Sunday, September 20, 2020

Now I Understand Why Vox Day Doesn't Blog About Personal Matters

First, I will admit that the titles I chose scream Gamma. They are click-batey and scream for attention:

Yes. I chose the titles to be intentionally provocative. So anyone who reads the posts and subsequently calls me a Gamma is understandable correct on their instincts, especially when they are not familiar with my other posts or my successes in life (and assume I'm bragging rather than just explaining objective facts). 

No. I did not choose the titles because I have a deep longing for your approval. I've been writing for years with probably no-one reading my blog and making VodCasts with minimal viewers.

I write the blog primarily for myself (this is how I process), for my children and grand children (should I die unexpectedly), and for any other person who will happen to be in similar situations as me that may find my posts useful. Maybe the audience for that is ten people. My wife doesn't even read my blog really. I haven't met any people in real life that read my blog daily, and if I did meet them, it would be kind of weird for me.

I am surrounded by enough independently wealthy people that it is not considered bragging when you talk about your own success or their success in life. It's just a fact. I don't suffer from envy and immediately get triggered when someone talks about their own success. In fact, I'm interested to hear their stories because perhaps I can learn from them. It's probably a reason why successful people don't discuss their success in a public forum, because inevitably, you get the envious who falsely accuse the author of bragging or lying in order to cover up some underlying insecurity the author must have. The bottom feeders are projecting how they would act and feel should they be in the same successful position as the author.

Owen Benjamin and Vox Day get this same response all the time when they discuss their successes and high IQ. It doesn't surprise me at all if I'm getting the same reaction considering my IQ is lower than theirs.

The reality is that there are so few Sigmas that exist in the SSH and they rarely care enough to write about their inner monologue, that I'm probably the only self-professed Sigma that writes very personal stuff in his personal blog.

(If you know of anyone else, please let me know. Vox Day intentionally does not write about personal stuff, understandably.)

I have another friend who I would categorize a Sigma as well. He's incredibly intelligent and capable, and he doesn't need the SSH to be successful nor really cares. In fact, he had incredible success prior to some unfortunate events that he didn't have control over. He will recover out of nowhere and have one of the most beautiful women in the room and everyone will be scratching their head saying, "Where the hell did he come from?" It won't surprise me one bit because I know him.

Sigmas and Omegas operate outside of the SSH. Sigmas obtain success because of their genetic talents. Omegas, unfortunately, simply were not gifted as such and probably just had given up.

One major tell of a Gamma is that they lie to themselves and lie to others. I do not lie. I tell the Truth relentlessly. My blog is a testament to that.

And of course, I get criticism because I'm writing about myself so much. These individuals are complete buffoons. I am writing about my personal stuff on my own personal blog that they chose to visit and read. The web address to my site is literally: BLOG.JEFFERSONKIM.COM

Where else would it be appropriate for me to write about my personal thoughts? I am not writing my personal thoughts or trying to hijack Vox Day's blog or Owen Benjamin's streams. Vox Day and Owen Benjamin rightly kick out the spergs that try to make it about themselves on other people's blogs/streams. Everyone goes to Vox Day's blog to hear Vox Day's thoughts. They go to Owen Benjamin's streams because they want to hear Owen Bejamin's thoughts.

You go to my blog to. . .  read my thoughts.

Owen Benjamin goes deep into his own psyche and I love it. It helps me to understand and relate on a tangible level. My only desire for Vox Day is for me to hear more of his inner monologue about personal matters in his life. Of course, knowing his position and how many enemies he has, it would be unwise. It is humorous, that even the very individual who defined the terms Gamma & Sigma in relation to the SSH, is accused of being a Gamma when he explains he is a Sigma.

The ankle-biting never ends. The stupidity never ends. Of course, Vox Day stopped writing in and doesn't regret it at all. Vox Day literally tried to help create a blog to help those lower in the SSH understand themselves and improve, and instead got inundated with "what about me?" and attacks on his character based on projected insecurities they think Vox Day must have.

I understand the blessings of not being famous or super intelligent. The level of retardation I face is still within manageable levels so it doesn't really change what I would write. I know I am nowhere as gifted as they are. I'm not trying to become ultra famous.

But, man. I would not want to be in the same place as Vox Day and Owen Benjamin. I prefer enjoying the fruits of their labor, without having to suffer the costs they've had to endure.

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