Sunday, October 25, 2020

Blunder: Storage Caches Throughout the United States

After spending 7 days in Hurricane Maria and the aftermath, I got on a charter plane with my family out of Puerto Rico. There was no water, electricity or cell service and we had four, small children. Fuck that.

While we waited it out in the Miami area until power was restored, I ended up purchasing four mattresses, a 50" TV, and a bunch of other household goods for the time we stayed inside the empty home of a friend of mine. Based on the difference in pricing between normal rents, and the price of AirBnBs, I calculated that should we decide to return to Miami for more than a month's stay, that having all the household goods I purchased in storage for another empty house would be cheaper than a fully-furnished AirBnB.

The math went something like this.

$1,500 / month for an empty house.

$3,000 / month for a furnished AirBnB

So, the difference of $1,500 could be saved if I put the items in storage which cost about $40/month. Or $480/year.

Of course, while I was planning this and got the storage unit, and personally moved all the household items into the storage unit, my then-wife was already in talks with an attorney to divorce me.

The original idea was that we, as a family, would stay a couple months at a time Stateside. We would also be ready to go, with less headache should we need to evacuate the island again, and simply hang out in Miami for a month or two. 

I was quite traumatized from the hurricane. I was thinking that if I had a 2nd home essentially ready to go (or a storage unit with Household goods), that it would be easier for us to simply check out for a bit.

In reality, I think the difficulty of finding an empty house we can rent for a short time will be practically impossible. Most landlords want at least a 1 year lease. They would most likely not do one for one month due to risk of damage.

The other component is the fact that no one else is as crazy as me about maintaining caches. They actually have to live somewhere, and so there are not enough people in my business model to make my request not sound crazy to a prospective landlord.

Of course, the most important component was the fact that my wife ended up divorcing me. She knew it during that time. She made no effort, of course, to inform me that all my effort was going to be wasted. 

I spent all day yesterday, clearing out the storage unit. The bank that I had a safe deposit box was closing down (moving next door), and I was required to claim my goods, or it would be placed in a central warehous.

Since COVID new infections have been on a downward slope, I thought it would be a good time to go travelling with my new wife to close out the chapter and ideas of having caches of supplies throughout the United States where I could easily relocate my family should the time arise.

That idea has now been replaced with having an Idaho homestead. 

My previous plan only considered a month or two of displacement. I am now preparing for something much more long term: the collapse of the United States in 2033 (per Vox Day's predictions).

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