Friday, October 23, 2020

Reggaeton is Trash

Living in Puerto Rico, I'm constantly forced to listen to this trash in the various restaurants I eat. This entire genre has to be the best example of the bottom tier of musical talent being fed on a musically illiterate population eager to eat it up in their drunken, grind-fests. I have walked out of certain restaurants or asked them to change the music because I am so insulted to have to listen to talent-less phonies.

Vox Day mentioned in one of his Darkstreams how P-Diddy has no musical talent. I have to concur. While in high school, I had friends who thought they were so "cool" for listening and being able to recite his raps word-for-word. I was always a little confused. I was in a jazz and concert band and listened regularly to the technical greats in Classical and Jazz. I could tell their "popularity" wasn't for their technical skill, but more for their "image."

They took the ticket. Every Reggaeton trash artist has taken the ticket.

What's even more infuriating about Reggaeton being blasted throughout South American restaurants is that they have an entire catalog of Salsa artists. Some of which are alive today. Now those guys have talent.

Unfortunately, Salsa isn't conducive toward grinding, and requires a certain amount of technical skill to dance. So for the unwashed, musically illiterate masses, they push out Reggaeton on the Latin American population that don't know any better.

My wife tells me that every woman she knows has Instagram in Colombia.

"Image" becomes all the more important in this game of Influence peddling.

Also, with such a large Latin American population, you need Latin artists that are local to push their overly, computer-processed, auto-tunefest.

I wouldn't be surprised that if you were to track who actually produces and distributes this trash, it will be the same record labels that push out all the other talent-less music in the United States.

It's all one artificial cabal and none of it is organic.

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  1. I’m certain that the Intelligence agencies who manufacture mainstream hits Stateside do the same for the all their major countries of interest in the Americas.

    The fundamental rhythm of reggaeton is great, but as usual, Evil Authorities co-opt it for hypnotism among other degeneracies