Saturday, October 24, 2020

My Very Confused Ethnic Identity (Korean, Hispanic, and White)

Like a fish trying to explain how it breathes in water, I have always been surrounded by Asians or Whites while growing up in Seattle. I never thought how strange I was being the only Asian. It had always been that way for me from a young age.

When my very White wife (now ex) would accompany me to the Korean restaurants in Orange County, California, it became much more obvious that she stood out especially from the stares. She would normally be the only White girl. For whatever reason, you usually see White men with Asian women, not the other way around.

When I was running hotels in Southern California, I would also be the only Asian among primarily Mexicans. I would also often be the only Asian hanging out with all the Indians at hotel meetings and conventions. None of this felt strange to me, probably because I was the boss with the Mexicans. I will admit it was a little weird with the Indians because they would sometimes mix in their language which I didn't understand.

While living in Puerto Rico, I am surrounded by Puerto Ricans and the only Asian in sight. When I flew to Colombia and Ecuador in search of a wife, I was the only Asian as well.

Right now, I am visiting Doral, Florida which is next to the Miami Airport. There are a shit load of Venezuelan and Colombians in this suburb.

I just went to a food truck that printed its receipt in Spanish.

Of course, I can speak pretty good Spanish. My wife, who is Colombian, cannot speak English, but can speak fluent Spanish.

So, the server speaks to me in English. I reply in Spanish. The server asks a question to my wife in English. She doesn't understand, so I translate into Spanish for her. She replies in Spanish. The server replies in Spanish, then asks me something in Spanish. I respond in English. And round and round we go.

Adios, America!


  1. Honestly man, Hispanidad would adopt you into our cultural vine if you wanted to, but I figure having your own city-state is more desirable at this time. Good luck!

  2. That last bit would make a great sketch with the Unbearables