Saturday, October 17, 2020

Koreans do not integrate

Steve Sailer shares an article of a Korean immigrant store owner getting looted by Blacks:

One of the more noticeable aspects of the media’s hyping of 2020’s Racial Reckoning is the need to not mention Asians. For example, you know and I know that high schools for the gifted like Manhattan’s Stuyvesant and the D.C. suburbs’ Thomas Jefferson are dominated by Asians. But that doesn’t fit the Narrative so it is seldom mentioned. Business journalists, however, have a harder time ignoring the Asian in the Living Room.

I have interacted with these Korean immigrants and their children all my life. I can assure you, they are NOT American and have zero interest in integration.

In fact, it's a mark of shame if you do integrate - a betrayal of your blood. I know this, because that's what I chose to do and grew up confused why other Koreans would try to "shame" me from integrating.

I could already tell from a young age that the culture of "Whites" in America was more preferable to my own Korean culture.

This may also have something to do with the fact that most Korean immigrants I interacted with had immigrated to the United States around the 1970s because they had zero economic opportunity or education in Korea. They are generally the less intelligent, red necks of South Korea from the more agricultural areas.

You could say the smart ones stayed in Korea and created the Samsungs, Kias, K-pops, and all the other high IQ businesses we are now seeing out of Korea today.

I have talked to Koreans who were raised in Korea, and are completely shocked at how the older, immigrant class of Korean-Americans are so backward and yockelish.

The children of these red-neck Koreans tend to embrace the Leftist propaganda from their public schools and Universities they attend. How could they know any differently when they don't at least have some grand parents or parents that remember a time prior to convergence of the education system and can provide a counter-narrative? The Koreans also tend to focus on the major cities where they started their small businesses.

Perhaps for me, my saving grace was the fact that I took to the Bible very early on and "took it too literally." I realize today, I did not take it literally enough.

Or probably a combination of a 130 IQ and a general "fuck you" attitude. While in college, I knew I was going into the Air Force ("C's get Degrees"), and knew I wasn't going to see most of these jokers after stationed at my first base. Then, just prior to entering the Air Force, I wanted to bail out to work with my mother in her hotel business, but was threatened with being force enlisted. So I joined to the headache of many supervisors over the two years of Active Duty I "served."

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