Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Pope & His "Private Opinions"

Cardinal Raymond Burke provides some clarification on the Pope's comments on his support of gay, civil union:

First of all, the context and the occasion of such declarations make them devoid of any magisterial weight. They are rightly interpreted as simple private opinions of the person who made them. These declarations do not bind, in any manner, the consciences of the faithful who are rather obliged to adhere with religious submission to what Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and the ordinary Magisterium of the Church teach on the matter in question.

I'm actually liking Catholics more now at least in comparison to Protestants. I cannot imagine an "Elder Board" being able to overrule like this their lead or preaching pastor. There is something comforting to know that even when the Pope himself goes contrary toward the Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and ordinary Magisterium of the Church, that the Pope himself will be called out for his "private opinions."

Most Protestant churches don't have so many controls which can countermand the false teachings of the "head" pastor.

The Latin Mass that is local to me in Puerto Rico posted the Archbishop Vigano's response prior to the cardinal's publication on their Facebook page:

It appears that Bergoglio is impudently trying to “raise the stakes” in a crescendo of heretical affirmations, in such a way that it will force the healthy part of the Church – which includes bishops, clergy, and faithful – to accuse him of heresy, in order to declare that healthy part of the Church schismatic and “the enemy of the Pope.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is trying to force some Cardinals and Bishops to separate themselves from communion with him, obtaining as a result not his own deposition for heresy but rather the expulsion of Catholics who want to remain faithful to the perennial Magisterium of the Church. This trap would have the purpose – in the presumed intentions of Bergoglio and his “magic circle” – of consolidating his own power within a church that would only nominally be “Catholic” but in reality would be heretical and schismatic.

This deception draws on the support of the globalist √©lite, the mainstream media and the LGBT lobby, to which many clergy, bishops, and cardinals are no strangers. Furthermore, let us not forget that in many nations there are laws in force which criminally punish anyone who considers sodomy reprehensible and sinful or who does not approve of the legitimization of homosexual “matrimony” – even if they do so on the basis of their Creed. A pronouncement by the bishops against Bergoglio on a question like homosexuality could potentially lead civil authority to prosecute them criminally, with the approval of the Vatican.

Bergoglio would thus have on his side not only the “deep church” represented by rebels like Father James Martin, S.J., and those who promote the German “Synodal Path,” but also the “deep state.” It is not surprising that in the documentary there is also an endorsement of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming American presidential election, along with a disconcerting condemnation of the policy of the Trump Administration, which is accused of separating families that want to enter the United States illegally, while the reality is that the President is confronting human trafficking and the trafficking of minors.

What percent of Protestant pastors are this based?

Could you imagine if the entire Catholic clergy thought like this? I understand better why Satan wants to keep the Church converged. Seeing it mobilized in God's Will would be a terrifying and awesome sight to behold!

I look forward to the day when faithful Catholics retake the hierarchy. Deus Vult!

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