfway attractive, they are laughed at as all the 6s are getting inundated by Chads and attempt to fuck Alphas.

The default state of male-female dynamics has always been without the interference of the State in terms of Asset Rape, alimony, and child support, except within the last forty years. The law and Feminism has absolutely poisoned the attitudes of women to making it almost impossible for a Christian man to find a good, submissive wife. Everything has become inverted.

Colombia does not have a very developed family law system (essentially non-existant) and so the women in Colombia have not been entirely corrupted by the perverse incentive structures. Marriage is not common, and faithful Deltas and Betas interested in raising a family and being married are exceptionally rare. They are prized and valued in Colombia.

Because of how prized the Deltas and Betas are, it is common for other women to attempt to try and steal them from their wives. Hence, there is a culture where the wives try to please their husbands out of fear that their husbands will be stolen by another woman.

If you are a Delta or Beta seriously looking for a wife, your mind will be blown by the quality of women that are interested in you, especially compared to what you would typically find in the United States.

Here's a video of me trying to process through the final conclusion you just read above:

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