Saturday, October 31, 2020

Night Time Swims

I am finding more benefits of having a pool in my backyard. The latest one is being able to go swimming at night. Normally, community pools do not allow this. For younger kids, this adds another level of excitement and a way to burn off excess energy before going to bed. It's also convenient because we usually all need to take showers before going to bed anyway. I think in colder climates, the time around a camp fire are bonding experiences. Here in the tropics, being able to swim at night and the water not being freezing is probably its equivalent. It's not very comfortable to be in hot tubs here in the tropics. They are not too popular here in Puerto Rico. I imagine I will be enjoying a hot tub at night though in colder climates. These are the kinds of shared experiences that envelop all the senses that the children will be able to reminisce and bond over.

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