Saturday, October 31, 2020

Maximum Lifespans Have Been the Same as 3,000 Years Ago

The span of our days is seventy years,
eighty perhaps for those who are strong;
yet their sum is but toil and sorrow;
they are soon gone, and we fly away.
Psalm 90, ESV

I find it interesting that even after 3,000 years since the Psalms was written that the average lifespan still remains around seventy years.

Time and time again I am surprised by the descriptions of the Bible being more accurate than modern Scientism.

To be fair, they are not comparing the same things as they didn't have statistics to measure "average" lifespan, but the maximum lifespan seems to have remained the same, no matter what sorts of Scientific advancements we have been making.

One can criticize that there were more deaths through famine and war back in King David's time which will greatly diminish the "average" lifespan. I will note that if you include the number of babies that have been aborted as year 0 deaths, you would see modern lifespans to be significantly less than the 72.3 years we are seeing today.

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  1. They cheat the math. They assume average infant mortality (just a guess, we do not know it) then use that to drastically lower the average.

    If a kid made it to 2, and was a farmer, they often made it to 70. The lie is that people in the old days died at 30. Total lie. Bad stats.