Monday, October 12, 2020

How Do Protestants "Confess Their Sins" to One Another?

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

Maybe it's because of the Puritan Work Ethic or some other aspect that Protestants have a tendency to want to give off the image that they do not commit any sins. There is nothing really institutionalized in the Protestant tradition like you see in the Catholics.

You have Pastors that will say something like, "I'm just like one of you. I'm a sinner too." But never do you hear specific sins that they have committed. I don't know if these Pastors really "confess" their sins to other believers. I don't think they really come to another Believer that they supposedly are just as "equal" to and confess their sin.

I doubt for Catholics, either, that it is customary for Catholics to confess their sin to one another as they do before the Priest in Confessions.

Protestants are fully aware of the abuses that come through Confession. However, they are blind to the worse abuses that come out of not having regular Confessions or something institutionalized to replace it.

I have never "confessed" my sins in any official capacity in Protestant Churches, but it is certainly that I wish there existed.

Spiritual Pride.

Is that not worse than paying money to a church for them to "atone" for your sins? At least, if you're paying for your sins, then you can at least recognize that you are committing them.

In the Protestant tradition, you just sweep it under the rug and hope no one notices. And if someone does, because you are so unaccustomed to admitting your sins to an outside party, like a Priest, you are perhaps even more shocked. 

Versus, simply saying: "Yes, I recognize that was sinful. In fact, I confessed it this morning to the Priest. Will you forgive me?"

I'm sure there are all kinds of added layers for Catholicism and Confession that I will discover. In this, however, I believe the Protestants have it wrong. I'm discovering more, just how much they have gotten it wrong.

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  1. Not a Catholic or Protestant though attended Protestant men small groups.
    Those, to me, should be the opportunity for a “public” confession among 10 or less men who hold each other accountable.