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A Lot of Wasted Time Reading Stupid, Pentecostal Books

From about mid 2002 to the end of 2003, I read about 20 books besides classes. This may had been around the peak of my Charismaniac phase. I wrote a journal of the various books I read and my thoughts on them.

The AFI had a top 100 films of all time that I had watched quite a few. I wish Goodreads was around so I could've focused on the quality books. I simply had bad direction on what were the books I "should" read as a Christian.

I recall reading some books based on the recommendation of my Charismatic pastor which is where most of these come from. I still have respect for his true belief, but his recommended reading list definitely steered me in the wrong direction.

If I still owned these books, I may do a ceremonial book burning based on how disgusted I am now looking back at this.

UPDATE: OK, some weren't complete loser books. The Case for Faith was very beneficial to me and the Case for Christ.

Annacondia, Carlos.  Listen to Me, Satan. 


            FINISHED:     March 15, 2003

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

NOTES:          Inspiring book to read about God’s deliverance of people and helped me to see even more the spiritual warfare that’s taking place in today.



Best, Harold.  Music Through The Eyes of Faith.


            FINISHED:     Never

            REVIEW:        Not Recommended

            NOTES:          The book is way too long winded.  It also didn’t tell me any information that was like “oh wow, amazing.”



Boom, Corrie Ten.  The Hiding Place.


            FINISHED:     Late 2002.

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

            NOTES:          Incredible story about forgiveness!  And a great adventure too!



Brother Andrew.  God’s Smuggler.


            FINISHED:     June 10, 2003

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

NOTES:          A book about extreme and radical faith.  Brother Andrew prayed and waited in expectancy for the Lord to answer.  This book challenged me in many ways on how I looked toward God’s action in a modern world.



Brother Yun.  The Heavenly Man


            FINISHED:     August, 2003

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

            NOTES:          The amazing testimonies contained in this book will blow your mind.  If you don’t think miracles happen today, like ones that can’t be explained away, then read this book.



Fee, Gordon D.  Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God.


            FINISHED:     July 27, 2003

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

NOTES:          God used this book to teach me right after field training on the airplane about the fruits of the spirit being only possible by the spirit.  In other words, if I didn’t have the Spirit, then I wouldn’t be able to express those fruits.  The true joy and hope I experienced would not had been possible without the Spirit living within me.  Also, God used the book to teach me about self-control and hungering for the possibilities of the Spirit and necessity of the Spirit.



Foster, Richard J.  Celebration of Discipline


            FINISHED:     October 30, 2003

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

            NOTES:          This book encouraged me and gave me hunger to seek after God.  It was through this book that I had a breakthrough with God while using my imagination in meditation which can be described in my “Thoughts” for the month of October.  Thanks to James Chi for letting me borrow this book.



Hinn, Benny.  The Blood. 


            FINISHED:     Early May 2003

            REVIEW:        Okay

            NOTES:          Very good basic doctrine emphasizing the incredible power that is

within the blood of Jesus Christ.  Don’t expect intellectual fulfillment from this.



Hughes, R. Kent.  The Sermon On the Mount:  The Message of the Kingdom.


            FINISHED:     December 14, 2002

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

            NOTES:          Great, solid teaching!  Like reading a really really good sermon that challenged me to look at my dependence and humbleness toward God.  Blessed are the meek, for theirs is the kingdom!  Amen!



Hunter, Charles & Frances.  How To Heal People.


            FINISHED:     December 20, 2002

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

            NOTES:          This book has challenged me to start praying for the sick and truly believing with faith that God will heal them.



Lewis, C.S.  An Experiment in Criticism.


            FINISHED:     September 13, 2003

            REVIEW:        Recommended

            NOTES:          I skimmed through portions of this book because it didn’t interest me in terms of subject.  There were snippets however which I found very intriguing and great lessons in regarding that life is very different than a “fiction” book.  Where fiction is made up of highlights in a person’s life, real life is filled with many boring moments.  That’s the difficulty of life.



Olson, Bruce.  Bruchko.


            FINISHED:     September 14, 2003

            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

            NOTES:          Amazing story that gives many great insights on the practical impact Christ has on people in general.  Bruchko points out that Christ is not something to be told within one’s own cultural perspective, but from the perspective of the person being told to.  Trying to share Christ is not necessarily something you can do out of the cold to be effective, but must be done after gaining the trust of the individual and after long periods of seemingly boring activity.



Quinn, Daniel.  Ishmael.


            FINISHED:     September 4, 2003

            REVIEW:        Okay

            NOTES:          This book reaches the ultimate conclusion of the purpose of humanity if one were to have an atheist and macroevolution outlook toward life.  It’s reached through a dialogue between a man and a half-ton gorilla.



Sherrill, John L.  They Speak with Other Tongues.  New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1964. 


FINISHED:     April 3, 2003

REVIEW:        Recommended

NOTES:          Very inspiring and informative reading about the experience of tongues.



Stanley, Andy.  Visioneering.


FINISHED:     October 21, 2002

REVIEW:        Okay

NOTES:          Good practical advice.  The main problem is that it doesn’t talk about how one would get a vision, because ultimately God is the only one who can give you a vision.  I already know what to do with it once I have it though!  This book, however, challenged me to look within and see if there was a vision within me that possibly died.



Strobel, Lee.  The Case for Faith.


            FINISHED:     November 5, 2003

            REVIEW:        Recommended

            NOTES:          This is my second time reading through, with the first time being in late 2001.  I found the second time not as fulfilling, but Strobel wrote this book well so it goes along like a story with dialogue.  There are some interesting things in here that I forgot, but I enjoyed how I recognized some of the authors that he mentions.



Unger, Merrill F.  New Testament Teaching on Tongues.  Grand Rapids: Kregal Publications, 1971. 


FINISHED:     April 5, 2003

REVIEW:        Not recommended

NOTES:          Against the belief of any miracles in modern days and the author seems to change his mind later in life by going to the charismatic “dark” side.



Watkins, Williams D.  The New Absolutes.


            FINISHED:     Summer 2002

            REVIEW:        Recommended

            NOTES:          This guy doesn’t mind calling what the degrading morality standards of America what they are.  Watkins makes bold statements about the breakdown of our society in relation to the breakdown of morality by pointing toward empirical evidence.  I was agreeing with him most of the way through.



Yancey, Philip.  What’s So Amazing About Grace?. 


            FINISHED:     March 24, 2003
            REVIEW:        Highly Recommended

NOTES:          Incredible book that teaches the incredible grace of God.  This should be mandatory for all Korean-Americans!!!  Also, this book taught about homosexuals a little bit and the love they deserve, and this hits home for my experiences.



Yoshikawa, Eiji.  Musashi. 


            FINISHED:     Page 493/970, September 2003

            REVIEW:        Okay

            NOTES:          Great picture of the human side of passion as an individual strives to be the best Samurai.  But I had to stop after I noticed the adult material in the book was steering my mind toward the rated “R” realm.  Plus, I was getting slightly bored, being driven to finish the book simply for the sake of finishing what I started.

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