Saturday, September 26, 2020

They really shouldn't be getting married and having children

After understanding and dismantling the argument of "Earl of Grey" to not get married and have children because the legal system is corrupt, he continues his spiral downward:

Probability is the mathematical description of how likely an event is to occur. A divorce rate for a particular demographic

describes how likely that group is to get divorced.

Your are not the first man I know with kids to get unbiblically divorced.

The fact you can’t find internet testimony of men who have had similar experiences or support groups doesnt indicate anything other than our cultures (christian church culture) disdain for men who get divorced. Men in the church who get divorced are often treated as if it is their fault, or as perpetrators. While women get treated as victims who deserve ‘gods best.’

Whether you declare having children was worth the pain has no bearing on whether the current legal system is immoral. 

To which I reply:

“Whether you declare having children was worth the pain has no bearing on whether the current legal system is immoral.”

Your inability to understand the argument I communicated to you in detail is alarming. As a result, I concede and am in complete agreement with you that you should never get married or have children.

The argument for a Christian man who does not have the gift of celibacy, to remain unmarried for the rest of their life makes no sense.

Most Christian men realize that their "passions" are too great and that they must get married. Christian ethics don't give men a lot of good options. Either be celibate, get married and have sex, or don't get married and fornicate the rest of your life. Those are not very good options, but Jesus never said His way was easy. It is the hardest way.

I will make the guess that most of these Christian men who choose to fornicate the rest of their life are not very high on the SSH anyway or don't take their Christian life all that seriously. I say this only from my experience with no-fap.

When you no-fap, your mind goes crazy for sex. If you believe sex outside of marriage is a sin against God and believe it sincerely, then the only logical conclusion is marriage. Fear gets pushed down by the overwhelming sex drive. I would even say reason and logic get thrown out as well. MUST PROCREATE!!!

The sex drive is so strong one could claim that the sex drive's power is to the degree of being suicidal.

If a Christian man is practicing no-fap, I don't think there should be any worry that he's lusting after marriage. If he's not lusting, then he may be gifted with celibacy.

If a Christian man is masturbating constantly which is the physiological reason why he doesn't lust for marriage, then that's a completely separate issue than the question of marriage. Maybe they're using their MGTOW as an excuse to masturbate.

In any case, I fully agree that if any man is so foolish and of low Christian character as to believe the MGTOW argument, then I 100% support their desire to not marry and have children.

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