Friday, September 18, 2020

I'm Probably Wrong

I find myself basically parroting Vox Day for most of what I believe. Either I came to my own conclusions, and then later discover that he had written about the very same subject years ago, or what he says rings true to my experience.

I am always one good argument away from changing my mind.

I will hold two contradictory ideas and make them fight against each other.

This blog is a reflection of half-baked case I can make for the most ridiculous scenarios. I want to be proven wrong.

I don't expect anyone to take my words too seriously. I would rather point others toward those who have a demonstrably better track record for Truth. I just type like I would in a live stream, and what comes out comes out. I do relatively little editing. Fire, miss, adjust, fire, miss, adjust.

I'm not one of those whose statements have been time-tested (Lindy Effect). I am failing toward success.

Maybe in the midst of the Chaos that is in my mind that someone will find some random blog post through the search history beneficial. Maybe a nugget of Truth, or an angle they hadn't thought of will bring greater clarity to whatever situation you are in.

I'm living my life in real-time, and failing. I fall down, I get up again, and move forward. My children can read my blog and learn from my mistakes. Maybe they won't read my blog. Whatever the case may be, I am compelled to write even if no one reads my blog.

I just wish I could be reading a blog written by me that is ten years in the future so I don't make the same mistakes my future self did.

But that's not how life works. And so I just write and write all the junk that's in my brain, and maybe something is worthwhile for someone (or no one).

And so I was honored to be called out today by The Kurgan to defend my post on "How Would Polygany and Polygamy help Colombia?"

I know my opinion on this doesn't even matter. Why did I go through all the trouble looking up the statistics? I just find the entire concept amusing. It's like writing a Science Fiction or fantasy novel and thinking up some of the most wacky situations possible, but they involve real life.

What would happen if Colombia suddenly legalized polygamy?

I find the entire premise entertaining to consider, perhaps because I have fantasized about such a concept.

This is the same thing that occurs for those who discuss Anarcho-Capitalist societies and how they would look. They are operating in fiction. It will never happen.

Yet, one cannot stop the mind from desiring to enter into the realm of the scandalous. That's what I enjoy doing. I suppose you can call it mental masturbation.

And when I was honored by the Kurgan to challenge me on my half-baked idea, what did I do? I bent the knee. So that's the degree of seriousness you should take my posts.

Take everything I post with a grain of salt. Verify everything. I am not intending to be intellectually rigorous in my posts. Truth will stand on its own without me clowning all over it.

Don't take me too seriously. I don't take myself seriously either.

One commentator on the video mentioned something quite entertaining. I can't find it exactly but it goes something like this:

Jefferson Kim is an Asian  living in Puerto Rico posting in "The Men of the West."

That is how absurd my identity is.

I am also an United States Air Force Officer. So I am the epitome of the Civic Nationalist wet dream. I am a TRUE American. 

- My parents invaded America

- I took one of the white girls for my wife

- impregnated her with four of my bi-racial spawn

- made millions thanks to cheap, Mexican labor and Chinese money

- Profited through over-leveraged gambles in hotel investment 

- moved to Puerto Rico where I got divorced

- remarried a Colombian National

- Will have more bi-racial children

- Buyout a good, hard-working, white American family in Idaho for their land

- Build my survival compound, homestead

- Survive through the incoming 2033 collapse with all the American guns and bullets I can muster


God, I love America. Too bad my success epitomizes everything about why it will soon be collapsing.


  1. If you really think your success is something Americans would take as a harbinger of collapse, you need a new plan. As it is, you'll be surrounded by people who will be hostile to you- unless you are absolutely confident in their friendship.

    1. I am open to considering alternative options.

      I have about $60 million in real estate in the United States that can't simply just be liquidated due to various reasons.

      I was thinking about getting citizenship in Spain, since my wife is Colombian, but the acceptance of Spaniards toward my children will not be very good either. Plus, if I am not physically present to claim my real estate investments, they will most likely be taken adversely.

      I am seeing Idaho homestead as being the best of bad options.

      But, I am open to alternative options.

  2. Oh dear. If you have $60 million in paper claims, they're worthless. You'd be better off translating that into tangible assets- or better yet, actual money. Better to lose 50% of it than risk it all being taken.

    It's a little late in the game to jump into an entirely new culture. You might be better off staying with your wife's family in Columbia if they respect you. If they don't, or you eloped, watch out! No matter what you do, you need to make your decision- and stick with it. Some nationalists will accept a minority if they're the right religion and are ready to arm up- bluntly, few will accept a pussy. I don't think you are one, but I think you're confused. And you have very little time to get your head straight.